Hii everyone.. First of all HAPPY BHAI DOOJ to all of you!! May the love between u n ur brother always filled with love,care,respect n affection…….

So I’m back with another shot…. N sorry for being late dears ‘!!!!

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Recap: Ragsan’s day out….

So lets get started….

After the hectic shopping they both returned back to Happy Home in the evening.

Sanskaar was called by Anuradha mam for some work while ragini went to her room from where she was called back to the waiting area where her family, shekhar, shomi and swara were waiting for her.

She hugged them and the lady, Shweta there explained ragini that they were here to take ragini for swara’s marriage which was fixed in the coming weeks, through actions.

Ragini happily hugged swara and congratulated her. But then got saddened to know that she’ll be away from her sanskaar for almost two weeks.

Ragini was then asked to get her bags as they were leaving now only. Ragini didn’t want to go but she it was her sister’s marriage so she can’t refuse no….. So she went to her room, packed everything and msgd sanskaar to come fast in her room. She get dressed in a simple kurti and leggings with her hair tied in a side plait.
Small jhumkas adoring her ears and kajal enhancing the beauty of her eyes!

She waited and waited for 15 minutes which seemed to be like a year. When she didn’t received any msgd from him, she went to his room only find him no where. She came back to her room to find Shweta waiting for her.

She went with her carrying her luggage looking here n there in a hope to meet or at least see sanskaar before going.

The trio were waiting for her to arrive. They saw her coming, shekhar grabbed her bag and shomi held her hand and they just left from there.

Ragini was heartbroken and sad as she didn’t met sanskaar and say him bye. She silently sat in her seat and looked out of the moving train. She remembered her moments with sanskaar, their first meet, their friendship, the 6 months that they have spent together completing each other, his proposal, their romantic moments, their outing, his support, care and love for her….. Everything was replaying in her mind… And a lone tear escaped her eyes which was noticed by shomi.

She touched her hand breaking ragini’s thoughts.

Shomi: everything is fine na beta??
She asked.

Ragini ( keeping her hand over her and assuring her): yes ma I’m fine don’t worry.

Shomi was not satisfied but still she didn’t want to pressurise Ragini to speak her heart out so she kept mum…..

After few hours of the journey they reached their house, Delhi at night.

Ragini was entering the house after almost 6 months.

Seeing her room just like before her eyes became moist. Swara kept her hand on her shoulder and signed her to sleep now as it was late already. She nodded and Swara went to her room wishing her good night.

She locked the door, kept everything in the cupboard, got fresh and then lie down on the bed with a huge teddy beside her.

She again msgd sanskaar abt his whereabouts but got disappointed to get no reply from his side.

Soon she Dozed off thinking abt sanskaar and the coming two weeks without him.

Now the question was were is sanskaar!???

Lets go back to happy home…..

When sanskaar was called by anuradha mam….

Sanskaar knocked the door and went in.

Anuradha: sanskaar.. Bete someone is here to meet you…

Sanskaar looked on confused.

Anuradha looked towards the door followed by sanskaar’s gaze n no doubt he was shocked to see ap and dp.

Sanskaar stood up from his place in shock and surprise because he never expected that they would be here even after he said them not to come last time they visited him , 4 months ago .


Ap and Dp came near him and gently caressed his hair showing how much they love and miss him . Ap couldn’t control  her tears .


Later they were sitting in sanskaar’s room .


Ap : beta pls come with us na .. its ur elder brother’s wedding ….

Dp : pls for once think na … u even don’t let us come here to meet u atleast u come there … its just the matter of 2 weeks then if u want u can stay here or at ur house no ne will say u anything …..

Ap held his hand in her and looked at him with pleading, teary eyes .


Mow that was the weak point for sanskaar . from childhood itself he cant see tears in her mom’s eyes .


He stood up took a deep breath and odded to his parents assuring them he’ll come with them .


They both hugged their son for sometime and then the trio left for the airport to board the fight for delhi  .


{ here shekkhar –  shomi and ap – dp don’t know that they hv come here to take their children as ap – dp hv come from somewhere else and not from there home . }


Sanskaar wanted to meet ragini before going but couldn’t find her anywhere . he was also heartbroken . he asked shweta abt ragini to which she replied that her parents have taken her .


Sanskaar’s pov .


Ragini …. u went without telling me … how coud u do this ?


His turned red due to the feeling of betrayal . he was deeply hurt . he wiped his tears as ap and dp were approaching him .


Soon they board the flight and landed in delhi at night .


Seeing his house after 8 months he got emotional and happy at the same time . laksh was already waiting for him with a teary smile . both the brothers hugged each other showing their love .


Lakksh : i missed u so much sankyy …

Sanskaar hugged him in return . laksh understood his bro’s feeling . he caressed his bac and took him to his room which was same like he left before .


Laksh ( teary ): nothing has changed sankyy .. n now im sure the glow which was missing in this house fr past 8 months will return .. thank you yaar for coming back …..


Sanskaar too had tears in his eyes to see his bro’s love for him .. he nodded at him .


Laksh : u must be tired now .. go get some rest we’ll talk in morning …good night .


He hugged sansky again and left the room patting is cheeks …..


After getting fresh , sanskaar lie down on his bed and  recalls the moments spent with ap , dp and laksh before his accident and then his time in happy home … he then recollects the moments spent with ragini and few drops of tears escapes his eyes…..


He too dozes off thinking abt ragini …………………………………

Okay I know this is really short shot n I’m really sorry for that… Hope you all will like it… Please comment n tell me…..

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