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Hiiii everyone!!!!!!! First of all thank you so much for all ur comments and support…. It really means a lot to me…… I’ll surely reply to all once I get time…….. N also a big thanks to silent ? readers…….. So as I got some time I just penned down another shot……. So here u go…………………….

Link for previous shot – Shot 11

Recap: sagan chunni!!

The next all were busy with the sangeet ceremony which was scheduled the day after that is tomorrow.

It was 11 in the morning while everyone was doing some or the other work ragini n sanskaar were not allowed to do any work so they chatted for a while….

RagSan talked through SMS and decided that they’ll dance on the sangeet.

Ragini: sans.. They r not letting me do anything.. I’m getting bored yaar…

Sanskaar: mee too yaar…. ?

Ragini: umm.. So lets catch up!! ?

Sanskaar: good idea…

Ragini: lets rock the sangeet ceremony what say??

Sanskaar: matlab??

Ragini: I’ll tell u first lets meet…

Sanskaar: okay! Be ready I’ll come in half an hour..

Ragini: okay i’ll be waiting…. ?

Sanskaar: blushing haan?? ??

Ragini: sanskaaaaaar… ?

Sanskaar ; okay baba… Be ready. Love you!! ?

Ragini ( smiles): love you too ?

Ragini looks at herself in mirror.

She was wearing a simple top with jeans n hair in a pony…

Ragini ( thinking): Ragini what r u wearing yaar? Just look at yourself… Come lets get changed…

She smiles and looks through all her clothes but couldn’t find a good one..

Her bed is now full of clothes.

Ragini: arre I don’t have any clothes to wear….

Then she takes out the white and blue dress which she bought from Kolkata…

RAGINI’ : but its too short… now what should I wear??

She then sees her phone and checks to find sanskaar’s msg.. He has already reached and is waiting for her.

She then hurriedly gets ready in jeans, top and stole with her hair tied in messy bun with few strands falling on her face and small jhumkas dancing on her ears.

She msgd swara, shekhar and shomi that she’s going out with sanskaar..

She came and sat in the car.

( sanskaar’s dialogues are in sign language)

RAGINI: sorry sorry… Actually mere paas kapde hi nhi the toh…. ( actually I didn’t have clothes so….)

She looked at sanskaar’ who was staring at her..

RAGINI moved her eyebrows asking him what??

Sanskaar’: u look beautiful..

RAGINI: really?? I didn’t even combed properly n… Look at my clothes…

She raised her hands to open her hair to comb. Sanskaar held her hand and nodded no. They share a beautiful eye lock.

Sanskar: u look beautiful like this…

He tucked her hair strand behind her ear.. She closed her eyes feeling his touch.

Seeing her eyes closed sanskaar smiled naughtily and pecked her cheeks making her open her eyes in shock and her cheeks turning crimson red.!!

RAGINI: sansss…..

Sanskaar: raginiiiii….

They smiled and he drove from there.

Later they got in the cafe and ordered pastries!

Ragini: so what’s the plan??

Sanskaar: u tell..

Ragini ; lets dance!!

Sanskaar: here??

Ragini glares at him. he smiles sheepishly!!

Ragini: acha listen…

She tells him her plan!!

Ragini: so… Manta hai ki nahi??

She said pulling up her collar.

Sanskaar: wow!! ?

Ragini smiles.

Sanskaar: chalo.. Lets go..

Ragini: where??

Sanskaar ( pulling her by her hand): chalo….

She took the last bite of her pastry and followed him.

They reached a small house with a big Hall with mirrors!

Ragini comes inside and starts moving n jumping here n there….
Sanskaar smiles seeing her excitement!!

Ragini: will v practice here??

Sanskaar nods. She jumps into his arms and kissed his cheeks!

Ragini: uk… From childhood I wanted to dance like this in a big Hall with mirrors…. Thank you so much sans…..

Sanskaar: anything for u…. N if u want to thank then……..

He comes closer to her looking in her eyes. Ragini too looked in his eyes.. Blocking his eyes with hers. They were so close to each other when they heard someone coming in. They separated and composed themselves!!

The owner of that Hall came there to give them the keys. He was sanskaar’s friend, Ajay!

Ajay!: hey bro…

Sanskaar shook his hand with him and hugged him.

Ajay: here are the keys.. Enjoy till whenever u want okay??

Sanskaar smiled and thanked him by moving his lips.

Ajay smiled and went from there.

After he went sanskaar locked the door and came near ragini who was now busy checking out the hall which she has already done once… Sanskaar smiled and stood taking rest on a near by table and stared at her with his hands crossed against his chest…

Ragini looked at him through mirror and blushed.

Ragini: sans…

Sanskaar: raginiiiii…

Ragini: common now stop staring at me lets dance… I’m so excited…

Sanskaar smiled and came behind her.

Sanskaar: come.

He held her hand and made her sit on the floor and gave her a paper in which it was written, on which all songs they can perform.

Sanskaar ; the song which u know we can dance on that so it’s not difficult for you…

Ragini nodded and went through all the songs and then selected one song.

Sanskaar: okay i’ll play the song and we’ll dance okay… ??

Ragini nodded and they both stood up. Sanskaar played the song and signed ragini that the lyrics have started. She started singing and both danced for a while…

Ragini ; time please!!!

She said putting her both palms perpendicular to each other making a ” T ” !!

She sat down and gulped down the water. Sanskaar too came and sat beside her and rested his head on her shoulder. She too kept her head on his head…

Ragini: I’m so tired sans….

Sanskaar ( holding her hand): mee too…

He nodded his head. Ragini kept her other palm on his cheek and patted there. Sanskaar smiled and took her in his embrace.

They fell asleep there only when after an hour sanskaar woke up hearing her phone ringing. It was now 3 pm. He saw ragini sleeping in his embrace, hugging him. His lips turned into his cute smile. He kissed her forehead. He checked her phone and saw two missed calls from swara!

He woke up ragini n after lot of struggle she finally woke up. Sanskaar gave her phone and showed missed calls from swara. Ragini called swara.

After five rings she picked her call and showered her with so many questions.

Swara: ragu where are u!! Y didn’t u picked my call?? r u alright?? Where are u??

Sanskaar told ragini all this through actions. Ragini smiled seeing her concern.

Ragini: di.. Take a breath.. I’m fine.. Don’t worry…

Swara: arre but..

Ragini: I’m fine n sans…kaar is also with me…. So don’t worry…

Sanskaar hit her on forehead… Ragini lipsed a quick sorry.

Swara: acha.. When will. U return??

Sanskaar again showed her what she was asking her to tell after 2-3 hours… Ragini glared at him and he made a cute pout.. She smiled… Sanskaar hugged her making her scream a Lil as they fell on the ground with sanskaar on top of her. Both had an cute eye lock.!!

Ragini: ouch…

Swara: ragu ragu what happened?? R u alright???

Sanskaar signed her. She broke the eye lock. He was still on her not moving a bit also. After trying much she gave up and bet him with her thin hands which didn’t affect him at all instead he just smiled naughtily!!

Ragini: di I’m fine…. Okay i’ll keep now….

Swara: haan wait.. Come to TGIP mall with sanskaar…

Sanskaar explains her.

Ragini: y??

Swara: u come na… Sharp at 6 pm… Okay??

Ragini ; okay!

Swara: bye…

She disconnected the call.

Ragini: now what does she needs??

Sanskaar: filhaal I need something…

He slowly came near Ragini and tucked her hair behind her ear.

Ragini: sanss ….

He keeps his finger on her lips shushing her.. He rubs his thumb near her lips. They have an eye lock. He looks at her lips. She looks at his lips. They both look at each other. He comes near her. Ragini closes her eyes.

Romantic tune plays in bg.

He move towards her lips, they were just few cms away when his phone rang breaking the moment.

Romantic tune turns to a funny tune!

Ragini opens her eyes as sanskaar got up and looked at his phone. It was a missed call from laksh. He sighed and showed it to ragini she laughed. He pouted. She pulled his cheeks and pecked his both cheeks making him blush! She hugged him. He called laksh!!

( sanskaar is doing actions for ragini to understand what laksh is saying…)

Laksh: hello sanskyy..

Ragini: hii jijaji…

Laksh: ragini??

Ragini: yup…

Laksh: how r u??

Ragini: awesome… U say??

Sanskaar gives her an unbelievable look and signed her to finish the talk and disconnect quickly!! Ragini enjoyed his frustration!

Laksh: yeah I too…. Acha is sanskaar with u??

Ragini: yes ur bro is with me….

Laksh: acha then u both come……

Ragini: to TGIP mall at 6 pm sharp!!! Right??

Laksh: how do u know??

Ragini: ur beloved would be wife just called to say this only…

Laksh: oh… Cool then see u there…

Ragini: okay… ( to irritate sanskaar who was asking her disconnect the call from a while.. ) aur batao jijaji…

She winks at sanskaar.. He gets angry.

Laksh: nothing as………

Before he could complete sanskaar disconnected the call.

Ragini: what was this sans… What would he think haan??

Sanskaar: n what abt me??

He was very angry guys… ?

Ragini: okay sorry…

She pouted and held her ears but he stood up and went away from her.

She felt bad and goes behind him n was about to hug him but he signs her to continue dance practice coz they didn’t have much time. she felt so bad that tears were about to come out but she composed herself.

He played the music. She sang. They continued the practice. It was 5 pm.

Sanskaar: last time lets practice.

Ragini nodded.

They started the dance.. Now its was the last step.. He held her hand and pulled her towards him. She lost her balance and they both fell down with ragini on top of him with tears in her eyes. He looked at her shocked. He didn’t knew she was crying silently coz they didn’t looked in each eyes for once also.. Actually he didn’t looked but now his hands didn’t stopped and went up to wipe her tears.

Ragini: I’m sorry ?..

She cried. Her tears fell on his face. He hugged her tightly and rubbed her back and caressed her hair.

Ragini: i’ll not do that again. But please don’t ignore me. .. Please…

Sanskaar nodded no and separated her from himself.

He lipsed I’m sorry to her and kissed her forehead and teary eyes.

She smiled and kissed him.. Locking his lips with her’s.. He was shocked coz he was not ready for this. Her eyes were closed with her one hand playing with her hair and the other one on his chest.

Romantic tune played in bg.

Sanskaar now too responded when she pulled his hair slightly. His hands slid on her waist and brought her more closer. His other hand was on her neck.

They were engrossed in each other when after 15 minutes they got apart due to loss of breath.. They both again looked at each other.. They laughed and hugged each other tightly.

Then they composed each other and went to TGIP mall where swara and laksh were already waiting for them.

They went to the clothes section.

Ragini: y r we here??

Swara: for clothes!!

She chuckled. Ragini and sanskaar glared at her. she stopped. Laksh smiled.

Swara: voh actually for sangeet, mehndi and haldi we need to buy clothes….

Ragini and sanskaar looked at her with shocked. ( sanskaar explained her) . They both looked at laksh who was already looking at her, Shocked.

Laksh: didn’t u brought ur clothes earlier??

She nodded no like a child.

The trio sighed and left with no other option they all went to shop. Swara insisted ragini to also buy clothes for her.. First she was adamant but later agrees.

They all were sitting at a table in cafe..

Swara: thank god our parents agreed for a combined sangeet otherwise we all would have to celebrate separately….

Sanskaar explains ragini..

Ragini: sachi di… N ik u would miss jijaji.. N I would miss……..

Sanskar stamps her foot under the table.

Ragini: ouch….

Swara: what happened ragu???

Ragini glares at sanskaar and then says nothing… I guess it was a rat ? ….

Laksh: rat seriously??

Swara: sanskaar is attacked by a cat n u by a rat… Interesting….

Sanskaar blushes. Ragini looks on annoyed.

Later after shopping and pet Pooja ( eating) sanskaar and laksh dropped ragini and swara resp. Coz they both were in different cars so to give company to sanskaar swara sent ragini with him. Ragini smiled widely!

In car!

Sanskaar: u called me a rat ???

Ragini: it’s tit for tat…. U called me cat na….. ?

Sanskaar: arre voh toh everyone was asking so I had to say something na I didn’t have choice …. But u could hv said anything…

Ragini: yeah… Me too I didn’t had choice….

Sanskaar: raginiiiii….

Ignore!! ?

Sanskaar drove in silence while ragini smirked.. They reached their house.

Later after having dinner at Gadodia’s sanlak left for MM.

At night both the couples chatted for sometime and then dozing off with smiles on their faces.

The episode ends with angelic face of ragini.

Soooooooooooo……. How was it??????? Ik a bit small may be……. But I tried my best…. I hope I stood up to ur expectations………. N I too hope u all r still interested in this??????? if not then please do tell me……………. Ur comments really matters to me……………… So please do tell how was it??? N if I again get some time i’ll surely try to update one more chapter of one of my ffs………. Please support me……… N yes ignore my mistakes if any…. Coz I haven’t read it………………………………. Keep smiling and spread love and positivity….. N pls pray for my exams ???? Thank you for everything!!!!!!!! ? ☺

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