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Recap: ragsan marriage…

Ragini and sanskaar are standing at the entrance of MM while ap is doing their aarti. Swara is happy as now her sister will stay with her. Laksh and dp are scaring sanskaar doing weird actions standing behind ap and swara… Sanskaar gulps but doesn’t let anyone notice……..

Ap calls them inside. She puts a pot with rice and a big plate with vermillion water.

Ap: ragini… Beta kick the pot with ur right leg and then come inside putting ur feet in this water…

Ragini nods and does the same… Swara smiles remembering her grah pravesh……


Ragini, swara, Sanskaar, Laksh and dp are in laksh’s room. It was all dp’s and laksh’s idea to “save” sanskaar from his ” suhaagraat “!!!! Ap was talking to some relatives and was arranging for their stay…….

Dp: lets do something fun….

All: fun??

Dp: yeah my friend.. U remember mr shah!!! ( everyone nods ) He told me this…

Laksh: but wht is it papa???

Ragini ( monologue ): arre today is my suhaagraat n they want to do fun…. Huh n this sans… No.. this ullu ka patha… He’s not doing anything…… Kya kismat hai ragini teri??? ( she cries in mind while faking a smile in front of everyone )

Sanskaar ( monologue ): thank god today papa n bhai saved me from raginii…. Otherwise wht would hv happened to me tonight….. ( he sighs..)

Laksh and dp both notice sanskaar’s expression and give a naughty smile to each other…

Laksh ( whispers ): look at her sanskaar she’s so desperate to punish u that she’s faking a smile here but inside her mind she’s cursing us as v hv failed her plan… Look.. Look at her…

Sanskaar looks at her who’s sitting with a fake smile.. She looks at him and says to do something through eyes…. Sanskaar looks away, afraid while ragini pouts. Laksh silently laughs…

Swara: lucky wht r u doing?? Sit properly…

Laksh nods and sits properly and signs sanskaar ” dekha ” by moving his brows.. Sanskaar gulps…

Dp: haan toh bhai baat yeh hai… I’ll put this ring ( with a string to hold ) on swara’s amd Ragini’s palm and we’ll see how many kids u will have and also we’ll get to know there gender…..

The girls blushes while laksh gives a naughty smile to swara amd sanskaar gives a nervous smile to ragini….

Sanskaar: how come it is possible papa?,

Dp: i’ll tell u.. Don’t be so desperate…..

He winks at her. Ragini blushes. Sanskaar pouts.

Dp: So if the ring faced downwards then it’ll be a boy and if it faced upwards then it’ll be a girl…. N if it lied straight then that’s it u’ll have only that many kids… So lets start…. Come swara…

Swara nods and forwards her palm while laksh winks at her. Dp puts the ring on her with the help of string and it faced upwards , then again upwards and then downwards … Later it lied straight….

Dp: So swara and lucky boy u’ll hv three kids.. One boy and two girls ….

Swara blushes while laksh pouts.

Ragini: wht happened jiju?? R u not happy??

Laksh: no…

Sanskaar: y??

Laksh: papa y only three kids?? I want more…..

He said like a child.. Swara blushed like a tomato… Ragini pokes her …

Dp: beta pehle ek toh kar le….

Everyone chuckles….

Laksh: Chalo ragini now ur turn…

He pokes sanskaar while he looks on nervously…. Ragini blushes and forwards her palm to dp…

He puts the ring on her palm… downwards, downwards, downwards ( ragini blushes, Sanskaar smiles ), downwards ( ragini widens her eyes while sanskaar blushes as laksh pokes hI’m ) , downwards….

Dp: bhai its not stopping….. Whts the plan sanskaar?? How can u do this to my ragini???

Everyone laughs while ragini blushes.

Sanskaar ( confused ): wht I did papa?,?

Laksh: but u’ll be doing na… See after five times also it’s not stopping….

Dp: lagta hai puri cricket team banane ki tyari kar rahe hai yeh dono…. ( i think they r planning to make a cricket team..)

Ragini bites her inner cheeks and looks down continously blushing as swara is teasing her.

Laksh: and its name will be Maheshwari IPL team…. Wht say???

Dp: not bad….

Laksh and dp hi fives…… Ragini blushes and gets up. Sanskaar looks on…

Ragini: i’ll just come…

Swara: arre kahan chali madam???

Swara holds her hand but she gets free of her hold and runs from there… All have a hearty laugh except sanskaar… Swara too goes from there… Dp and laksh sits on either side of sanskaar…

Laksh: manna padega papa ise… After getting such a dangerous wife also he’ll have more than five kids….

Dp: yeah…. N dekho finally mummy’s boy will become a husband too….

Sanskaar: arre pls yaar… Bcoz of u both I didn’t even enjoyed my wedding….

Laksh: acha?????? ( he asks with a smirk )

Sanskaar: haan toh!? If u wanted to tell me then u could hv told after marriage….

Laksh ( showing his phn to dp in front of sanskaar ): papa if I’m not wrong then here in this pic I’m kissing Ragini’s cheek na…??? ( sanskaar looks at laksh shocked )

Dp ( showing his phn ) ; n here also u r only staring at ragini without even blinking….( sanskaar gulps )

Laksh: n look I’m holding her hand when Mr and Mrs sharma were talking to ragini and sanskaar…….

Dp: n here also…..

Sanskaar gets up irritated…

Sanskaar ; stop it u both……

Dp and laksh chuckles. They come to him and puts their arms around his shoulders.. Sanskaar looks down…

Laksh: dekh sanskyy…. Chal abb jo ho gaya ho gaya… Now u go to ur room…

Sanskaar ( shocked ): wht me???

Dp: sanskaar today is ur suhaagraat not ours so u hv to go to ur room na.. Ragini must be waiting….

Sanskaar: but how can I go??

Ap ( who just came there ): y cant u go sanskaar??? There ragini is waiting for u…

Sanskaar: but ma….

Dp and laksh signs him no.

Ap: wht but??? Y don’t u want to go?? Yesterday u were very excited… Now wht happened???

Sanskaar ( sighs ): voh ma… She’ll not let me sleep n i’ll hv to stand on one leg whole night in front of ac… ( he hugs ap from the side making a cute face. …)

Dp and laksh sighs and makes weird faces… Ap pats sanskaar and then looks at both of them….

Ap: hmm… So now will u tell me wht all u told him??

Laksh: nothing ma….

Sanskaar: no ma they didn’t said anything…. I… I.. I only got a dream that’s y I was scared…

Ap: sanskaar I know how much u love ragini and how much she loves u… So u won’t get these types of dreams.. I know this must be dp ji’s idea to scare u……

Dp: arre from where did I came in between his suhaagraat???

Laksh chuckles seeing his dad.

Ap: o really?? I very well know how u scared laksh, naman and harsh ( laksh and sanskaar’s cousins )

Dp looks down while laksh remembers his time when dp scared him to hell…

Laksh: haan ma u r right… Papa only scared him…

Ap: sanskaar beta u go.. Nothing of that sort will happen which they told u okay??

Sanskaar ( cutely ): pakka na maa??

Dp ( fake anger ): pakka beta… Pakka…. ( murmurs ) mamma’s boy…..

Laksh chuckles, ap glares at him.

Ap: haan beta u go n enjoy….

She winks at him and he goes from there blushing…. Ap then faces them keeping her hands on her waist…..

Sanskaar Comes out of laksh’s room and sighs… He then smiles thinking abt his ” special ” night…. He hurriedly goes to his room and knocks the door… Swara comes out and opens the door….

Swara: bolo sanskaar???

Sanskaar: bhabhi u here??

Swara ( yawning.): yeah me n ragu were sleeping….. U tell wht do u want??

Sanskaar ( sadly ): nothing… U both sleep i’ll come in morning….

Swara suppress her laugh…

Swara @ no no… If u want I can leave now…. So wht if my leg is paining… I can do this much at least for my devar and devrani…..

Sanskaar ( sad, concerned ): y wht happened to ur leg bhabhi??

Swara ( trying hard not to laugh ): voh when I sat on ur bed it broke and I fell down so u know I got hurt…..

Sanskaar: wht my bed broke???

Swara nods and silently chuckles on his innocence…

Sanskaar: Then where you both r sleeping.??

Swara: she’s sleeping on the bed amd I’m sleeping on the couch…..

Sanskaar: but u could go to some other room na??

Swara: no ragu is also tired so v thought to adjust here itself…..

Sanskaar: okay…. Good night bhabhi….

He turns to go and swara burst out laughing… Sanskaar looks back confused and shocked as to wht happened to her suddenly…. Swara comes to him and pulls his cheeks.

Sanskaar: bhabhi wht happened???

Everyone else too comes there…

Dp: wht happened beta??

Swara: papa ji I must tell u sanskaar is tge most innocent person I hv seen….

And she tells tge whole conversation between them and everyone burst out laughing…. Sanskaar pouts….

Swara: Vaise lucky papa wht happened to u both?? Wht there r bruises on yr forehead and hands??

Ap: they got punishment??

Swara: punishment for wht??

Dp and laksh: for troubling sanskaar….

Swara: oh acha…. Wht????

She looks at ap with pleading eyes. This time sanskaar and ap laughs. Swara bites her tongue looking at ap…

Swara: haan toh u must b punished only…

Ap: swara u know na wht y r saying…

Swara: haan ma…. Now look as sanskaar is my devar n I’m his bhabhi so in that relation v r friends. . U know they say devar bhabhi ka rishta dosti ka hota hai… So I can pull his leg but u both shouldn’t hv done this….

Ap ( holding her ear ): acha beta??? Chal tujhe main batati hun…. N sanskaar beta u go in…ragini must b waiting….

Sanskaar nods. They all go to respective rooms. Sanskaar takes a deep breath, knocks the door and opens it…

He slowly opens the door and comes inside. There ragini was sitting in the centre with a veil on her face. Sanskaar smiles and goes towards her after locking the door ??.. ….

He comes and sits in front of her. His heart was beating very fast. He looked at her but there was no movement in her.

Sanskaar: raginii….

She moves her head to other side. Sanskaar is confused.

Sanskaar: wht happened ragini???

He tries to put up her veil but she stops him and nods no…

Sanskaar: arre but wht happened???

Ragini: I hate you…

Sanskaar: wht?? Y?? Raginii today is our first night n u r saying…

Ragini: So wht shld I do?? Today is our first night n u were enjoying there… N when I was signing u to do something.. U turned ur face….

Sanskaar ( sighs ): now wht shld I tell u…. ….

N he explains everything to her how first laksh n dp then swara made a popat of him… Ragini burst out laughing…. Sanskaar pouts…

Sanskaar: dekha u also r making fun of me…. No one loves me except mom….

Ragini: awww my baby…. She hugs him…. Sanskaar melts….


Sanskaar lifts her veil revealing her beautiful face to him. Ragini blushes, her eyes are closed and her fingers are playing with her rings… Sanskaar smiles and holds her hands to stop her from playing.

Sanskaar: raginii r u nervous???

Ragini ( nods yes ): no sans….

Sanskaar: its okay raginii…. We can….

Ragini: sans I’m fine…. Today is our special night n I don’t want ur diplomatic answers…

Sanskaar was confused whether he was nervous or she. . Ragini slowly lifts her lashes to meet his eyes and that was it. They both were drowned in each others eyes.. Sanskaar slowly came near her and took out the heavy dupatta which had covered her head.. . Ragini removed the neck piece he was wearing….

Sanskaar removed the hand jewellery and maang tika and then the earrings….. Sanskaar stood up and also helped her to stand up…. They both stood in front of the mirror. Ragini’s eyes were looking at the floor while he was staring at his beautiful wife…..

He bent forward and took out her necklace and then his hand travelled to her waist through her hands and removed the waistband and back hugged her encircling his arms around her slender waist. .. . Ragini let out a hot breath as his hands touched her belly……

Sanskaar gave wet kisses on her nape.. She tilted her head to the other side holding his hand so tightly…..

Sanskaar tried to open her bun but with so many pins he was getting irritated….

Sanskaar: raginii how many pins do u need to make a bun yaar…. See na they r not coming out….. ??

Ragini: try na sans they’ll… Wait let me do that…. ..

She quickly removes the pins and let her hair free… She waves her hair and they come on sanskaar’s face… He feels her fragrance and tightens his grip around her waist. …. She gulps….. Sanskaar looks at her through mirror. She blushes. Ragini turns around and keeps her hands around his neck.. …

Ragini: sans….. Tonight will u Complete me???

Sanskaar: anything for you meri jaan….

She blushes and moves forward closing her eyes.. His hands moves up on her back. She holds his neck and finally there lips meet each other for a blissful liplock!!!! They first kiss each other softly but that soft kiss turns into a passionate one when sanskaar opens the string of her blouse from behind…….. Ragini tightens her grip on his hair as his hands travels on her bare back….

Sanskaar, without breaking the kiss picks her up and moves towards the bed….. He slowly makes her lie down, now breaking the kiss. She blushed as he tried to came over her. Sanskaar smiled naughtily. She turned her back towards him showing her bare back to him……

He sensuously touched her back with his fingers making her moan. her heart skipped a beat as he opened the hooks of her blouse from behind. She turned and lied on her back. They both have a cute yet intense eye lock!

Sanskaar moved his palm on her arms reaching her neck and then bend forward and kissed her neck while she held her lehnga from One hand while the other was playing with his hair…..

He changed his side and now kissed the other side of her neck and then coming to her cleavage. She breathed heavily as he approached her br****s!!

She opened the buttons of his sherwani and made way to his muscular chest. He kissed on every part of her body!

Before making love he again kissed her with ragini on top of him and they were totally into it forgetting abt their surroundings…..

And finally after a heavy kissing session they made love and COMPLETED each other!!!!!


When they were totally exhausted, thy lied beside each other with ragini hugging him so close to her and they both covered in the comforter!

She looked at the front wall where the big photoframe with their pics was hanged! She smiles seeing it and recalls!!!!!!!!!!

€€€€€€€€€€€ after sanskaar got well after few days, she came to meet him at MM! Rest of the family was not at home…. She came to his room and went inside without knocking… As fast as she went inside, at the same pace she came outside and breathed heavily resting her back on the wall with her eyes closed……..

A hand came out of the door and pulled her inside by holding her hand and she fell on the bare chest of the droolicious Sanskaar!! Her eyes are still closed and his wet hands are on her waist and he’s just in towel…….

( when ragini went inside he was tying the towel around his waist. She saw this and ran outside )

Sanskaar: u can open ur eyes…..

Ragini nodded no with her eyes still closed and she trying hard not to touch his chest….. Sanskaar shook his head and made the water fall on her from his hair. Ragini turned her face and then opened her eyes…….. He made her face him by holding her chin from one hand……

She was confused as to where to look…. She didn’t wanted to look into his intense eyes nor she could look at his chest coz she knew she won’t be able to control herself ‘!!!! Her cheeks turned crimson red as he moved her close to him by pulling her…. She gulped as her hands touched his chest giving shivers to both of them………

Ragini: sa…. Sans…..

Sanskaar: hmmm……

Ragini: leave… Leave me na……

Sanskaar: how?? After seven months my life is again in my arms…. How can I let her go???

He asked making her hug him immediately…… He too hugged her back and kissed her hair as the tears fell from her eyes.

He broke the hug and cupped her face. He was concerned. He made her look upto him.

Sanskaar: Raginiii u know I don’t like tears in ur beautiful eyes….. ( she nodded ) Then y r u crying jaan???

Ragini: sans u know….. I.. ( sobs ) I was really scared…..

Sanskaar: y?? Didn’t u trusted me??

Ragini ( nods no and holds his hand near to her face ): no no…. I trust u n our love sans but still I was afraid to lose u….. U know I stopped u from eating the ” 5 Star ” chocolate that day??? ( he nods ) coz…….

Sanskaar: coz??

Ragini: it… It had poi… Poison…..

Sanskaar ( shocked ): whtttttttttt?????

Ragini nodded as a tear escaped her eyes.

Sanskaar: but y Rag ( pronounced as राग ) ?? N wht was that doing with u??

Ragini: voh…. First promise u won’t get angry on me….

Sanskaar: rag I’m already angry on u….. Wht if someone ate it by mistake??

Ragini: that’s y I hv kept it with me??!!!!

Sanskaar: but y Rag??? If u…..

Ragini: I had decided……

Sanskaar ; decided wht??

Ragini: that… If u didn’t came back then I’ll…. I’ll….. Kill mys…..

Sanskaar closed her mouth with his hand… Ragini eyes became wide as she saw the anger n intensity and hurt in his eyes……..

Sanskaar: how dare you???? Tumhe koi haq nhi banta Ms. Ragini Gadodia to kill or to do anything with my Rag!!!! got it??????

He screamed a lil. Ragini closed her eyes.

Sanskaar: I’m asking something got it???

Ragini signs him through eyes to remove his hand but he doesn’t understand. Ragini sighs and bites his hand.

” ahh!!! ” sanskaar shouted removing his hand from her mouth.

” sorry sorry ” said ragini holding his hand.

” wht was that Rag??? ”

” voh u were not removing ur hand and were asking me to answer also so I…….. ” She pouted.

” so u bit me?? ” He asked.

” sorry na…. Show me where it is?? ” She grabbed his hand and saw her teeth mark. She pouted and sucked that part to give him some relief from pain…. Sanskaar looks at her with lots of love!

” Rag! Promise me u will never try to do these types of things no matter wht…. Okay??? ” asked sanskaar. She looked up at him, her lips still in contact with his hand. She blinked her lashes to promise him the same. Sanskaar smiled and tucked a hair strand behind her ear as it was coming in her eyes.

She looked down and withdrew her lips from his hand and stood facing her back towards him…. Sanskaar came and back hugged her tightly. She too squeezed in between his arms feeling the sense of protection and love!

” I love you!!! ” said sanskaar nuzzling her neck as she moaned his name and tightened the grip on his hand which were on her belly!!!

” I… I love you too!!! ” said she resting her head on his chest. Sanskaar smiled and broke the hug! She turned around and found him going towards his wardrobe. ..

” wht happened sans?? ”

” wait na… ”

He takes out a large cardboard box and places it on the bed. She comes forward and looks at it.

” whts this?? ”

” open it n see… ” He smiles. She nods and excitedly starts opening the box as he looks at her smiling and adoring her expressions.

Ragini’s eyes were left wide open so as her mouth. Her hands cupping her face.

” Sanskaaaaaaaarr ” said she and pounced on him giving him a bone crushing hug. He stumbled and fell on the bed with her on him….

Ragini ( still hugging him ): sans….. Its so… So… Beautiful………

Sanskaar: do u liked it??

Ragini: of course sans… Yeh bhi koi. Puchne ki baat hai?? ( breaking the hug and looking at him ) but when did u get it??

Sanskaar ; ma told that it was delivered after few days of accident…. I wanted to gift u this on ur birthday… But we both were sleeping at that time so i thought to give u today…..

Ragini: u r so cute sans…… But I don’t hv anything to give u…..

She pouts. Sanskaar smiles naughtily and tightens his grip on her waist. Ragini widens her eyes and realizes their position.

Sanskaar: of course u can give Me jaaneman!!!

Ragini: sans… Let me see the frame na….

She tried to get up but he didn’t let her move… sanskaar smirks. Ragini now smiles naughtily, biting her lower lip with her hands moving downwards. Sanskaar is confused…

Sanskaar: rag… Wht r u upto???

Ragini: aage aage dekho hota hai kya??

She winks at him. He widen his eyes as her hands touched his bare waist…

Sanskaar: no Rag… U’ll not do that….

Ragini: I can do anything sans…. Now leave me or else I’ll pull ur towel out….

Sanskaar: this is blackmailing Rag…

Ragini: everything is fair in love and war!!!

Sanskaar ( sighs ): okay fine….. ( she smiles ) do whtever u want but I’ll not leave u…. U want to pull my towel na.. Then do.. But then don’t blush after that….

Ragini: hawww….. u r so cheap….

Sanskaar: So toh hai….. Now come give me my return gift….

Ragini: wht return gift??

Sanskaar: arre I gave u such a nice present so u shld also give something in return na……

Ragini: koi aa gaya toh??

Sanskaar: when sanskaar is here have no fear…..

He smiles and rolls such that now he’s above her. Her mouth is left open with the sudden change.

Sanskaar ( whispers huskily in her ears ): now don’t move from here… Otherwise….

Ragini nods, blushing. Sanskaar smiles and closes the door and comes back to her. Her eyes are still closed.

Sanskaar: yaar y do u girls blush this much??

Ragini opens her eyes, pouts and turns to his side resting her head on her hand.

Ragini: now whts wrong in blushing??

Sanskaar: abb now if I want to kiss u n u’ll keep on blushing so??

Ragini ( stands up ) : okay fine….. Now for next 15 minutes u’ll be a girl and I’ll be a boy… Okay?? tab pata lagega ki how do v feel….

Sanskaar: arre…

Ragini: no.. N u hv to seriously behave like me otherwise……

Sanskaar: acha baba thik hai……

Ragini: hmm… Finally…. Now go n wear ur clothes… N here pin this dupatta to ur shoulder… n u’ll behave like a girl till I say over… N don’t try to act smart…

She said giving her dupatta to him. He sighed and went inside the washroom to change….. Ragini smiled naughtily and went to his wardrobe…

After sometime, Sanskaar came out of washroom wearing a jeans shirt and dupatta hanging on his shoulder. N a bindi to give a girly look… He looked so cute…. He looked for ragini…

Sanskaar: rag…… Where r u??

He looks around. He comes towards the door but suddenly someone comes from outside and pins him to wall with his mouth covered with his ( that person ) hand.. Sanskaar’s eyes are shut and he looks scared. The person blows air on his eyes and he slowly opens his eyes. His eyes becomes big in shock and he pushes the person slightly and he looks at him form head to toe.

Sanskaar: Ragini…..

Ahaan, that person was none other than ragini. Wearing sanskaar’s shirt and jeans with her hair tied in a bun and covered with a cap….

Ragini: ahaan… I’m sanskaar ur boyfriend….. How can you forget me jaan???

She said huskily coming near to his ear and caressing his jawline with her thumb sensuously. Sanskaar gulped.

Sanskaar: sans…. Leave me na someone….

Ragini: someone will come…. Then let them come… Now everyone knows abt us… Right??? ( he nods ) still for u i’ll close the door……

She winks at him and goes to close the door while he stood there trying to digest wht is happening….

Ragini pulls sanskaar by his hand amd slides he one hand on his waist and takes his other hand in her’s…. Sanskaar widens his eyes…..

Ragini: lets dance….

She winks at him and places his other hand on her shoulder and moves slowly. Sanskaar blushes seeing her so close to him. Ragini smiles naughtily…. She turns his back towards him and back hugs him…. Sanskaar gulps as her hands touches his stomach…. Of course this was first time someone was doing like this with him. He blushes as she nuzzles on his neck and gives a wet kiss on his nape…. Sanskaar squeezes her hand making her bite her lower lip…

She turns him around and makes her look in her eyes. Sanskaar gets lost in her eyes.

Ragini smiles and pulls him close by holding his waist and making him fall on her…. Sanskaar stumbles and comes out of his dream world and blushes looking at ragini who’s smirking. He looks other side… Ragini smiles and pushes him away by holding his hand and them pulls him back to her ( u guys understood na.. Like its in dance )……..

Ragini pushes him on the bed and comes over him. He blushes. She sensuously touches his arms and abs amd then blows air on his hair which were coming on his forehead. Sanskaar bites his inner cheek feeling her so close to him. He blushes as she slides her hands on his neck picking his head up….

He closes his eyes, blushing as she approaches him. Ragini smiles and closes her eyes and kissed his cheeks. Sanskaar blushes and turns his head side ways as she goes down kissing his neck and teasing him.

Sanskaar: ra… Sans…….

Ragini ( placing her finger on his lips , he shivers ): shssss…… Don’t speak….. Let the actions say everything…..

She says huskily and moves her forefinger on his face. She pinches his nose and then kisses there…

She comes on top of him and sits on his stomach while he holds her waist. She too blushes now and moves downwards and finally after the wait of seven months their lips touched each other for a blissful, cute and passionate kiss!!!!!!

As sanskaar’s hand travelled on her back bringing her more closer, Ragini held his neck with one hand and other was playing with his hair…..

They kissed so deeply. They forgot everything amd were enjoying the moment. He sucked her lower lip as she did the same with his upper one…..

He moaned as she bit his lip slightly. He tightened his grip on her waist pulling her more close. Ragini was enjoying. She teased him for some more time until they again kissed and then broke when they were out of breath….

Ragini pulled herself a bit up and kept her arms on his chest and rested her face in her palms. She opened her eyes but his eyes were still closed. Their lips were swelled due to biting shiting and their cheeks were cherry red.

She pecked his lips once again amd he opened his eyes to find his naughty angel sitting on him. She bit her lower lip and asked him moving her eye brows that how was it??? And winked.

He blushed and took her in his embrace. She smiled and hugged him too.

” I love you soooo much my naughty sanskaar!!!! ” said sanskaar pulling her more close…

” I love you too my blushing Raginii!!! ” replied ragini and rested her head on his chest…. €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

Ragini comes out of flashback when sanskaar moves his hand on her bare waist. She looks at him.. His eyes were closed but there was his cute smile on his lips which showed his happiness.

She smiled and moved closer to him gave a small, wet kiss on his cheek making him blush. He tightens his grip on her waist and in the next moment he pins her to the bed and comes on top of her…. Ragini’s eyes widen in shock.

Ragini: sans…..

Sanskaar ( placing his finger on her lips and coming closer ): do u know… U make me wait so much??

Ragini: but…

Sanskaar: shssss…… From last 15 minutes I’m waiting that when will u come out of ur flashback and then…..

He winked at her and she blushes. She presses her lips..

Ragini ( confused ): but how do u know I was in flashback??

Sanskaar: of course ik…. Coz u were again doing the same thing with me…..

Ragini ( eyes widen ): wht??

Sanskaar ( hiding his naughty smile ): yeah….. Thats y I hv to bring u out of flashback….

Ragini ( pouts ): sorry sans….. ( he’s trying to control his laugh ) voh…. ( she looks at him and finds him trying hard not to laugh ) hawwwwww……. U r so bad sans….. U r making fun of me…. Get a side.। ( she pushes him and he falls on his back on the bed ) let me go… I don’t want to talk to u….

She stands to go but sanskaar holds her wrist and pulls her making her fall on his chest….

Sanskaar: careful Rag… Coz u know….

He points down amd smiles. Ragini realizes that she’s not wearing anything. She pouts and rests her head on his chest.

Ragini: but still I’m angry on u…….

Sanskaar: Then let me help u in making ur mood right…..

She looks up and he winks at her. She blushes and hides her face In his chest. Sanskaar pulls her closer.

Sanskaar: Vaise I think I would like to meet my naughty sanskaar again???

Ragini: really my blushing Raginii??

Sanskaar nods and winks again. She too smiles naughtily and comes on top of him and they both kiss wildly and the screen goes blur coz our readers are very smart to understand whats going on……. ?????


So this was it for today!!!! Hope you enjoyed!! ??? pls give ur reviews……. I’ll be waiting…

N i want to sorry to all my sisters who write great RagSan fanfics and I’m not able to read let alone comment…….. So I want to say sorry to them also…… ???

I’ll try to come Back asap!! Till then enjoy and take care of yourself!!! Keep smiling??????


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