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Recap: ragsan patch up and haldi ceremony…

Now its evening and everyone is getting ready for the marriage…. The gadodias have already left for the banquet Hall where the wedding would take place…

Shekhar: shomi.. Hv u kept everything na??

Shomi: yes shekhar… U don’t worry…

Shekhar goes to check the food and other arrangements while shomi goes to green room where swaragini are sitting. She comes and finds both tge girls busy in their phones. ….

Shomi: oh god… Please just take these phones from these children otherwise they’ll destroy their eyes completely….

She snatched phone from the girls and asked them to do the final touch up as the baraat might be coming anytime….. Girls nodded and did their last moment make up..

Shomi went down and the girls again got busy in their phones… ?

Downstairs everyone is busy in eating and dancing. They hear the sound of band and everyone goes out to watch the baraat…. Ragini too comes in the balcony to see the baraat. She smiles seeing sanskaar dancing there with everyone. He too sees her and gives her a flying kiss. She blushes and goes from there. He smiles.

Shomi welcomes them and does their aarti.. Everyone hug each other and greets each other. They all enter the hall and are surprised to see such a beautiful decorations. …

Ap: shomi ji. The decorations are awesome…

Shomi: thank you ap ji…. Lo.. Have something..
She said passing the plate to her.

Sanskaar with laksh went to the chairs kept for tge bride and groom and sat their. Both were enjoying seeing beautiful girls dancing ? . .. Sanskaar was drinking cold drink when he heard the rock music stop and soft music started playing. He looked at a side saw three beautiful women descending from the stairs but his gaze was struck on the first one itself…

Ragini Swara and shomi came down while the music plays and the photographer clicks their pics and makes the vedio. Ragini looks at sanskaar who’s staring at her. She blushes and moves ahead.


(( Ragini’s hair are tied in a beautiful bun with few strands falling on her face from side))




Ragini brings swara to sanlak and clears her throat to bring them back in reality. Swara blushes. Everyone smiles. Ragini makes sanskaar stand by holding his hand and makes swara sit beside laksh. Swalak smiles at each other. Sanskaar pulls ragini by holding her hand shocking her.

Ragini: wht r u doing sans????

Sanskaar smirks and looks around and then quickly gives a peck on her cheeks making her mouth wide open…. He leaves from there smirking while she stands there shocked. Swara shakes her bringing her out of shock.

Ragini looks around and finds sanskaar smirking sitting at a table drinking cold drink. She glared angrily at him. She comes to him and sit next to him and snatches the glass from his hand and drinks it in one go.

Ragini: are u mad sanskaar??,

Sanskaar: raginiiiiiii did u just drank my drink?,,??

Ragini: haan toh???

She took the plate from him and started eating the paneer tikka angrily. He looked at her surprised.

Sanskaar: will u stop eating my food?,,

Ragini: no….

Sanskaar: raginiiiiiii

Ragini: sanskaarrrr…..

” ragini “….. Ragini looks at sanskaar but he signs towards shomi.. She looks at her and then goes banging the table…. Sanskaar smiles.

Ragini goes to shomi who asks her to bring the jaimala from the room. Sanskaar hears this and smiles naughtily. Ragini nods and goes towards the green room… Sanskaar follows her without her concern.

There swalak are busy in staring at each other and blushing and talking to their friends also in between ?

Ragini enters the room and finds the garlands on the bed. She smiles and goes to pick them up. Sanskaar comes from behind and locks the door and stands behind her. She turns and the tray on which the garlands are kept hits his stomach and he winces in pain.

” ouch ” shouts sanskaar rubbing his stomach. Ragini giggles. He pouts.

She then tries to go when he holds her wrist and twists it backwards and comes behind her.

Ragini freezes and closes her eyes feeling him so close to her.

Ragini: sans…..

Sanskaar: shhssss…..

Sanskaar moves his hands up and slides his hand around her waist then tummy. She gets choked. * romantic tune plays in bg *.. She keeps her other hand on his hand to stop him from moving forward. He blows air on her neck making her weak in her knees. He holds her from her waist so that she doesn’t fall. He slowly starts kissing her shoulder moving upwards towards her nape and then cheeks… She holds his hand tightly and her head automatically moves rightwards to give him more space. He turns her around and both have a very intense eye lock. Her one hand is behind her back held by sanskaar while his other hand is on her cheek and her other hand is on his chest. They are really close to each other and slowly comes closer to lock their lips.

As soon as they are abt to kiss someone knocks tge door. Sanskaar gets alerted and moves away. Ragini looks at him confused. He tells her that someone is there. She gets panicked. He calms her down and asks her to go. She nods kissed his cheek and goes from there while he hides behind the door. After a while she leaves he too leaves.

Now its time for jaimala and everyone has surrounded swalak… Ragini is standing behind swara while sanskaar is standing behind laksh.. Both are having a cute eye lock and blushing.

Ap ask then to exchange the garlands. Both smiles and does the same. Everyone claps and showers flowers on them.

Later the photos are clicked.

Dp: arre bhai its so boring…. Common sanskaar ragini and everyone ( their cousins) go n do some dance vance… U r standing here like oldies…. Like this anu and shomi….. Wht say shekhar??

Shekhar: absolutely…

They both hi five. ..

He said chuckling…. The youngsters laugh while both the ladies glare at him.

Ap: oh really??? Then u start.. We’ll join u!! Wht say shomi??,

Shomi: y not?? Let see how much these ” young men ” have in them??

She said doing “” with her fingers and smirked. Sanskaar tells everything to ragini. Ragini smiles. ap and dp smiles seeing this.

The lights goes off…. N its the time to DISCO!!!!! ????…

Say shava shava, say shava shava… (2)

( shekhar and dp with their back towards everyone crosses each other with shoulders moving up and down…. Sanskaar tells ragini abt the song… )

Rup hai teraa sona, sonee teree payal… (2)

( both turns around and shows ? to their wives… Both the ladies blushes)

Chhan chhana chhan aise chhanke, kar de sabko ghayal

( they shakes their feet and then acts like fainting… Sanskaar holds dp while nikhil holds shekhar)

Keh raha aankho kaa kajal, ishk me jina marna, yay

( they both come behind their wives and brings their Lil finger in front of their eyes shaking their faces)

Say shava shava mahiya say shava shava… Yeah

( the four of them then do the signature step while all other enjoys and claps. ….)

Rup hai meraa sona, sonee meree payal
Rup hai meraa sona sona, sonee meree payal

( both shomi and ap dance and moves their hands on their faces.)

Chhan chhana chhan aise chhanke, kar de sabko ghayal

( they then shake their legs)
Hey, keh raha aankho kaa kajal, ishk me jina marna

( they come near their husbands and winks at them and hit them on their stomach with their elbows…..)

Say shava shava mahiya say shava shava… Yeah

( again the four do the signature step and then pulls ragsan and the
cousins also to join them…. All do the steps together….)

Mahiya ve aaja mahee, mahiya ve aaja… (4)

( ragini does some kathak steps… Sanskaar gets more impressed by her this talent abt which he was unaware…. He claps harder for her….)

Aaja goree nachle ay shava, nachle ve nachle ay shava
Arre aaja goree nachle ay shava, ae nachle ve nachle ay shava

( sanskaar goes to her doing
Some bhangra steps as he couldn’t resist any more…. Both moves round and round in circle doing bhangra steps…. Everyone hoots…)

Dekha tenu pehlee pehlee bar ve, hone laga dil bekarar ve

( both have a cute eye lock while dancing while swalak too have a cute eye lock… )

Rabba mainu kee ho gaya, dil janiye hai mainu kee ho gaya

( sanskaar keeps his hand on his heart ♥ and shrugs looking at ragini who smiles at him and blushes…..)

Sunke teree baate sone yar ve, mahee mainu tere nal pyar ve

( Ragini lips the lyrics and holds his hand. .. As everyone are dancing no one notice it… Swalak shares an eye lock. ….)

Hai mai mar jawa, dil janiye hai mai mar jawa

( ragini gets teary eyed to which sanskaar nods no and wipes her tears.. She smiles and kisses his hand…..)

Say shava shava mahiya, say shava shava mahiya
Ve shava shava bhangra, ve shava shava

( The beats resume breaking each couples eye lock ….. Getting out of their emotional moments they all dances together….)

Mmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm…

( laksh comes down the stage humming….)

Inn kadmo me saanse war de, rab se jyada tujhe pyar de
Rab mainu maf kare, rabba khairiya hai mainu maf kare

( he goes towards ap and dp and touches their feet….)

Tum toh meree jind meree jan ve, meree too jamin hai aasman ve
Tujh bin mai kee kara, rabba khairiya hai ve mai kee kara

( swara too comes to shekhar and shomi and hugs them… Ragsan too becomes emotional and to lighten the mood they pull swalak to dance with them.. )

Say shava shava mahiya, say shava shava mahiya
Say shava shava mahiya, say shava shava, yea

( ragsan and swalak dance together….)

Ae rup hai teraa sona sona, sonee teree payal

( laksh and sanskaar dance around swaragini….)

Chhan chhana chhan aise chhanke, kar de sabko ghayal

( while swaragini stands aside sanlak joins their foreheads and then turns and stand beside each other with their backs touching…. { I hope u guys understood }) …

Keh raha aankho kaa kajal, ishk me jina marna
Come on

( both pull their ” better halves ” and dances with them. )

Say shava shava mahiya, say shava shava mahiya
Ve shava shava bhangra, ve shava shava bhangra… (2)

( all the family members come together dancing and hooting and clapping. …. Tge parents and children have a grp hug and ragsan and swalak shares an eye lock…..)

The guests claps for them. They all smile. Now they were really tired after dancing in their heavy dresses though the men were still okay! There was still time for the pheras so they had their snacks and ate the chilli paneer, chilli potato, spring rolls and wht not and drank soft drinks side by side. …. … Ragsan stole glances in between and talked through eyes secretly….. Ap and dp were very happy seeing their son smiling again…….

It was 10 in the night and now it was time for the pheras but most of the guests have left as it usually happens in the weddings.. Only the family members were present and few other guests…. ( I hv seen this in Delhi weddings … )

Swalak were taken to the mandap and made sit in front of the holy fire. Shekhar shomi and ap dp too sat beside their children… Ragsan were sitting opposite to swalak in front of the holy fire holding each other’s hand under her dupatta…. Sanskaar signed that they’ll soon be there in swalak’s place. She blushed….. The pooja was going on and swalak were putting something ( I don’t know wht it is called… I hope u guys know.. N pls tell me also ??)

Everyone concentrated on the pooja while ragsan were romancing silently and having cute cute eye locks…… Sanskaar’s hand even reached her bare back making her shocked and panic. She gulped down in fear and pleaded him to take off his hand to which he sternly nodded a quick no like a child. She again pleaded him with a cute pout. He melts but still keeps a condition. She looks at him with a ? face…. Sanskaar winks naughtily at her and smirks and then pouts his lips and then quickly turns his lips in a smile so that no one notices it. She widens her eyes and nods a no… Sanskaar nods yes. They were doing like this only yes no yes no… When there nodded was broken by shomi who told ragini to get up and do the gathbandhan ( sanskaar told her that shomi was calling her and she did tge action of gathbandhan) ….. She nodded and pleaded sanskaar to leave her. He nodded no and asked her to promise her that she’ll give him a kiss. ” ragini ” called out shomi again.. ( sanskaar again told her…) everyone looks at him with confusion. Finally left with no other option ragini nods a quick yes to sanskaar and gets up and do their gathbandhan and looks angrily at sanskaar while he winks at her. He signs her to come back to him to which she nods no .. He pouts but she doesn’t gives any heed.

Swalak are taking pheras. Sanskaar smiles naughtily and comes towards ragini. She gets tensed. He comes more near her and signs her that he’ll pick her up and take her. Her eyes again widens with fear and shock and nods no while nervously throwing flowers on swalak. He comes near her and bends down.. She closes her eyes tightly but then opens slowly and finds her standing on he feet and saw sanskaar showing flowers to her which he took from the plate kept there. She sighed in relief and he laughed silently making her pout. They are standing a Lil behind so no one notice them and are moreover busy with the pheras. Sanskaar signs her that he’ll kiss on this pout only and she composes herself and throws the flower straight on his face while he’s laughing. The flower petals goes in his mouth and he coughs. Now ragini laughs silently and moves ahead to see till where the wedding has reached and to her disappointment everything is over and now swalak are taking blessings from elders. She sighed as she missed her sister’s wedding…… Sanskaar too came forward and stood beside her. She glared angrily at him. Swalak came to them and hugged their siblings. Everyone smiled.

Now it was time for bidaai… All the gadodias are crying while the maheshwari’s look on. Laksh controls his laugh seeing swara crying like a bandariya ( monkey) while sanskaar is feeling sad to seee ragini crying cutely…

” Her nose has become red and her eyes.. aww I just don’t want those tears in her eyes. … Aww don’t cry raginiiiiiii!!!! ” thought sanskaar! Ragini looked at him as if she heard him calling her name.. He signed her not to cry! She smiled and wiped her tears ….

Then swara and laksh sat in the car… And the driver took them….. Ap and dp had also left. Now only sanskaar was there…. He knew that now gadodias need some private family time so he also left bidding bye to everyone!!!! Ragini looked at him and said sorry.. . He smiled and showed ? to her and went from there smiling……..


So guys this was it for today… Hope u guys liked it….. N thank you everyone for their support and love!!! ??

So anyone there sending gifts to teja, our princess ? on her birthday…. ??? I’m sure many of you will be in to make her birthday special…..

Well now i’ll update most probably in June coz now I hv my results coming.. ( pls hope for the best… Please…….) and then I hv interviews and all ( pls pray for that also… Pls.!!!!) ur prayers really work… I know it!! So pls this time also pray for me!!!!!

N i’ll update soon next month……. Till the bbye take care and keep smiling always!!!!! ?????????

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