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Shot 10

Recap: ragsan stuck in lift…


Ragini comes to her room and sits on the bed, drinking water and remembers everything that happened today. She blushed thinking about their kiss…

She keeps her phone on charging and then looks at the bag..


I’ll give this to sans today so that he can wear that in swalak’s marriage… She opened the bag once to place the suit in cupboard but was shocked to see a beautiful

Ragini: it’s so beautiful….

She said touching the dress…

Ragini: but how come it’s here??

She thinks giving her bag to sanskaar and then he giving it back to her.

Ragini: I think our bags got exchanged but then for whom did he brought this beautiful lehnga??

She thinks then decides to call sanskaar!!


He comes to his room and lies down on his bed with his eyes closed and recollects his moments with ragini which make him blush!

Sanskaar stands up and goes to washroom and comes out after having a quick bath ?…. He’s in his towel around the waist and white vest only… …

Sanskaar ( thinks): I’ll surprise my raginii… When she’ll see this dress I’m sure she’ll like it….

He opens the bag and finds men suit inside it..

What the hell?? Sanskaar thought.

He then remembers how he took her bag and then returned one bag to her.

‘ Oh no ‘ … He slapped his forehead.

He messaged ragini ( he took her phone no. In lift ?) ..


Sanskaar: raginii r u free,?

Ragini ( smiles): no I’m very expensive ?

Sanskaar ; common raginii be serious..

Ragini: ?

Sanskaar: acha listen I think our bags got exchanged..

Ragini ( holding the dress): yeah I know…

Sanskaar: so…

Ragini: so what??

Sanskaar: for whom hv u purchased that suit??

Ragini ( smiling naughtily) : for my bf… ??

Sanskaar ( shocked): raginii what?? U hv a bf also.. N u never told me… How can u do this to me??? I didn’t expected this from you…. ???

Ragini ( laughing): arre budhu… Tu hi toh hai bf mera…. ( u r my bf only…) ????

Sanskaar ( taking deep breath): haash…. I got scared….

Ragini: budhu kahin ke… Acha u tell for whom did u purchased this dress??

[ Thinks: mere liye hai na??? ( for me na??) ]

Sanskaar: ahh.. That I purchased for my angel ?!!

Ragini: angel?? Now who’s ur angel.. Now u hv cheated on me sans… How can u do this to me?? ???

Sanskaar: chillax jaan… U r my only angel ?… Who changed me… Who Completed me….. So its obviously for u….. ??

Ragini ( teary eyed): sachi??

Sanskaar: muchi… ?

Ragini blushes.

Sanskaar: I thought that I’ll give u before marriage so that u can wear at that time… But if u want u can wear it today only…. What say??

Ragini ; voh kya hai na sans… I can’t wear that coz ma has already selected a. Dress for me…… ? sorry!

Sanskaar ( sad): it’s okay raginii… U wear that which aunty has selected..

Ragini: hmm.. But u can wear if u want that suit only…

Sanskaar: bye ma is calling….

He switched off the phone.

Sanskaar ; can’t she do this much for me raginii?? Well I’ll wear that suit only which u hv selected coz for me nothing is much more important than u…..

He took the suit and went to change!!


She was in her room getting ready…

Her phone rings!

She picks up the call without seeing..

Swara: hello…

Voice: hii shonaaa….

Swara blushed.

Swara: laksh!

Laksh: yup… So r u ready?

Swara ( putting her eye liner): abhi kahan yaar…

Laksh: what?? U r still not ready?? Baby the function will be starting in next one n a half hour… N u r saying u r still not ready…..

Swara: relax baby…. U wont need to wait too much…. Okay?? Now bye I need to get ready….

Swara cuts the phone n then laughs… Laksh hits his forehead with his phone and then goes down as ap called him…….


Ragini is putting accessories on her hair and then applies a Lil blush and lipstick…..

Rest everything is done.

She thinks….

Sans…. U hv selected this for me so how is it possible that I don’t wear it….?? Now I jus hope u also wear that suit only….. Omg… I feel like a princess sans….. N now I just need u beside me… My prince charming!!!!!

She blushes thinking about her sans!!!


Shekhar ( looking handsome in sky blue suit with white shirt): shomi…. Where are our daughters??

Shomi ( coming from kitchen in a beautiful in a pink saree): they are coming…… Shona has gone to take ragu…

Swara: n shona has come with ragu….

Shomi turns n sees her daughters looking so beautiful ‘!!!
Sanskaar shows ? to both his daughters.

The girls comes to them and they both blesses them.

Shomi ( putting kala tikka behind their ears): u both r looking so beautiful….

Swarag: thanks ma….

Shekhar hugs them from either side and. Kisses their foreheads…..

Shekhar: now we should leave okay!?

They all nod and sit in the car ?.. Swaragini at the back seat and shekhar on driving and shomi on passenger seat….

Shomi ( messages) : ragu… U didn’t wear the dress which I gave u?? Didn’t u liked it??

Ragini: no maa.. I really loved it but thought to wear this today…. That I’ll wear in sangeet na…. Today everyone is wearing western so…….. ? sorry ma if I hv hurt u….

Shomi: no bacha its okay… I was just simply asking… No need to be sorry when u r looking so beautiful in this……

Ragini smiles. Shomi looks back and assures her.

After sometime they reach the venue where the Maheshwari’s are already present with other guests….

Shomi and shekhar with their relatives comes and ap and dp welcomes them.

Everyone greets each other. Laksh and sanskaar took their blessings.

Laksh and sanskaar both were eagerly waiting for their love and finally after 15 minutes their wait was over and ragini came there with swara.

All the lights and cameras shift to the entrance where they stood looking so beautiful, glamorous, mesmerising and what not.



( ragini”s hair are same as shown in this pic…. )



( swara’s hair are also same as shown in this pic)

Sanskaar and laksh who were having chilli potato stopped then and there only with their mouths hung open staring at the beautiful sisters.

Uttara, their sister came and closed their mouths bringing them back in senses.

They composed themselves and smiled sheepishly.

Shekhar and showing went to swara and ragini and held their shoulders and brought them in.

Everyone was praising their beauty and everyone’s eyes was stuck at them.

Then the sisters looked at the brothers who were just staring at them and making them blush hard….

Both of them came near the sisters.

Laksh: swaraaa…… U r looking so beautiful yaar….

Swara blushed while everyone smiled.

Laksh: I really never thought that u can look so beautiful…

Swara glared at him.

Sanskaar hit him with his elbow.

Laksh: I mean u look pretty every day but today toh……….

He kept his hand on his heart and bent a Lil backward. Sanskaar held him so that he doesn’t fall…

Swara blushed harder and hide her face in shekhar’s chest.

Shekhar glared at laksh who then stood straight with a scared face।

Shekhar: laksh…..

He said a bit angrily.

Laksh( holding his breath as he’s really scared of shekhar) : ji uncle…

Shekhar: its not uncle it’s papa for u….

Shekhar smiles.

Laksh: ji uncle….

Sanskaar shakes him and he realizes what shekhar just said।

Laksh ( sighs): haash…… ( coming towards shekhar and keeping his hand around his shoulder) aapko pata hai main kitna darr gaya tha….. But sab thik hai… what say dude?? ( u know I was so scared but everything is fine??)

Everyone was looking at him with shock.

Shekhar looked at laksh then at his hand which was on his shoulder and the. Again at laksh…

Laksh slowly took back his hand and muttered a sorry and quickly went and stood beside sanskaar.

He looked at shekhar who was angrily glaring at him. He bowed down his head.

Shekhar bursted out laughing and hugged laksh. Laksh was shocked and then he too hugged him….

Everyone laughed.

Later swara and laksh sat on the chairs which were kept for them and the elders were busy greeting the guests and having snacks.

Music was playing in the bg and children were dancing.


Ragini was taking snacks from the waiter when sanskaar came from behind and touched her right shoulder and then quickly moved to her left side. Ragini looked back and didn’t find anyone so she took the green chatni and the snacks and turned around and landed on sanskaar’s chest spilling the green chatni ( sauce) on his blazer.

Ragini: oh shit….

She stopped the waiter and took tissues from him and cleaned the sauce from his blazer while sanskaar was staring at her lovingly!!!

Ragini dragged him to the water counter and took the water in her hands and cleaned the patch on his blazer with tissues and water.

Ragini: I’m so sorry sans… I didn’t knew that u were behind me… So.. umm… I’m sorry……

Sanskaar didn’t responded as he was busy staring at her.

Ragini shook him and he came back to his senses. He the. Looked at his blazer which was now clean and then at ragini who was still holding him and looking at him with teary eyes.

{ sanskaar’s dialogues are in sign language }

Sanskaar: Raginii…. Don’t cry… Look now its clean na….??

Ragini: fir bhi sorry….

She said holding her ears. Sanskaar smiled at her and then removed her hands from her ears and wiped her tears.

Sanskaar: I only want happiness and love in these eyes and these hands should hold my hand forever and not hold ur ears….. Okay????

Ragini nodded and smiled. Sanskaar too smiled.

They then ate some snacks.

All this was seen by ap and dp!! Though they didn’t understood what sanskaar said but they knew that there is something between them.

Ap: ji… U r also thinking the same wht I’m thinking!!?

Dp: yea ap.. I think we should talk to shekhar and shomi…

Ap: yeah.. N they look so good together…

Dp: yup… They’ll COMPLETE each other……

Ap: yeah….

They both look ta them who are talking and eating.

Dp: but we’ll talk after swalak’s wedding…

Ap: okay ji…..


Sanskaar. But u said that u will wear the dress which aunty gave u…. .

Ragini ;… Now u say didn’t u want me to wear this tonight???

Sanskaar: of course sweetheart!!

He winks at her and she blushes.

Ragini ; n do u know how stunning n hot u r looking that I just want to……

Sanskaar ( completing her): …. Kiss you….. Right???

Ragini, who just took a bite of paneer tikka coughed hard not able to digest what he said.

Ragini ( still coughing): sans….. Soch…. Socha samjh… Ke…. Bola…. Karo…..

Sanskaar patted her back and made her drink water.

After few minutes….

Sanskaar: r u fine???

Ragini nodded.

Ragini ; sans… R u mad or what???

Sanskaar ( cutely pouting): what didi do??

Ragini: oh really?? Who said that I want to…..

Sanskaar ( smiles naughtily): you want to……..

Ragini ( irritated): nothing…….

She banged the table and left from there leaving a smiling sanskaar behind.

Then, sanskaar came to the stage where swalak and everyone was present including Ragini who was avoiding or say ignoring him. He smiled.

Then the rituals started.

Ap covered swara”s head with a beautiful red chunni, applied a small tikka to both swalak and fed them sweets. And then gave her a big thaal ( plate) of coconut. Dry fruits and some clothes as a shagun. Swara touched her feet for the blessings. Ap hugged her. Everyone smiled. She then took dp’s blessings. He too blessed her.

Then shomi along with shekhar gave shagun to laksh, applied him and swara tikka and fed them sweets. They both took their blessings also.

Later every guests gave them sagan ( money ?) and gifts according to their convenience and blessed the couple.

Meanwhile Ragini went to washroom to get fresh, which was opposite to men’s washroom and adjacent to the stairs.

As soon as Ragini came out sanskaar came there, held her hand and quickly pulled her out of the hall and brought her up in the terrace. Ragini was in shock to react…


Ragini: sans…. What was this?? Y did u brought me up???

Sanskaar held her shoulders and asked her to relax.

She inhaled and exhaled the air and relaxed.

Ragini: now say what was that?? If someone sees us like this then!? Now let me go ma might need me… Swara also needs me……… N u know.______

Before she could complete sanskaar pinned her to the wall and pressed his lips on hers making her lips shut and eyes wide open…

Sanskaar broke the half kiss and looked straight in her eyes.

Sanskaar: I also need you Raginii…. I also want u…. I also……..

Tears start flowing from his eyes.

Ragini who couldn’t see tears in his eyes immediately hugged him tightly and patted his head and asked him to calm down and she’s always with him.

Sanskaar tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her more closer to himself. Their fronts were touching and not even a single cm space was left in between them.

Ragini broke the hug as sanskaar calmed down. She look into his eyes who were red due to tears. her heart ached. She kissed his eyes and wiped his tears with her lips.

Her hands was onhis chest and his hands were on her waist.

Ragini: I don’t want tears in these eyes. I just want love for me and dreams in these eyes which we both together will make them come true……

Sanskaar smiled and nodded.

He too wiped her tears by kissing her eyes and cheeks.

Ragini’s grip tightened on his blazer.

He parted away. They have a deep eye lock as Tere sang yaara plays downstairs….

Sanskaar brought her close to him by pulling her waist. She landed on his chest brushing her lips on his neck making him shiver and restless.

Ragini looked up in his eyes ?which were twinkling in the moon light and then at his lips which wanted to say so many things to her.

She stood up, close to him and slid her hand from his chest to his neck and held his neck from back tilting it a little.

Sanskaar looked in her eyes and then at her lips which were looking like rose petals and wanted a butterfly to sit on them.

They both then looked at each other and closed their eyes moving towards each other……..

Finally their lips met which passed current in their bodies as of it was the first time they were kissing. He slowly sucked her lips, pulling her more closer. She too reciprocated and parted her lips for him to enter. They were kissing madly and tasted each and every part of their mouths.

Ragini’s nails scratched his neck from side giving him pain.. He sacked her lips harder and pressed her waist.

Ragini who was losing her control now broke the kiss and started kissing his cheeks and neck while sanskaar was holding her waist from one hand and the other was exploring her back and hands.

Ragini again took his lips in hers making him more excited and turned him on completely.. They kissed for more than 15 minutes and then parted ways and breath heavily.

Ragini tightly hugged him. He too hugged her back. Ragini’s feet were in air as sanskaar has lifted her up.

Ragini: I love you so much sans…….. I love you so much………

Sanskaar nodded and wrote I love you too with his fingers on her back and kissed her neck sensuously for the last time ( for now )

Later they parted ways…

Ragini’s lipstick was all messed up And she hit her forehead with her palm

Sanskaar: what happened??

Ragini: my lips.

Sanskaar laughed.

Ragini ( hitting him): its bcoz of u n u r laughing?? Go.. I don’t wanna talk to u……

Saying so she turned around and started thinking what to do now when sanskaar back hugged her and brought a lipstick in front of her eyes. Ragini was surprised.. She grabbed the lipstick and turned around.

Ragini: sans…..

Sanskaar: what do u think haan?? I took it earlier only.. When aunty was keeping the sagan cards in her purse I took it from there………

He winked at her.

Ragini: thank you so much sans……

Sanskaar: no need just gives one kiss…

Ragini: what?? Just job now u kissed me na??

Sanskaar: exactly I kissed u…. Now u kisS me……..

He closed her eyes and pouted for a kiss. Ragini who was tensed before smiled naughtily and gave a sweet kiss on his cheeks.

Sanskaar opened his eyes, shocked.

Sanskaar: that’s not fair Raginii….

Ragini ( pouting to apply lipstick): everything is fair in love n war…….

She stick her tongue out and again pouted to apply lipstick but before she child apply sanskaar quickly pecked her lips and ran away from there leaving ragini astonished…

Ragini: sans k bache…….. I’ll not leave u………

Sanskaar: pehle pakad toh le jaan e mann…

Ragini keeps her hand on her waist annoyed.

Sanskaar: come fast …..

He gave her a flying kiss and went from there.

Ragini smiled and applied lipstick…..

Ragini: pagal kahin ka. ….. Omg… I love u so much sans…….

She blushed and left from there..

She came in and saw that everyone was gathered around sanskaar… She got worried and move towards them.

Sanskaar was in the centre and everyone looked on Worried.

Ragini came opposite to sanskaar and asked from eyes what happened??

Sanskaar tilted his head a little and showed ragini her nail marks there. She then recollects how she pierced her nails on his neck when he kissed her. She keeps her hand on her open mouth and them mouthed a sorry to him to which he assured that it’s okay and he is fine. . …

Shomi: lo ragini bhi aa gayi…. ( look ragini has also come…)

Everyone looked at her. She waved a hi to all…

Ragini ; hii everyone….

Swara: ragini where Were u??

She asked moving her hands.

Ragini: voh I was at the terrace…

She then realized what she just said and bited her tongue. She looked at sanskaar who gave her ‘ what did u do?? ‘ wala look…

Shekhar: terrace??

Ragini ( thinking): soch Raginii kuch.. Kuch toh soch….. Abb raita failaya hai toh saaf bhi karna padega na…

Shomi ( shakes her): what happened?? Everything is fine na??

Sanskaar explains her through actions.

Ragini: haan ma… Voh actually I went up to get some fresh air….. Leave all that u tell me that what happened here???

Shomi quickly types something in her phone and gives to ragini.

Shomi: beta look sanskaar has got scratches on his neck we are asking him n he’s telling us but we are not able to understand…. So u ask him na…..

Ragini: oh so this is the matter??

Everyone nods.

She goes close to sanskaar.

Ragini: sansssssskaar… ( first she was abt to say sans but then completed his name) tell me how did all this happened??

Sanskaar ; how many times should I tell everyone??

He acted a Lil angrily.

Ragini looks at him confused.

Sanskaar ; now what I’m going to say don’t tell this to anybody.. Look I need sometime to think so u tell them anything….

Ap: ragini beta what is he saying??

She asked through actions as far as possible for ragini to understand.

Ragini: aunty he’s angry as we r asking him again n again…

Ap: but beta…

Dp: its okay anu… Let it be… If he wants he’ll tell us…

Ap nodded.

The elders were about to leave when sanskaar signed ragini to stop everyone.

Ragini: one minute pls wait…

Shomi: what happened ragu??

Ragini: he wants to say something…

Ap: then ask him na beta..

Ragini nodded and turned to sanskaar..

Sanskaar: tell them that I went to car to get my wallet and as soon as I opened the car door a cat who was sitting on car’s roof attacked me and ran from there leaving these marks on my neck…

Ragini glared at him.

Ragini ( shouted): cat really???

Everyone: cat??

Ragini looked back and explained everyone what sanskaar said and left from there angrily.

Shekhar: now what happened to her??

Everyone shrugged.

Ap :ji tomorrow we’ll take him to doctor to get him injection ?…

Sanskaar :ran from there hearing about injection ?…

Laksh ( laughing): he’s still scared of injection…

Everyone laughed.

There ragini was eating ice cream trying to control her anger as sanskaar called her a cat. Sanskaar came and sat beside her.

Sanskar: sorry..

Ragini ignored.

Sanskaar: yaar I said na sorry.. N what else could I say that I kissed u n u pierced ur nails in my skin…

Ragini: but…

Sanskaar looked at her with puppy eyes and a cute pout. Ragini smiled and fed him ice cream.

Now as the people were about to leave uttara took the Mike and invited swalak for a romantic dance and asked rest of them to join them after sometime.

Everyone hooted and laksh forwarded his hand to swara and ask her for a dance. Swara smiled and grabbed his hand.

They come on the dance floor and dj played the music tera hone laga hoon…… From ajab prem ki Ghazab Kahani…

Laksh Slid his hand on her waist and held her one hand with his.. While her hand rested on his chest. They danced smoothly, not breaking the eye lock.

RagSan came there and smiled seeing their siblings dancing.

Uttara then invited the couples to move ahead for the dance.

Some of laksh’s and swara’s friends joined them. Ap asked sanskaar and ragini to go for the dance.. First they both resisted but after much insist of ap and Shomi sanskaar forwarded his hand which ragini accepts, smiling.

They both too come on the dance floor holding each other’s hand.

Sanskaar made her stand in front of him and held her both hands. They were lost in each other’s eyes and were doing each and every step smoothly and perfectly. Everyone smiled seeing them.

Whereas swara and laksh were dancing with his hands on her waist and her hands around his neck.

Sanskaar twirled ragini such that her back and his front was touching with his hands holding hers near her belly. He lifted her up and she moved back her neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

Swara and laksh were so lost in each other that they didn’t knew what was happening around… Hand in hand.. Eyes locked with each other they were in there own dreamland.

All this was captured in the vedio and pictures which were clicked by the photographer.

Then sanskaar and laksh held ragini’s and swara’s hand resp and twirled them with the girls hand on top and them pushed them a Lil away still holding their hands and made them roll over their arms and then making them bend down in the fairytale pose making it the end of a beautiful dance and a beautiful evening!!!!!!

Everyone hooted and clapped for the couples and made them break their eye lock and bringing them back in their senses. Sanskaar and laksh made their ladies stand straight and bend down thanking them all..

Swalak smiled while RagSan blushed hard and left from there.

Later all the guests left after blessing and congratulating both the families…

Then both the families had dinner and sweets and left to their respective homes after bidding good bye to everyone!!!!

So how was it!?? Drop in your comments and give ur valuable suggestions n comments……. I know it’s getting boring now so if u want I’ll stop it.. So please tell me if u want me to continue or not.. Till. then take care and keep smiling ☺ and enjoy each n every moment of your life and spread love and positivity!!!!!!! ??????

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  34. Very romantic!! ??

  35. Very romantic!! ??

  36. Mind blowing… Ragsan romance and dance scenes are awesome…..supeeeerrrr..waiting for next part soon ..

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