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Recap: SwaLak’s engagement…..

Today was Sangeet ceremony…

It was decided that the function will take place at MM. So the whole house was glowing with lights And filled with fragrance of fresh flowers. Ap and
DP were attending their relatives and guests (there were few guests only who were not family mem)

The waiters were roaming here n there with Snacks and children were playing..

music was Playing in background…

Dp ( taking Ap aside): where is your idiot son?? They might be reaching any time n our sons hv not came till now… See everyone is asking for them…..

Ap ( calming him down): arre y r u taking so much tension… At least don’t scold laksh today… Now he’s a big boy.. He’s getting married…

Dp ( chuckles): u r calling him big also n boy also… Common ap… He’s just growing from outside… His mind is still like a piece of rice.. Very small..

Ap: what r u saying?? What If anyone hears…. U stay here i’ll call them….

Dp: yeah go fast…

Ap turns around to go but is glad to see her two handsome sons descending down the stairs with laksh’s one arm around Sanskaar’s shoulder. Both had their million dollar smile on their faces..

Ap smiled seeing them and poked Dp to see their. Everyone including Dp saw towards them and were awestruck to see the most handsome guys of that evening in

They came to their parents and took their blessings. They blessed and hugged them. Ap put the black dot behind their ears and said kisi ki nazar na lage!! ?

Laksh: ma no one was disturbing u na….?? ( he asked looking at dp.. Ap and sanskaar chuckled.)

Ap: vaise toh nhi… But ek makkhi mujhe pareshaan kar rahi thi….. But koi ni abb udd gayi….. ( no one… But yeah one mosquito was disturbing me.. But no worries now it has flown away…..)

She said looking at dp who glared at her and the trio burst out laughing with dp joining afterwards……

Both the boys smiled and then laksh went to his friends and started chit chatting. whereas Sanskaar’ was so restless to see his RAGini that he was continously staring at the entrance. Ap and Dp saw this and smiled.

After few minutes shekhar shomi with swaragini and dada and dadi entered the house. Everyone looked at them and were yet again awestruck to see two beautiful girls ? I. They smiled.. RAGini looked at sanskar whose mouth was hung open to see his angel ? after so many minutes…. ?



She blushed and looked at swara who was staring at a blushing Laksh who was being teased by his friends. She smiled.

Ap welcomed them and they all made swara and laksh sat on the special chairs while sanskaar pulled RAGini to his room upstairs without anyone noticing. Laksh was busy staring swara who has turned tomato now.

Swara: lucky stop staring at me like that please…..

Laksh ( lost): o common shona… U look so beautiful today…..

He pinches her cheeks. She blushes.

Swara: ik that stupid but please stop staring look everyone is seeing us only….

Laksh: of course they’ll only see us na they have come at our sangeet na..

Swara glares at him.

Swara: yeh joke tha?? ( was this a joke??)

Laksh ( smiling): tha toh…. ( yes it was…)

Swara: I don’t like jokes….

Laksh: I don’t like u…

Swraa: really??

Laksh: no…

Swara pouts. Laksh kisses her cheeks. She gets shocked and looks at him, blushing.

Swara: lucky….

Laksh: shona…..

Swara looks on helplessly while he chuckles.


RAGini: sans… What r u doing yaar?? If anyone comes here then?? what will they think?? Look let me go… Please…

She’s continuously blabbering and sanskaar is trying to make her quiet but of no use so finally he pins her to the wall keeping his one hand other mouth and other hand on her bare waist. Ragini stopped at once and shivered due to his touch.

Ragini: sans….

Sanskaar: shssss…

He said keeping his finger on her lips. They have a deep eye lock.

Ragini: sans… Someone will come….

Sanskaar nods no.

He removes his finger from her lips, closes the door of his room and takes her to the dressing table. Ragini looks on!! They reach at the table and have an deep eye lock through mirror. Ragini blushes.

Ragini: sans… Y r v here??

Sanskaar smiles n asked her to wait for a minute by making cute expressions!!

Ragini smiles.

Sanskaar goes from there and comes with a beautiful jewellery box ?. Ragini looks at him surprised.

Ragini: sans… Whats this!?

Sanskaar closes her eyes with her hands. And opens the box n takes out a beautiful kamarbandh ( waist band) from it… It was damn pretty.

Ragini ( eyes closed): shall I open my eyes.

Sanskaar moves her hair forward and writes No on her bare back with his finger. Ragini clutches her lehnga n shivers due to his closeness.

Sanskaar smiles seeing blush on her face and sits down on his knees and rotates ragini towards him by holding her waist such that now she’s facing him.

RomanticHum Tum tune plays on bg.

Ragini blushes.

Sanskaar takes the kamarbandh and puts on her waist with his fingers touching her waist and making her weak in her knees. She holds sanskaar’s shoulder for support. Sanskaar then moves his face forward towards her waist and lock the kamarbandh with his teeth making her more blush., shiver, smile, weak and what not….. Now the kamarbandh was looking more pretty on a s*xy waist. Sanskaar slowly got up and saw her eyes closed. He smiled and pecked her cheeks making her fall in his arms Coz she couldn’t Take any more…… Sanskaar took her in his embrace and wrote I LOVE YOU on her back with his finger. Ragini smiled and said I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!! N tightly hugged him thanking him for that gift which she hasn’t seen till now. Sanskaar smiled and moved away from her. Ragini’s head was down due to blushing.

Sanskaar held her chin and made her look up. She looked into his eyes. He looked into her eyes. Both had a deep passionate eye lock. Sanskaar smiled and turned her towards the mirror again and asked her to look there through his eyes with his hands on her shoulder and face beside her face.

Ragini looked at her waist and was surprised looking at such a beautiful piece on her waist. She looked at him through mirror and thanked him through her eyes. He smiles and pecked her nape.

Ragini blushes and turned around. She sat on the table with his help and puts her arms around his neck and bringing him close. Sanskaar smiled at his naughty girl.

Ragini: sans… U brought such a beautiful gist for me but didn’t got u anything??!!

Sanskaar: is it?? She nods…

Sanskaar: okay then confess ur love in front of everyone…

Ragini: wht v??

Sanskaar: yeah…. But before that Complete this task….

She blushes and closes her eyes. He too closed his eyes and moved near her with his hands on her waist to take support.

Romantic Hum Tum tune plays in bg.

He comes more closer to her and finally their lips meet to have a lovely blissful kiss of the day. His hands were tracing her arms and waist while her hands were enjoying the silkiness of his hair and softness of his skin ( neck) …. They were kissing slowly to take every bit of nectar from each others lips. After few minutes they were distributed by knocks on his door ?. sanskaar moved away from her and told her that someone was there once door. Ragini panicked but he consoled her and gave her a lipstick and comb and send her in the bathroom… He checked his face hair nad clothes and then took a deep breath and moved to oopen the door to find ap there.

Ap: beta what r u doing here??

Sanskaar showed his Lil finger to her indicating that he was in toilet!!!

Ap: okay.. Do u know where is Ragini??

Sanskaar nodded yes n was about to move his hand inside the room when he realized what he was doing and quickly nodded a no. Ap looked at him, confused and tried to peep in but sanskaar again showed her his Lil finger and shut the door at her face… And breathed heavily. He then went to washroom and opened the door. Ragini was ready now. She came out like a storm and again started blabbering.

Ragini: now what will we do?? Common sans say something… Now everyone will doubt us.. Sans chalo… ( she held his hand and started moving but then stopped) no we can’t go together… O god… Sans….

She turned around and looked at sanskaar who was looking at her with his one brow up and a weird face.

Ragini: what??

Sanskaar asked her to keep quiet and let him think. She pouted and kept her finger on her lip. Sanskaar smiled at her behaviour and then told her something. She smiled. He hugged her. She blushes but then slides her arms on his waist.


Swara: god knows where is ragu??

Laksh ( annoyed): who is there u don’t care about him but who’s not here n enjoying u r worried for her….

Swara: arre lucky…

Laksh: what lucky shona?? U r not even talking to me properly….

Swara: arre but no one’s letting us talk na… They come n bless us.. How can I tell them to go away and let us talk??

Laksh: but………

Before he could complete light goes dim and music plays…..

Wah wah Ramji, jodi kya banaayi
Bhaiya aur bhabhi ko badhaai ho badhaai
Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai

(The flash light falls on sanskaar who comes forward dancing….)

Aap ki kripa se yeh shubh ghadi aayi
Jiji aur jija ko badhaai ho badhaai
Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai

( now ragini enters from the other side dancing… Everyone smiles seeing them. Then both RagSAn dance together…)

Wah wah Ramji

Wah wah Ramji

Wah wah Ramji

Mere bhaiya jo, chup baithe hai
Dekho bhabhi yeh kaise aithe hai
Aise bade hi bhale hain – 2
Maana thode manchale hain
Par aap ke siva kahin bhi na phisle hai

( sanskaar came behind laksh and held his chin and moved it left n right…… He then kept his one arm around laksh’s shoulder n other one on swara’s shoulder………. He then makes their forehead touch……. Everyone claps and smiles…..)

Dekho dekho khud pe jiji itraai

( ragini too comes there and holds blushing swara and hits her shoulder with her’s……)

Bhaiya aur bhabhi ko badhaai ho badhaai

Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai

Wah wah Ramji

Arre wah wah Ramji

Wah wah Ramji

( then they both go in front and dance together joining their hands…. )

Suno jijaji, aji aap ke liye
Meri jiji ne bade tap hai kiye
Mandiron mein kiye phere – 2
Pooja saanjh savere
Teen lok, tain tees devon ko yeh rahi ghere

( now ragini comes to laksh and says the above lines pointing at swara who glares at her.. Laksh rubs his hair blushing…… And winks at swara…..)

Jaisi maine maangi thi, vaisi bhabhi paayi

( sanskaar comes and gives laksh’s hand in swara’s…… everyone smiles as they four hug each other….)

Jiji aur jija ko badhaai ho badhaai

Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai
Wah wah Ramji

Arre wah wah Ramji

Wah wah Ramji

( again ragini and sanskaar dance with full joy… At last sanskaar holds her hands and pull her towards him and they join his right hand and her left hand with each other…… Both remembers the last day’s incident when she fell on him while doing this step…. Both blushes and look at each other……………. Everyone claps and brings then out of their trance……… They both part ways……. )

Swara hugs ragini while laksh hugs sanskaar!! 

SWara: that was amazing…..  I loved it…… 

She again hugs ragini and pats sanskaar’s shoulder…. 

Swara : sanskaar I think u should teach something to ur brother also….. 

Sanskaar explains ragini who giggles with Swara . 

Laksh: I can dance better than u……  Huh….

Saara: o really?? 

Laksh: yes….  N i’ll show u…..

Ragini: arre its alright…  Y r u both fighting?? 

Laksh: no ragini….  Aaj toh faisla ho hi jaye…. 

Swara: I’m also not afraid got it??

Both turn either side and RagSan looks on with pout face……  Dp and shekhar comes there… 

Shekhar: what’s going on kiddos??

Laksh and swara doesn’t say anything…..  Both papa’s look at ragsan….  Sanskaar asks ragini to explain them…. 

Ragini explains them and dp starts laughing….. 

Laksh looks at him with annoyed face,  sanskaar giggles while the rest trio looks at him confused…… 

Ragini: y r u laughing uncle?? 

Ap and Shomi also comes there. 

Ap: what happened ji?? 

Swara explains them.  Do laughs more and ap looks on helplessly. 

Shomi: but what’s the matter.!?? 

Dp: Swara beta…  In this matter I’m with you coz I know that this idiot cannot dance at all…

He again laughs while everyone giggles…. 

Ap: oh common ji….  He dances very well…. ( caressing laksh’s hair)  beta ik that u can dance…  So no need to worry u enjoy……….

Laksh: nhi maa….  Now i’ll show them that I can dance……. N mr.  Papa if I dance then you’ll also have to dance then….  You all have to dance who are now laughing at me got it ????

Everyone laughs and nods…… Laksh  huffs and goes from there.

Lights go dim…… Music plays…… 

Laksh comes and dance around swara and makes weird faces…..  He does some bhangra steps…… While she looks at him all uninterested…….. He then goes to Dp and shekhar and shows some moves with attitude…  Then goes to ap and took her blessings…..   He smiles and goes from there and starts singing……… 

Laksh: Ouhh Ankhan De Katore Surma Batore
Lagde Chhichhore Bade Hi Fi
Dil Pe Daraati Saade Chal Jaati
Maare Dil Gulati Pucche Why Why

( laksh comes ahead dancing and putting his stole around his neck in style…  He does some amazing steps…. RagSan are amazed to see him dancing like that……  They smile seeing swara who ties her chunni at her waist from one side n waits for him to stop …….)  

Laksh: Ouhh Ankhan De Katore Surma Batore
Lagde Chhichhore Bade Hi Fi
Dil Pe Daraati Saade Chal Jaati
Maare Dil Gulati Pucche Why Why

( he again does some steps moving around…  Everyone claps and cheers for him…….. )  

Chai Mein Dooba Biscut Ho Gaya

Main To Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Ho Main To Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Main To Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Ho Main To Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya

( he shows swara a glass and dips a biscuit in it and when he takes that out it breaks…….  Swara nods her head in disbelief……  Then he does the signature step of the song.. ….) 

Music plays.  

Swara: Hat Re Nigode Neem Ke Pakode
Picchha Kyon Na Chhode Ghume Dayein Bayein
Tujhko Sudharoon Jutti Main Utaroon
Sar Pe De Maroon Tere Dhayein Dhayein

Romeo Bina Permit Ho Gaya

( swara comes there and hits laksh by her thumka and makes him aside……  He shows her a pakora and then eats…… Laksh smirks and tries to go from there when swara acts like removing her sandals and hitting him onhis head……  Laksh acts to save himself while everyone laughs and claps………) 

Swara: Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Ho Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya

( she too does the same signature step and smirk at laksh who looks at her with a pout…..)  

Laksh: Baalon Ko Main Set Kitta Gel Mal Ke
Chaati Chaudi Dolle Sholle Dand Pel Ke
Kudiya Haraya Tune Chaal Chal Ke
Baaton Waali Baskit Ball Khel Ke

( laksh moves his hands onhis hair like he’s setting them and then shows his muscles ? to swara…  She moves ahead uninterested n he moves behind her…….)  

swara: Gel Vel Dekh Chhori Patdi Nahin
Dolon Se Umar Saari Katdi Nahin
Khoob Pehchanoon Tere Dil Mein Hai Kya
Fitrat Chhoron Ki Palatdi Nahin

Gudh Dekha Makhi Jaisa Fit Ho Gaya

( swara suddenly turns n he gets a Lil scared….  She moves her hands on his hair n shuffles them …  N then shows her muscles and signs no with her thumb ? …….  She then hits laksh on his chest making him move backwards….. ) 

Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Ho Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya

Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya

( swara then does the signature step around laksh who moves his hands in air…… )  

Laksh: Ohh Mein Tu
Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Mein Tu
Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Ainvayi Ainvayi

Ohh Mein Tu
Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi

Mein Tu
Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Ainvayi Lut Gaya

( he then moves around everyone doing dance steps and making them also do the same…………  Everyone was enjoy was enjoying and dancing….  Small children also came and danced with him……..)  

Swara: Kyon Meri Galli Mein Aake Wait Karda
Harkatein Down Market Karda
Dekhoon Jo Hatake Khidki Ka Parda
Sitti Vitti Maar Irrirate Karda

( swara comes near him and hits his forehead and moves behind shomi…  Then she peeps from behind her And acts like blowing whistle ans makes an irritated face….. …..)  

Laksh: Chhad Attitude Kabhi Maan Kudiye
Blank Cheque De Doon Ya Te Jaan Kudiye
Eentey Ka Yeh Dil Kar Naram Zara
Dekh Le Yeh Gabru Jawan Kudiye
Chhe Fut Se Dedh Fut Ho Gaya

( laksh pulls swara from behind shomi and dance with attitude and pulls up his collars and then bends down on his knees joining his hands….  Swara smiles and he gets up ……)  

Laksh: Main To Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Ho Main To Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya

Swara: Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya
Ho Tu Toh Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya

Laksh: Main To Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi Ainvayi
Lut Gaya 

( they both then do the signature step with everyone joining them…….  They both hug each other….)  

Everyone claps and have a hearty laugh ? while SWALAK blushes….. Laksh hugs her. 

RagSan hugs them and tease them.

Ragini signed something to sanskaar and he obliged……. ”  Ma its for u…… ” ragini says and the lights go off…..  Sanskaar Comes to ragini and touches her…..  She nods….. 

Music starts playing….. 

Maye ni maye mundher pe teree, bol raha hain kaga
Jogan ho gayee teree dularee, man jogee sang laga… (2)

(( the light falls on ragini and she comes dancing towards shomi and back hugs her….)) 

Chan mahiya chan mahiya mere dol sapaiya

(( ragini pulls swara with her an both dances…. All the while ragini is looking at sanskaar….. )) 

Chand kee tarah camak rahee thee us jogee kee kaya
Mere dyare aakar usane pyar kaa alag jagaya
Apne tan par bhasma ramage, saree rain woh jaga
Jogan ho gayee teree dularee, mann jogee sang laga

(( She goes behind shomi and lips the above lines looking at sanskaar who smiles naughtily…..  Ragini ask through eyes how’s it and sanskaar shows her thumbs up…..  Both blushes…)) 

Sun hiriye nach hiriye, nagke rang jama
Sun hiriye nach hiriye, nagke dhum macha

(( Dp and shekhar comes around her and blesses her…))  

Mannat mangee thee tune, ek roj mai jayo bihayee
Us jogee ke sang meree too karde abb kudmayee
Inn hathon me laga de mehendee, bandh shagun kaa dhaga

(( ragini does some steps with shomi….  She ask shomi to apply mehndi to her while looking at sanskaar who’s smiling ☺…  Shomi blesses her….  She kisses her forehead….))  

Shomi: u made me cry ragu….

She hugs her… Ragini understood her mother. She broke the hug and wiped her tears….

Ragini: ma no one will cry today….

Swara: haan ma save some tears for her bidaai also kyun ragini???

Shomi: stop teasing her shona n before her ur bidaai will take place….

Swara: maa….

And both the sisters hug their mother……. Everyone smiles…….

After sometime…….

Shomi calls ragini and asks her to go to car ? and get the gifts they have brought for Laksh and family…. She nods and goes car…. Sanskaar ses her going out so he also follows but Ap stops her and makes him meet some guests. He looks at the gate helplessly……..

Outside Ragini is taking gifts from the car but they were so many to handle by one person and she was finding it difficult to carry…. She locked the car and moved forward but was about to fall when a person came and hold her from front that is his hands were on her shoulders and she was holding the gifts and her head was on his chest. She tried to straighten up but her earing got stuck on his shirt….

Person: hey wait… I’ll take it out…..

Ragini couldn’t hear anything… She stood like that when the person made her stand straight and moved his hands near his chest and tried to remove the earing…. In that process his hands touched her face his hands shivered. She closed her eyes.

Ragini: please Will u doit fast?? I hv to go inside….

Person: yeah yeah wait na………

After a minute or two he freed her from himself. She looked at him and didn’t recognised him.

Ragini: who r u?? I didn’t saw u here before?? From whom side u r??? Are u from jijaji’s side?? Or are u……….

Person: wait wait…. Take a breath Ms express…. Where r u running?? Calm down I’ll tell u everything but first let me help you……. …

He forwarded his hands to hold the gifts.

Ragini stared at him.. She didn’t understood a single thing so got nervous and ran from there making sure that the gifts don’t fall…..

Person: same eyes… Same lips…. But…..

The person stood there confused and then entered MM!!!!!

Ragini came in breathing heavily and kept the gifts on a table and rested on the chair when someone kept hand on her shoulder.. She turned around, a Lil scared but was relieved to see sanskaar there.
Sanskar got worried and sat beside her on another chair and caressed her hair asking her what happened??

She took deep breath and relaxed a bit…

Ragini: nothing… Voh I just came with these boxes na so got a Lil tired….

Sanskaar was not relieved but couldn’t do anything…. They went from there and stood beside SwaLak who were attending the guests….

That person came in and looked around and at last his gaze stopped on ragini who was laughing with swara… He smiled..

He came down and looked at Shekhar and Shomi and went to them to take blessings.. They turned to find a handsome boy there standing in a white shirt and blue jacket and pants..

Shomi: Nikhil!!

Yup! He’s nikhil.. He smiled and hugged her. And then shekhar…

Shekhar: u r late my boy!!

Nikhil: sorry uncle but couldn’t find the address….

He shrugged and smiled.

Shomi ( holding his ear): ik… Where he might be stucked and whose address he was not getting….?

She eyed him.

Nikhil ( rubbing his hair): aunty… Kya aap bhi??

Shekhar: shomi what r u saying?? Now he’ has changed…

Shomi: he can never change… Might be finding his new girlfriend’s address to drop her right??

Shekhar and nikhil smile.

Nikhil: this is wrong na.. u always find out how???

Shomi: from childhood I hv seen u…. thats the different thing that u went from here 15 years back leaving me with him….

Shomi and nikhil hi fived while shekhar looks on with pout face… Shomi and nikhil laughs.

Shekhar: come i’ll introduce u to everyone….

The trio goes to Ap and Dp who were standing with some guests and SwaLak and RagSan.. Ragini was surprised to see that person with her ma papa…

Shekhar: dp ji…

Dp turned followed by others too..

Shekhar: dp ji… He’s nikhil my friend’s son…

Nikhil: namaste uncle aunty…

He touched ap and dp’s feet and they blessed him. SwaLak and RagSan are standing there confused.

Shomi: shona ragu…. Don’t u remember nikhil??

Swara nods no.

Sanskaar was about to do actions to explain ragini but she held his hand. He stopped and looks on confused.

Shekhar: arre beta he’s nikhil your childhood best friend… Who used to pull ur plaits and irritate u always??

Laksh ( chuckles): oh someone had the guts to irritate Swara.. I thought she can only irritate others….

Dp and Swara glared at him and he smiled sheepishly.

Shekhar: arre beta he’s nikku….

Swara ; nikku??

Nikhil nods.

Swara: omg… Abe gadhe tu kitna bada ho gaya hai??? 3 foot se sidha 6 foot…. ( everyone smiled while she laughed) n papa just look at his hair… ( she said pulling her hair) pehle toh yeh ek dum takla tha… N now look he has. Forest on his head….. ( omg… Donkey u hv grown up yaar?? From 3 foot to 6 foot…. N papa just look at his hair… First he was bald n now he has forest on his head…..)

Everyone laughed at her comment. Ragini was just looking at him. She didn’t knew who he was. Her hand was still on sanskaar’s..

Now it was nikhil’s turn…

Nikhil ( holding her ear): acha bachu…. Chuhiya kahin ki…. Khud ka ata pata tha nahi but hamesha mere peeche padi rehti thi…. ( u rat.. u were not aware abt ur self n were always behind me….)

Swara: I was behind u… N… U… U were behind ragu always…….

She laughed.

Sanskaar looks at Swara, shocked. Then he looked at ragini who was still holding his hand tightly. Her eyes were filled with fear or tension or something like that. Sanskaar was worried for her.

Nikhil: you’ll never change na?? From childhood u r teasing me by her name….

Swara: toh kya?? I’m ir friend… N friends k beech itna to chalta hai…. Well meet him… He’s laksh, my fiance… N she’s ragini.. Ur ragu… ( she winks at him n he glares at her) n he’s sanskaar Laksh’s bro…

He shook hands with trio….

Laksh: Mr. Papa… I guess u hv forgot the condition haan??

Dp: condition?? What condition!? I don’t know any condition… Ap do u know?? Well leave it… O mr. Khanna.. Yeah I’m coming….

He leaves from there, nervous and everyone laughs. SwaLak talks with nikhil while ap, shomi and shekhar sees guests…. Sanskaar took Ragini aside in a room.

Sanskaar ; raginii… What happened?? Y r u so tensed???

He asked doing actions!!!

Ragini hugged him. He too hugged her…

Ragini ( breaking the hug): he’s.. He’s nikhil… ( sanskaar nods) uk… In childhood when I was 5 years old.. Di n he were 9 years old .. We three me di and nikhil were playing hide n seek and it was di’s den… Nikhil told me to hide in a room and went from there…. He the locked the door from outside and switched off the main light.. Sans.. I was hell scared… I kept shouting their names but no one came… I didn’t knew where I was…… N then I… I…..

She bursted out. Sanskaar was shocked how could anyone do this?? to a small child. He hugged and consoled her.

Ragini: I fainted there…. N next morning I found myself in ma’s lap… It was a horrible experience sans… From then I am scared from darkness and nikhil… I can never forget that evening sans when he locked me there…..

She cried and hugged him more tightly. He too hugged her back and consoled her. He signed that now he was with her and there was no need to be afraid of anyone….. Ragini held his hand tightly.. He kept his hand on her head and nodded.

Sanskaar: but what swara bhabhi was saying that he used to roam behind u??

Ragini: actually he was once my friend n di always use to fight with him so he always played with me so di used to tease him a lot…

Sanskaar nodded. And wiped her tears.

Sanskaar: n nobody knows that he locked u in??

Ragini: no… N I also didn’t told coz after few days he went from there…..

Sanskaar: okay now relax….

Ragini relaxed in his arms for sometime……

After sometime they both came back to hall where laksh has held dp’s arm and shekhar’s arm from either side… They both smiled and forgot abt their tension.

Laksh: na papas… U hv to dance I don’t know….. MUSICCCCC……

He shouted and the music plays….

( sanskaar told ragini about the song which is being played.. She got excited and went to dance with everyone……)

( first dp and shekhar were hesitant but then they both started dancing along with others…..)

Main daalun taal pe Bhangra
Tu bhi gidda paa le
Chal aisa rang jamaa de hum
Ke bane sabhi,

( dp started dancing and pulled ap with her and they both danced while the other clapped!!!!)

Mann kahe ki main le aaun
Chaand aur taare saare
Inn haathon par main chaand rakhun
Iss maang mein bhar doon taare

( ap too then soaked her keg with dp and acted like catching stars and moon and then filling her hair line….. Everyone smiled… Laksh came from behind and kept his hands on her shoulder…..)

Hello! Hello! tu floor pe kab hai aayi
Ye lo, ye lo, badi solid masti chaayi
Hello! Hello! too much hai tumne lagayi
Ye lo, ye lo, control karo mere bhai

( sanskaar came and lipsed the above lines while ap kept her hand on his cheeks……. He hugged her….)

Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
koi dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan (x2)

( everyone… Dp ap shekhar shomi sanskaar ragini laksh and swara danced together…. No specific step but all were enjoying thoroughly… While everyone clapped for them….. N whistled….)

Ye nain matakka tera mujhe bada tadpaave
Tu dekhe to ajj vi dilbar kudiye
teer sa ek chal jaave
Aahaa.. Aahaa..
Kar de bin piye sharabi, chehra tera gulaabi
Koi kyun na yamla ban jaave jo itni ho betaabi

( now shekhar came forward with shomi’s hand in his hand… He twirled her around and and did some steps and then acted like dieing when she winked at him…. Dp and laksh holds him…. Swara whistled…. )

Hello! Hello! dil dil se connect karna
Ye lo, ye lo, ye baatein direct karna

( dp and shekhar and laksh danced with their partners while sanskaar secretly hugged ragini who glared at him…. N he turns his face…..)

Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
toh dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan

(Oye.. oye marjana oye..)

Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
toh dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan

( everyone again danced together… They laughed and enjoyed…. Ragini swara ap and shomi held each other’s hand in cris cross way and turned round and round ( kikkli…) the men hooted and whistled…..)

Chana chanak tera pan dunga nak main to
Chana chanak tera pan dunga nak
Main kabootar phaseya ki hor koi
Phase vi na haay phase vi na
Phase vi na haay phase vi na (x2)

Chana chanak tera pan dunga nak main to

Main kabootar faseya ki
hor koi phase vi na.. (repeat)

( Again the boys danced together on the above music and this time the ladies cheered for them…….. All the boys hugged each other…….. )

Ye baat na maine jaani
Kyun itni khush hai diwaani
Tu mujhko aisi kahaani samjha de, samjha de..

( laksh came dancing towards swara and held her shoulders and danced with her…..)

Ye baat hai sabne chaahi
Mile janmon ka humraahi
Yahaan huaa hai kuch aisa hi
Samjhe na samjhe na o ho..

( saraa came forward and stood between ap and shomi and he stood between dp and shekhar….. They all smiled looking at each other……..)

Ab main jaana keh rahi ho kya fasaana ho ho.

( sanskaar came towards the men and stood beside shekhar)

Pyaar karne se bhi mushqil hai nibhaana ho ho

( ragini too came and stood beside ap…. Such that they both were together now…. They had an eye lock…..)

Hello! Hello! don’t mind mera yeh kehna
Ye lo, ye lo, zara mere touch mein rehna

( ragini sang the above lines and hold his hand and fro. The other end shomi held dp’s hand and they form a circle… And all the couples were having a beautiful eye lock…)

Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
koi dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan

O haaye…

Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
to dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan

Raat badi hai mastaani ee ee..

Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
to dilbar jaani kar le gallan gooniyan

o marjaana oye

( all then danced together with each other…. Each couple stopped at once and smiled looking at their partner……… Thanking lord for this beautiful evening….)

as the song ended everyone hooted and clapped and smiled……. Everyone was so excited….. Everyone ( the youngsters…. ?) jumped in joy…..

Dp hugged shekhar!!

Dp: bhai maza aa gaya shekhar ji…

Shekhar: sahi keh rahe ho Dp ji….

Laksh: who’s idea it was v?

Everyone smiled…..

After sometime….

Sanskaar: u r okay na??

He asked ragini who was eating some snacks sitting at a table and adoring swalak who were blushing looking at each other….

Ragini nodded!

Sanskaar: what r u looking there ragini??

Ragini ( keeping her face in her palms): look at di n jijaji.. They look so cute na together… Just like made for each other……

Sanskaar: one day someone will say the same things for us also…….

Ragini who saw his actions blushed and her elbow which was on the table supporting her face fell down… As in she got surprised….

Ragini: kya tum bhi!!

Sanskaar: u r blushing as if now only I’m marrying u…..

Ragini: sanskaar….

Snaksaar: raginiiiii…..

She blushed and he pinches her cheeks. She goes from there blushing…. He follows her…

Dp: arre bhai…. Give a chance to ur cousins also to do something…. See they all are searching their brains in their phones from past half and hour….

All the cousins pouted while everyone else laughed.

Mohit: what bade papa… U r always pulling our legs…..

Shekhar: then u pull ur legs on the dance floor.. Common its ur siblings wedding… Come on…..

This time shekhar shouts MUSICCCC!!!!

all the boys and girls got up and went on the dance floor…..

Swara’s cousins ( Sanaya , Bhavini and Vidhi) and Laksh’s cousins( Mohit , Sameer and Jatin) dance on dilliwali girlfriend……

( sanskaar again tells ragini about the song….)

O what a look, what a grace
Tenu hi karaan main chase
What a naksh, what a nain
Dil tera ho gaya fan
What a smile, what a style
Lut’ti neendo ki ye file
Kabhi soft, kabhi rude
Killer tera attitude

( all the three boys came and danced around swara…. The girls look at them….. With a pout…… The boys sees towards the girls and runs to them….)

Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke (x2)

( they then roam around the girls asking for sorry……)

O teri ankh da ishaara mujhe fraud lage
Tu toh Majnu aawaara by God lage

( but the girls were in no mood to listen…. sanaya hit mohit on his leg and he fell down but was catches by his brothers ….. ?)

O kasme waade khake
Apni pocket money bacha ke
Aaya tere liye paise waise jod jaad ke..

Ghar waalon ko bhi bye-shye bol baal ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya Dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

( the three boys dance around the three girls while sanskaar is lost in ragini who’s enjoying her sisters performance…..he’s giving her live update tha on which line of the song they have reached…….. Ragini was fully enjoying.. She didn’t felt that she can’t hear coz sanskaar was telling her each and every small detail of everything….. )

Teri galli mein bhi aana start kar diya
Ik tere naam apna heart kar diya
Karne laga aankh matakka
Ab toh aashiq ban gaya pakka

( now Jatin came forward and twirled her and danced around her…. Everyone clapped…..)

Aaj abhi maine tera boycott kar diya
Teri saari harqatein main toh note karu
Tujhe thaane mein le jaake main report karu oye

( Vidhi acts like noting something and then holds Jatin’s collar and takes him aside……)

Tu na kar aise fight
Tera mood main karu light
Tujhe scene mein dikha ke film Golmaal ke..

( sameer came from other side with Bhavini in front of him…. He holds her hand and gives her a bouquet ?…… She smiles…….)

Naam tera hi likhaya maine wedding card pe
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

( then the boys and girls dance and do the signature step…. Everyone hoots….. )

( Music plays and dp signs ap and ap pushes ragini and sanskaar on the dance floor…. The boys and the girls surround them and swara hoots for them……. Ragini looks at sanskaar.. He smiles and nods.. She too smiles and shifts her to back…. )

Yeh to ishq mein dekho badtameez ho gaya
Bina baat ke hi mujh pe ye freeze ho gaya
Refuse kiya sau baari
Phir bhi karna chahe yaari

( ragini dances and does some s*xy moves… Sanskaar back hugs her and she hits him with her elbow and shakes her hands as if removing the dust….. And smirks at sanskaar…..)

Passion tere liye mera increase ho gaya

( sanskaar comes and revolves around her setting back his hair……)

Tu hi day lage
Mujhe meri night lage
Mujhe future mera tere sang bright lage

( he holds her hand and twirls her such that she hits his chest and blushes but hides her blush… Sanskaar smiles and winks at her without anyone noticing…… Ap and dp smiles…… )

Tujh se bhi zyada shona
Koi handsome munda hona
Leke jayega sone mein tol tal ke Oye..

( ragini smiles and then frees herself from him and then goes behind his cousins and keeps her elbow on sameer’s shoulder and smirks at him…..)

O tere liye aaj gaddi main toh mod-maad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chaad ke

( sanskaar acts like driving and goes towards ragini holds her hands and keeps them on his stomach from either side and runs here n there with ragini behind him…… Everyone smiles at his act…..)

Chal jhutta.. mere liye signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

Ghar waalon ko bhi bye-shye bol baal ke
Aaya dilliwaali girlfriend chhod chhad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwaali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

O what a look, what a grace
Tenu hi karaan main chase
What a naksh, what a nain
Dil tera ho gaya fan
What a smile, what a style
Lut’ti neendo ki ye file
Kabhi soft, kabhi rude
Killer tera attitude

( ragini and sanskaar came back to their places and breathed heavily while the other 6 danced together… And swara and laksh too joins them after wards ……… )

All the while RagSan were stealing glances from each other and blushing… Sanskaar signed her that one day they both will be in SwaLak’s place at which Ragini blushed like anything….

Swara was happy seeing her sister happy after so many days finally.. But was also somewhat sad that they both will agin separate coz Ragini will go to kolkata and she’ll go to Laksh’s hous e…… Laksh looked at her n asked what happened?? She nodded no… Both smiled and he hugged her…….

It was late now n guests were also leaving so everyone had dinner.

Now it was time to leave… Everyone was tired but RagSan n SwaLak were sad also coz they have to spend again one day without seeing each other……….. Now the next function was Mehndi at which gents were not allowed…. So lets see whether our heroes will do something or not?????? n where was nikhil all the while??? Think think!!!!!!


Ik ik… Its really long n with so many songs… But uk its was a sangeet ceremony so sangeet has to be there…. . If its boring do tell me…… I got really less comments on previous shot so if u guys r not interested anymore do tell me………

I also know that I said I’ll update on Friday but due to some connection error I couldn’t proceed…..

My next updates will be on 8&18 April… U guys can tell me which ff do u want me to update……….

N do comment below and tell me how was the episode?? Did u liked it or not??? Pls guys comment coz ur comments only encourages me to write ? regularly………

Till then bbye… Take care and always keep smiling!!!! ???

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