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Recap: ragsan romantic moments…

Its the new lovely morning… Sun is brighter today…. Its more green in the garden… Birds are chirping so melodiously….. Everything seems so good………

Ragini smiles in her sleep remembering the last night…… She blushes thinking about her’s, their’s first kiss………..

Ragini changes her side to keep hand on sanskaar only to not find him…….

Ragini opens her eyes suddenly and is shocked to see sanskaar missing…… A lone tear escapes her eye…….. But she wipes it then and there only…………

Ragini: Ragini u r thinking too much he might be here only.. He promised na.. He’ll never leave me…. What will he think about me when he sees me crying… Nah.. I’m not a cry baby… I’m a brave girl…..

She gets up and checks the bathroom to see whether he’s inside… But no.. He wasn’t there…

Ragini: Ragini its possible na that he has gone to his room bcoz if anyone had seen him here then.. Then… There would be problem for us… Yeah.. Right ragini he has gone to his room only……..

She hurriedly gets freshen up and goes towards his room…. she knocks the door…..

No reply…

She again knocks the door and then went inside only to find sanskaar sleeping ? cutely…. He’s smiling in his sleep…….

Ragini takes a deep breath….

Ragini’s pov….

Haash!!! He’s here…. I got afraid…. but look he’s looking shoo cute ?? ( ragini just stares at him..) but when did he came here that to without telling me……..

She thinks…… Sanskaar gets up and sees his ragini in front of him……… In deep thoughts…………

Sanskaar moves his hand in front of her eyes and asks what happened???

Ragini comes back in reality and smiles seeing him but then turns her face being annoyed….

Sanskaar smiles and comes towards her….. He stands in front of her and gives her a red rose ?!!!

Ragini takes it then turns the other side and smiles….. But then again makes an annoyed face….

Sanskaar comes forward and holds his ears and cutely pouts!

Ragini melts and hugs him….

He too tightly hugs her back!

They break the hug.

Ragini: y did u came here without telling me.?? U know I was so scared…

Sanskaar gives her a chit.


I’m so sorry for that dear.. But every morning Anuradha mam ( the head) takes round in every room and if she found us both in one room or found me missing then it would be difficult for us… I didn’t wanted to disturb u so ____ ( ragini looks at him and he simply shrugs) hope u hv forgiven me…. Love!

Ragini looks at him and smiles.

Ragini: how can be angry on u ??

She kisses him on his cheek! He blushes!

Ragini: omg just look at u sanskaar…. U r blushing man……

She laughs and he blushes more!

Ragini is still laughing.

Sanskaar ( thinking): bahut hasi aa rahi hai na…. Abhi batata hun…. ( u r finding it very funny know.. Now i’ll tell u..)

He grabs laughing Ragini by her waist and they both have a passionate eye lock…

Ragini: sanskaaaaar……

Sanskaar puts his finger on his lips and look into her eyes then her lips……

Sanskaar gives her a naughty smile and grabs her lips with his, without wasting another second and kisses her hard, holding her close to him…..

Ragini who’s shocked with this sudden kiss too reciprocate after a while… And rolls her hand on his head and kisses him…..

After few minutes….

They both break the kiss…

Ragini is blushing so hard that she’s not able to look into his eyes… Sanskaar smiles seeing her, wipes his lips and goes to his table, scribble something on paper and comes in front of her……

Ragini is still looking down and sees the paper.. She looks up and finds sanskaar smiling cutely and signing her to read it…

Ragini takes the paper, blushing.


Umm.. Now who’s blushing haan?? ( ragini blushes more and thinks of saying him that he’s blushing) now don’t blush more otherwise………

Ragini hugs him tightly and smiles… Sanskaar too takes her in his embrace and hugs her tightly………

After sometime they break the hug and go downstairs to have their breakfast ?!

All the while they are staring at each other and touching eo’s legs with theirs and giving naughty smiles….

After the breakfast!

Sanskaar and ragini comes to Anuradha mam and ask her permission to go out for a day.

They talk in sign language….

Anu: r u sure u both will be able to manage??
Ragini: yes mam..
Anu: okay then…. But come early only coz ragini ur parents might be coming today…..
Ragini nods and they both go out to have their first date!!!

Both were really excited… Happy….

Ragini was wearing blue jeans with sleeveless pink top and sanskaar was wearing blue faded jeans with white shirt…..

So firstly they went to a temple and prayed for their lovely life ahead!

After that they went to market to do some shopping…

Ragini: sanskaar I’m very hungry….

Sanskaar: ginu u go I’ll just come. Okay? Be here only…

He says in sign language and she nods…

Both part ways.


Shopkeeper( SK) : haanji madam kya chahiye?? ( what do you want mam?,)

As ragini can’t hear, she was not able to understand what he was saying… Still…

Ragini: bhaiya ji show me some good tops..

SK: which size??

Ragini blank.

SK: size madam ji??

Ragini tries to understand but fails..

SK: kaise kapde chahiye kuch toh batao.. ( what type of dresses do u want say something..)

Ragini ( thinking): where r u sanskar?? Come fast…. ( tears falls from her eyes) I shouldn’t hv come here….

SK: madam ji ke hua?? ( what happened madam??)

Ragini coming out of thought.

Ragini sees here n there and realizes that everyone is looking at her only and asking her to move aside as they too want to buy clothes…

Seeing these many ppl after so many months she gets terrified and runs from there….., crying……..

She goes and sits on a bench near by….. And silently sobs….

Sanskaar comes there looking for ragini but couldn’t find her any where…..

He shows her pic to some people to know abt her whereabouts…. It was difficult but still he managed.. He came to that same shop and showed her pic to SK..

SK: arre.. Pata nhi kaun thi… Kuch bolti hi nhi thi… Behri kahin ki.. Pura waqt kharab kar diya… ( I don’t know who she was.. She wasn’t speaking anything… Deaf girl.. She wasted my time..)

Sanskaar couldn’t take it.. That SK was insulting his ragini in front of him.. He clenched his fists and gave a tight punch ? in his stomach… And showed him his index ? finger to warn him….. All were astonished to see his behaviour… All got a side as he left the place…………….

He starts wandering here n there to look for her… .

Sanskaar monologue: ragini where are you??? I’m so sorry dear I left u alone….. I know it’s my mistake but pls come back…. Where are u??

His vision gets blurred as tears ? start forming in his eyes……


Ragini is sitting on the bench and sobbing ?…

Ragini’s monologue..

Y bhagwaan ji??? Y did u did this to me….. I’m tired now…. I don’t hv anymore strength…. Till when will I stay like this??

Someone keeps hand on her shoulder, she jerks coming out of her thoughts….

She looks behind only to find a tired, exhausted, broken and crying sanskaar there….

Ragini: sanskaar……..

She immediately gets up and goes towards him and make him sit.

Sanskaar sits down but is not even looking at her…

She cups his face,wipes his tears and asks..

Ragini: sanskaar yeh kya halat bana rakhi hai?? ( just look at yourself what hv u done??)

Sanskaar looks at her disheartened and angry!!

Ragini looks on confused and then lowers her gaze..

Sanskaar types something on his phone and gives it to her…..

Sanskaar: Ragini its really easy to run from difficult situations but it’s very difficult to stand facing the troubles and tackling them…. U just ran from there and started sobbing here….. U didn’t thought about me for a second also na?? I know that you don’t trust me but at least trust your self na….. I don’t know what makes u think that u r alone… But always remember that I’m with you no matter what……. Ragini if God wants he’ll make you fine again but for that u hv to fight… Ik its difficult but its not impossible… N I’m sorry I left u alone.. I went to brought something for u… .. I can’t say anything else…

Ragini looks at him who is already looking at her with sadness and disappointment in his eyes…

Ragini hugging him…

Ragini: I’m so sorry sanskaar but what could I hv done…. I got scared and didn’t knew how to react…. I was seeing so many people after so many months.. I thought it’ll be easy to talk here also as we are able to do in happy home… But I was wrong……. ( she cries bitterly… Sanskaar also melts and hugs her tightly….) I’m so sorry.. I promise I’ll not repeat it again… Pls forgive me na……

Sanskaar nods and brings her close to his heart and hugs her tightly as assuring her….

After few minutes thet break the hug, wipes each other tears but are shocked to see so many people there looking at them with disgust and anger..

Lady: they don’t have any shame…
Lady 2: exactly just look at them in a public place they are romancing….

Sanskaar gets angry listen to all this…. He clenches his fists in anger… Ragini, seeing his anger somehow understands the situation….

Man: look.. He’s ( sanskaar) looking at us like he’ll eat us raw here…
Man 2: first they do besharmi in public place and then show anger as if they are right and we are wrong….. Shameless people…

Lady: chalo he’s a man but at least she should think about herself. She’s a girl….

Before they could continue their taunting sanskaar came forward holding ragini’s hand and showed them his hand ✋ indicating them to stop…. The people stopped saying… Sanskar clenched his fist ✊ and looked at everyone with anger… …..

Understanding the situation and with sanskaar beside her ragini spoke, this time with full confidence…

Ragini: y don’t u ppl mind your own business… N yes this is a public place so we can do whatever we want who are u to judge haan?? N in which law book it is written that hugging and supporting our friend in public place is crime?? Tell me y r u all silent now???? Before commenting anything about us just step into our shoes and feel whenwe are going through right now……..

Sanskaar was looking at her, his lady proudly…. He smirked at the people whose head were now down were not able to meet there gaze. . He tickled and asked them to get lost from there right there……

Everyone dispersed……

She looked at him… He looked at her….. Both smiled… Encircled their arms around each other and went from there…………

After sitting in bus ? to go to some other places Ragini asked sanskaar.

Ragini: sanskaar what have u brought for me??

Sanskaar smiled..

He shows bread ? pakora to her with sauce…. Her eyes glowed seeing food in front of her. .

Ragini: sanskaar……

Sanskaar: ragini…. ( he moved his lips)

Sanskaar offered her and she ate it.. He also ate.. Both were enjoying!!

After sometime they got down..

Ragini: sanskaar where will we go??

Sanskaar just held her hand and take her to clothes shop!

Ragini: not again sanskaar…

Sanskaar assures her that he is with her…

Ragini, nervous but still smiles and goes with him..

They see different clothes…. Sanskaar asked her to try some….

After sometime..

Ragini comes out of changing room in a very beautiful short dress ?….. Ragini was looking so pretty and s*xy in that dress…..

Sanskaar was seeing some other dresses when she kept her hand on his shoulder…

Sanskaar looks back and is mesmerised to see ragini in a beautiful white and blue dress….. He just keeps on staring at her with so much love in his eyes………

( same dress as in the pic… I hv edited that pic n ik its not good… But please bear with me….)

Ragini blushes due to his intense gaze and stretches the the dress downward…… Sanskaar holds her hands to stop her from doing so……

Ragini looks at him….

They both have an intense eye lock!!

Sanskaar mouths beautiful and shows ?? her….. She blushes…. They finalise the dress….

Afterwards they select pant,shirt and jacket for sanskaar….

Then after 2 hours of shopping they go to a restaurant to have lunch…

They both choose the dishes and ragini orders the food……..

They talk for sometime through actions. …..

The food arrives and they eat it later have ice cream and leave for the happy home as shekhar and shomi might be coming to see her…..

Episode ends!

So how was it, do tell me through ur comments… I would be waiting…. Till then take care of yourself and keep smiling……

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