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Recap: 6 months leap n ragsan are in coma…

One fine day at MM!!!! Ap comes in sanskaar’s room…. He’s lying in the middle of the bed with all the syringes pierced in his hands with his face pale…. He had become weak! Ap got emotional seeing his state but didn’t let a drop of tear escape her eye…. …. She sits beside sanskaar and holds his hand with her trembling hands.

Ap: beta…. Do.. Do u want to give takkar to kumbhkaran haan???? After 6 months he also wakes up so now it’s high time for u to wake up and…. And eat…..

She says this with very difficulty…. She wipes her tears and caresses his hair.

Ap: beta get up na…. See I hv something for u…..

She gets up wiping her tears and opens his cupboard and takes a big photo frame covered in cardboard box.

Sanskaar is lying there unaffected by the happenings around him. Ap comes to him and keeps the frame on the bed and uncovers it…


Ap: beta see…. U both look… So good together.. Won’t u bring my dil to this house??? Please beta get up na…. How much u’ll torture ur old mother???

Dp sees this from the door and comes inside and holds her shoulders. Ap looks up and hugs him.

Ap: ji tell him na to get up….. Sanskaar beta get up see papa is very angry if u don’t get up then he’ll beat u … Pls beta get up na……

But sanskaar is lying there without even moving a bit…..

” his head has got serious internal injury… .. There are very less chances of him to get back out of coma…. ”

Dp recalls the doctor’s saying. He closes his eyes. He didn’t told this to ap as he knew she’ll break and then it’ll b very difficult to handle her.

He takes the crying ap out of sanskaar’s room and turns back once to look at his lifeless alive son………….

The situation was no different in baadi!! Shekhar was struggling between his wife and daughter. His one daughter was lying lifelessly on bed while other was dealing with her mothers taunts. Whereas his wife was broken and sad. He really didn’t know what to do??

He came in Ragini’s room which was dull and dark. He saw her daughter sleeping peacefully. He sat beside her and caressed her hair.

Shekhar: ragu… From childhood itself u hv been troubling me but I never got troubled. U used to say na that I’m ur strong dad and I’m ur super hero….. But beta u were wrong…. I’m not ur super hero…. U were wrong beta…. ( he gets choked ) If I was one then I would hv never let this happen… ( Ragini’s dreadful condition of lying in the pool of blood flashed in his mind ) I would hv never….. I couldn’t be a good father…… Neither to u n nor to shona………

” Mr. Shekhar Gadodia my father is the best father of this world if u say something abt him again then u’ll see my worst side…. ”

Shekhar smiles remembering little Ragini’s words when he couldn’t bring the doll on her 8th birthday which she demanded. His eyes gets teary.

Shekhar: beta…. I’m no more strong… I want my strong bacha back to hold me to support me…… Won’t u come to help ur papa in the shop haan??? Beta it’s almost one year that u hv come to our shop…. Firstly that accident then now…… U know Anita.. Ur best friend too came and asked abt u…. She wants to eat gol… Gol gappe with u….. Won’t u go with her??? Please get up n go otherwise she’ll eat my brain… ( he controls his tears and continues and tries to bring her back ) u know now also I think tat her parents don’t give her anything to eat that’s y she eats my brain every time she sees me…..

He raises his hand for a hi five like before but this time there was no hand to clap….. He brings down his hand as the tears rolled down his cheeks……. He presses his lips to control his cry.

Shekhar: beta pls get up na….. How much will u torture me haan ?? Everyone is waiting for u beta….. Not for us at least for sanskaar… Pls get up……. ( he cries..) u.. U know smile…. Yes smile orphanage…. U remember na beta…. Ik I stopped u from going there… I’m sorry for that but u know all are missing u there… Om ishana… Everyone is missing u… At least get up for them…..

He realizes what he just said. He immediately went out to his room where shomi was sitting with Ragini’s photo in her hands. He sat beside her.

Shekhar: shomi… Do u remember smile orphanage???

Shomi: yeah…..

Shekhar: I think those kids can bring back our child….

Shomi: wht r u saying shekhar??

Shekhar: they say na that children are like god only so I’m sure once they come here our ragu will b fine again…..

Shomi: r u sure shekhar?? I mean u don’t like them na….

Shekhar: I know but we hv to give a chance….. Its abt our daughter shomi….

Shomi: but….

Shekhar: she was very close to them…. I’m sure they’ll help us…..

Shomi: okay then lets go…

Shekhar: but someone has to be with ragu…. Let me call shona….

Shomi: no ways…. That girl will not be with my daughter….

Shekhar: shomi for once think from heart instead of ur mind….. It was not her fault… No one knew that this would happen so pls……

Shomi: no ways shekhar….. U go alone or take laksh or dp bhaisaab with u but I won’t let that girl stay near my daughter even for a second…..

Shekhar: shomi….. Just stop it okay just stop it now??? I’m tired of telling u that just forget that….

Shomi: forget wht shekhar??? ragini was lying there in a pool of blood….. I can’t forget this….. N now she’s lying in the bedroom…. I cannot forget this….. This all is bcoz of that girl and her stupid plan……

Shekhar @ and that girl is yr daughter damn it…….. I’m also Ragini’s father and it was difficult for me also… But shomi whts swara’s fault in this????

Shomi: u might hv forgotten shekhar but I can’t….. From childhood swara has been unlucky for ragu….. Don’t u remember when bcoz of swara ragu fell down from stairs…. She got 7 stitches on her forehead…. And…….

Shekhar: shomi that was past yaar…. Y r u not understanding??? They were kids at that time… N now u r behaving like one…… This time swara needs u.. She needs ur support and love… She needs her mother… Instead of taunting her and cursing her be her support and assure her that everything will b fine….. Look already there are so many problems for me don’t create more….. From last six months I’m trying to tell u this but nothing goes inside ur brain…….. Understand this shomi when ragu will get up and see that u r blaming swara for her condition wht do u think that she’ll b happy listening that ????? No shomi instead she’ll start cursing herself for all the misery??? Do u want that to happen??? ………

Shomi nods no. Shekhar cups her face.

….. Then just let it be…. Forgive swara….. Support her and give her the love which she carved for last 6 months and trust me everything will b fine……

She hugs him and he caresses her hair.

…… She’s also ur daughter right??? ( she nods yes ) Then prepare something for her haan…. I’ll call her here and u be there with her nad ragu…. N don’t shout at her nad let her meet her sister…. She’s carving to meet her sister!! …. Will u do this for me??????

Shomi again nods yes. Shekhar breaks the hug and wipes her tears. He goes out to the orphanage while shomi goes to kitchen…

Shekhar ( on call ): hello swara….

S: haan papa! Everything is fine na ragu???

Sh: yeah… U pls come home and sit with ragu and shomi I’m going to orphanage….

S: y r u joking papa?? Ma… Ma will never let me meet ragu??

Sh: hey bhagwaan…… These two mother and daughter will make me mad one day…. Only ragu and I are the intelligent ones on this house….

S: papa……

Sh: wht papa…?? Both u n shomi are tubelights…. I hv to tell everything twice to u both….. When I’m saying go then go na…. Rest leave it on god okay???

S: hmm…..

Sh: look now I’m getting that positive vibe that our ragu will definitely come back so cheer up and go to her okay??

S: ji papa….

Sh: good now go………

Shekhar goes to the orphanage….. .


Swara comes there and prays to god to keep everything fine. She with lots of hope n efforts rings the door bell and wait for shomi to open the door. She plays with her dupatta, nervous.

Shomi opens the door and sees her lost . She clears her throat to get her attention. Swara looks at her and tears start brimming in her eyes. But shomi was standing with an expressionless face. Swara takes a deep breath and turns to go but stops as shomi holds her wrist. She turns back only to find a teary eyed shomi there stretching her arms for her. Swara smiles through her tears as she runs to hug her mother.

Both have an emotional moment after six long months. Shomi caresses her hair while swara hugs her tightly…

Shomi: I’m sorry shona……..

Hearing the word shona from her mother’s mouth broke all the dams of her eyes and the Ganga jamuna flew from swara’s eyes.

Swara: mummy…….. I’m sorry……

Shomi breaks the hug an cups her face wiping the tears and nods no. She takes her in and makes her Sit on the sofa.

Shomi: nhi sona… I’m sorry… When u needed me the most I was not there with u and was cursing u all the time…. I’m really sorry pls forgive me…..

Swara: No mummy u don’t say sorry… I should say sorry if it was not my stupid plan then this all wouldn’t hv been happening……. I’m sorry…..

Shomi nods no and wipes her tears.

Shomi: okay now no more crying… U go up n sit with ragu i’ll bring something for you…

Swara nods and happily goes to Ragini’s room. Shomi smiles and goes to kitchen thinking shekhar might hv reached orphanage by now….


Shekhar reaches the orphanage and meets the head and asks her to make him meet the kids. After much insistence and telling her that he’s Ragini’s father she lets him meet.

Now shekhar is sitting on a chair and Om, ishana, muskaan, aman, sahil and saumya are sitting in front of him.

Sahil: u r ragu di’s papa??

Shekhar nods.

Om: n u stopped our di from coming here n meeting us??

Shekhar recalls his words when he used to say. Ragini not to meet those kids. Shekhar nods, teary eyed.

Ishana: u hate us still u came here y??

Shekhar ( after lots of struggle ): ur… Ur ragu di needs u….

Aman: stop lying to us…. V know she’s very happy with jiju….

Muskaan: yeah…. Now u go…. V won’t come with u anywhere….. U know how much she used to cry when u didn’t let her meet us…..

Om: v know v r orphans……

Ishana: no om… V r not…. Don’t u remember??


Shekhar has tears hearing this and cursed himself for not letting ragini meet these pure hearted children.

Muskaan: n v know again bcoz of u di and jiju hv not come to meet us from 6 months and 2 weeks….. Do u know how it feels???

Shekhar: beta she hasn’t met her family, me n her mom also feom last six months…..

Om: wht r u saying?? Where is di??? And where is sanskaar jiju???

Shekhar: they are sleeping…. They are in coma…..

All the kids are shocked hearing this. They stumble and support each other as teh tears flow down their cheeks.

Ishana: w..wht….. Wht r u saying uncle??

Shekhar: I’m saying the truth and only u can bring ur ragu di back and she’ll bring ur jiju back…… So pls come with me…..

He joins his hands and cries.

Aman: but how did this happen??

Shekhar: after they met u they came to BAADI and ________________ and now they r in coma……..

Shekhar explains them everything and cries. They all cry.

Om: n how come u remembered us now???

Shekhar: v tried everything to bring them back but v were unsuccessful…… Then my wife told me that u all can bring ragini back……. Please beta come with me….. …. Its abt ur ragu di…

The children look at each other…

Aman: n wht if v don’t come??

Shekhar ( shocked ): beta wht r u saying???

Muskaan: yeah y shld v come c??

Shekhar: beta don’t come for me…. Cone ur ragu di.. She needs u beta….. She told na she’s ur life so pls. Come with me……

The children go from there without looking at him. Shekhar look at them shocked.

He comes out of orphanage and cries.

Shekhar: this is all bcoz of me….. If I hv behaved well with them then This all wouldn’t hv happened….. I’m sorry ragu. ……

Episode ends with crying face of shekhar!


First of all I’M SOOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR AGES… Like seriously sorry !!!!??? but u know.. Firstly I got busy with my college…. Secondly I got ppk fever ( u might hv seen ?) …. Then thirdly I literally got fever…. I’m not well ????
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Well anyone MISSED ME???? ??? no!?? ??? Ik sm of u did… I could get that through ur msgs… But test of u?? Don’t worry I’m sure one day u’ll definitely miss me ?????

Well how was this chappy do tell me through ur comments I would be waiting!!!!!

Thank you to all of them who commented on previous posts but I didn’t replied…….. ????

Thank you to everyone who’s following my stories on wattpad also!!!! ? ? ? ?

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Chalo tysm once again ‘!!!! Will try to meet u soon…. Till then take care m keep smiling!!! Watch ppk ((( do tell me how many of u r following ppk!!!))) ??? and keep loving teju!!! ? ?

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