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Recap : ragsan finally meet ………….




Shomi : bhaiya ji zara jaldi kijiye aaj hi shagun dena hai … ( do the work fast we hv o give the shagun today only )


Worker : ji imam ..


Shekhar ( coming from behind and gives water to shomi ): relax shomi ….


Shomi : kya relax shekhar they r not doing it fast ……. look at him …. ( moving forward to th man who was putting flowers ) bhaiyaa thoda jaldi kijiye zyada time nhii hai……………… ( do quickly we don’t hv much time ..)


Shekhar : arre shaant ho jao .. maa aur bauji bhi aate honge lo pani piyo …….. ( calm down .. ma n papa might be coming anytime .. drink this water )


And he makes her drink water .


Shomi : acha hv u called swara … are they done with shopping??


Shekhar : shomi relax … its been half an hour only since they hv left n laksh and sanskaar are with them na so dnt worry ….


Shomi : yeh swara bhi ajeeb hai last minute pe ise sab yaad aata .. maine pehle hi bola tha sab khareed lo par nhi meri yahan kaun suntan hai …………. ( this swara also … she remembers everything at the last minute ,… i told her earlier only to buy everything but no .. who listens to me here ??)


Saying so she starts leaving while everyone looks at her , shocked and shekhar nods his head in disbelief .


Shekhar : huh … mere se pucha iski kitni sunni padhti hai .. saara din chaii chaii paii paii karti rehti hai aur phir puchti hai ki iski sunta kaun hai ?? ( ask me na how much i hv to listen .. whole dayis she’s blabbering n nw asking who listens to her )


He chuckles…


Shomi ( shouting from inside ): shekharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………


Shekhar ( lil nervous ): arre kahin isne sun toh nhi liya ?? mara aaj main ……. ( shouts back ) haan comingggg  ………. ( i hope she hasn’t heard anything .. today i’m gone …)


N he leaves after praying to god while the workers giggles feeling pity on his condition  ….




Swara is looking at her image in the mirror ..


Swara : laksh how’s this one ?? i guess this is fine wht say ??

She said while keeping a lehnga on her waist and turns around and pouts seeing ragini , lakshand sanskaar almost sleeping with their faces supported by their hands …


Swara ( shouts ): lakshhh …….


Laksh : haan mumma .. kya hua …. ( wht happened ??)

He stumbles and falls on ragini who too shouts and hearing these many screams sanskaar too screams …


All the people looks at them , shocked and surprised ..


Swara ( raising her hand ): stop shouting u idiots ( all stops shouting and keep fingers on their lips , looking at her innocently ) here i’m asking u abt the clothes and you all r sleeping……….


Laksh ( stands n holds her shoulders ): baby from last 1 hour u hv tried at least 15 lehngas n trust me u looked beautiful in every dress but  r not deciding anything……


Swara pouts .


Laksh : okay … we’ll ask ragini to choose for u .. okay ??

Swara nodded happily .


Laksh ( to sanskaar ): sanskyy u tell ragini to select a dress for swara ..

Sanskaar looked him with blank face coz from the time they all hv came for shopping ragini has not even looked at him and is ignoring him .

Laksh shakes him and signs him to go .. sanskaar nods and goes towards ragini who was busy in seeing different dresses .


Till then swalak talks .


Sanskaar keeps his hand on her shoulder and she jerks and turns around to find him looking at her with so much pain n love at the same time . ragini looks at him and both have a passionate eye lock which is broken by the shop keeper . sanskaar then asks ragini to choose a dress for swara through sign . ragini obliges and goes towards the counter with sanskaar beside her and finally after seeing some 2 or 3 more dresses they selected a beautiful dress for swara which complemented laksh’s suit .


Swara ( hugs ragini ): thank u behna .. agar tu na hoti toh mera kya hota ? ( if u were not there then wht would hv happened to me )

Ragini too hugs her back and sees sanskaar explaning her wht swara just said .. she smiled .

Laksh  ( completing swara’s sentence ): vohi hota jo manzure khuda hota ……( that would hv only happened which god has written for u )


He said waving his hand in front of his face ( like they do after saying a shayari ‘ salaam ‘ ) and smiled sheepishly while sanskaar chuckled and swara frowned .


Swara ( breaking the hug and turning towards laksh ): o really ?? but abb tumhara kya  hoga kaaliyaa ? heahhaaaa (  but now wht will happen to u kaaliyaa ??)


Sanskaar tells the convo to ragini by actions to which she chuckles and sanskaar looked at her lovingly ….


She stamps on his foot and goes to the billing counter laughing like a devil .


Laksh ( holding his leg ): sanskyy bro … kuch bhi karna zindagi mein par kabhi  pyaar matt karna  bahut pachtaoge warna ……… (do anything in life but don’t fall in love .. u will regret it … )


Sanskaar looked at ragini who was already lost in his eyes ..


Sanskaar ( thinks ): pyaar toh kar liya hai bhai …………… ( i hv already fallen in love bro )


Laksh goes from there followed by ragini while sanskaar looks at her moving away from him ..


It was sagan chunni tonight and he wanted her to look the best , maybe more beautiful and pretty than the bride thats when his gaze fall on a very pretty lehnga kept there ………..


Laksh : sanskaaarrrrrrrr..


Laksh’s shout brought him back to his senses and he went from there …


It was already 5 pm in the evening and shomi as called for more than 15 times asking them to come back ..


Swara : laksh mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai chalo na kuch khaate hain ..( im really hungry lets eat something .)

Laksh : okay come ……


He smiled . sanskaar was continuously stealing glances of ragini without anybody’s notice and day dreamed abt their ( ragsan’s ) marriage  and blushed .


Laksh ( keeping his hand on his shoulder ): bro r u alright ??

Sanskaar nodded .

Laksh : then y r u blushing dude ??

Sanskaar acted as if he don’t know anything …

Swara: ragu.. U don’t want to buy anything??

She typed in her phone and gave her.

Ragini ; no need ma has already got the dress for me…….

Swara smiled and sanskaar looked on..

They reached the table at the food court ( 4th floor ) and after discussing wht all want to hv laksh went to give the order while ragini excused herself .


Ragini : dii i’ll just come from washroom .

Swara nodded . she went .

Laksh comes after giving order .


Laksh : where is ragini ?

Swara : she’s coming …

Sanskaar gets up.

Laksh : u need anything bro ??

Sanskaar shows him his lil finger and goes from there . ( i hope u guys  understood )

Laksh : yeh sanky bhi na .. pata nhi kab bada hoga ?? ( i don’t know when he will grow up ??)

Swara ( lost somewhere ) : sometimes being younger only is better rather than growing up …

Laksh ( thinks ): she can talk like a normal person also … ( he chuckle in mind ) hehe .. may be thats y i love her ,,,,,,,,,,,,


He pulls her cheeks bringing her out of thoughts .


Swara : wht r u doing laksh ??

Laksh : aww u look so cute swara .. i just ant to eat those cheecks ..

Swara blushes .

Laksh : now don’t blush this much i’ll not wait for our suhaagraat then …

She pouted .

Laksh : and eat these red lips here only .

She hitted him on his hand . he got up and sat beside her and side hugged her .




He comes back to that shop ( 1st floor ) and ask the man there to show him lehngas  by showing him pic of the lehnga he tookbefore going ……


Man : bhaisaab that one is sold .. i’ll show u some other pieces ..


He nods .


The man shows a beautiful green lehnga with golden border .

Sanskaar looks at mirror and sees the reflection of ragini nodding no .


Sanskaar nods no .


The man shows a yellow heavy anarkali suit . he again looks at her reflection who shows thumbs down to him ..


Meanwhile …




She’s too in a men’s clothes showroom ( ground floor ) trying too select some clothes for _______ { of course u know } sanskaar ……………….


Ragini : bhaiyya show me some good suits na …

The man  showed her some classy black , grey suits but she didn’t liked any off them . she asked them to show something different .







Swara : where r these people ??

Laksh : let me go n check .. u wait our food must be coming …

She nods and he leaves .


He goes to all men’s washroom and tried calling sanskaar but couldn’t find him . he also searched at shops where he thought he could be but returned with disappointment.


Swara : wht happened ??

Laksh : i don’t knw where he has gone …

Swara held his hand calming him .

Swara : le me check on ragu .. she’s not picking my call also ..

Laksh nods rubbing his temples .


Swara too goes in each washroom and asked few people whether anyone has seen her but to her disappointment couldn’t find anything .


She came to laksh in tears .

Laksh : wht happened ?

Swara nods no .. her phone rings showing ‘ maa caling ‘.. she cries harder .

Laksh tries to calm her down .


Laksh : swara pls calm down

Swara : now wht will i say to ma ?? its already 6 laksh .. how ..

She breaks down . he tries to console her but he himself was in delima …




Finally after completeing her shopping she saw her phone n saw so may missed calls from swara .

As soon as she was going to call swara her phone died ( the battery was dead ) .


Ragini : oh no .. i need to go up fast……..


She got into the lift with so many people and tried to switch on the phone .




He too finally finished his shopping and got into the lift , knowing that he’s late n everyone might be worried .


On the second floor the people got down now only two people were there in the lift .. sanskaar turned around and kept his bags down when he saw ragini there trying to switch on her phone . he stared at her .


Ragini sensing an intense gaze on her looked up and saw sanskaar there looking at her . her eyes filled up with tears .


Sanskaar is the only thing she could utter . but before he could react he lost his balance , coz the lift suddenly stopped with a jerk , and fell on ragini who in nick of time kept her hand on his forehead preventing him from getting hurt by the rod .


Sanskaar stood up and they shared an intense and passionate eye lock . but when the lift again jerked they came in their senses .


Ragini ( panicked ): sans ,… wht was that ??

Sanskaar ( sign language /)  : hold on let me check ..

{ sanskaar’s dialogues are in sign language }

He pressed the buttons of the lift and tried to open the door but all in vain . ragini shouted for help….

Sanskaar: do u hv ur phone??

Ragini: yes but it’s dead…..

Sanskaar thinks to what to do??

Ragini: where is yours??

Sanskaar ; in car….

Ragini: now what??

Sanskaar shrugged.

Meanwhile swalak reach the manager of the mall.

Laksh: sir our brother and sister are lost.. Help us to find them…

Swara: yes sir pls help us…

Manager: okay relax.. Tell me their names I’ll announce on pa system..

Laksh: Ragini and sanskaar.

Manager: okay come with me.. Do u hv their photos??

Swara: yes we hv….

A man comes there running ?. He’s a staff in the mall.

Person: sir the lift is jammed n I guess there are two or three people stuck in the lift.

Swalak are shocked and look at eo.

Manager: oh no… Call the lift man fast we don’t hv much time…

They all go near the lift which is jammed.


Ragini is panicking and sanskaar is trying to cool her down.

Ragini: sans now what will happen!!? How will I go home?? Everyone might be worried………………

She’s continuously blabbering and sanskaar is trying to stop her but she’s not in the mood to listen. Finally, as he couldn’t take it more… He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him with full force, she landed on his chest shocked. Her eyes grew bigger when she felt his lips on hers. He was kissing her.

Ragini tried to free herself but he held her waist and pulled her more closer and tilted his head to get more of her lips.

After resisting much Ragini gave up and started responded to his kiss which was needed from last 2 days.

They were kissing each other passionately, tears were flowing from their eyes. They were showing each other how much they love each other and how much they missed each other….

Sanskaar hugged her tightly after a long kiss. She too reciprocated and hugged him tightly.

Ragini: I missed u so much sans…..

He hugged her more tightly and nodded his head.

Ragini: I love you sans….

He kissed her shoulder and broke the hug.

They have a deep eye lock. Sanskaar cupped her face and pecked her forehead.

Ragini cried.

Sanskaar wiped her tears. She wiped his tears.

Ragini: promise me that you’ll never leave me alone now…. Promise me….

She forwards her hand.

Sanskaar nodded keeping his hand on herS.

Ragini hugs him.


They came outside the lift and tried to open the door but of no use….

Laksh ( holding the collar of manager): look mister I want my brother and sister alright… Get them out quickly if anything happens to them I’ll not leave u…

Manager: look leave me…..

Swara ( pulling laksh away from manager): laksh leave him…….

Laksh leaves him.

Laksh ; where is ur lift man??

Manager: he’s on the way n please control urself ik wht u r going through….

Laksh cools down and says sorry to him.


Sanskaar explains ragini what to do so that they can get out the lift.

Ragini: but sans….

Sanskaar: do u trust me??

Ragini nods and hugs him.


{ sanskaar’s dialogues are in sign language…. }

In the lift!!

Sanskaar: give me ur dupatta….

Ragini ( confused): y?

Sanskaar ; u ask so many questions yaar….

Sanskaar took her dupatta, and the bag which she was holding…

Ragini: sans that Bag is mine…

Sanskaar: ik.. I’ll not eat it…

Ragini pouts.

Sanskaar puts the dupatta in the loops ➿ of his bag and her bag and then tie it around his one shoulder… ( like we wear sling Bag)

Sanskaar: r u ready??

Ragini nods after taking a deep breath.

Sanskaar bends down on his knees and helps ragini to get on him.. Ragini puts her legs on his shoulders ( uk like a kid sits on his father’s shoulder.. Yeah like that only… ) …

Sanskaar then slowly stands up taking support from the wall of the lift….


Swara: laksh do something yaar.. Ma has called 15 times.. I can’t ignore her more…

Laksh: I know Swara but what can I do also?? That lift man is also stuck in the traffic….

Swara’s phone again ring and laksh signs her to take the call.

Swara ( suppressing her cry) : haan ma…

Shomi: what haan ma?? I’m trying to talk to u from past 20 minutes where r u both?? U remember na we hv to reach the hotel at 8… Then…

Swara ( cutting her): ma actually there is so much traffic na… We’ll reach there soon u don’t worry…

Without waiting for her reply Swara disconnected the call and cried hugging laksh who consoled her..


Sanskaar has now stood up and ragini is trying to open the fan duct at the top of the lift..

Ragini: r u sure this is gonna work??

Sanskaar nodded.

N after few minutes ragini was able to open the duct.. She clapped in excitement..

Sanskaar pressed her legs which he was holding to control her..

Ragini ; sorry sorry…

Sanskaar asked her to move up now by moving his hands.

Ragini nodded and tried to move up.. Sanskaar pushed her up by holding her hips.. ( he didn’t have any choice ?)..

After much koshish she was able to go on the top of the lift. I.e outside the lift…

Now she lied down on the lift and hanged her hand down for sanskaar to reach..

Sanskaar held her hand and tried coming up but couldn’t as she was not able to pull him..

Sanskaar signed him to stop ✋..

Ragini: I’m coming down…

Sanskaar ? what??

Ragini: yeah u r not able to come up so…

Sanskaar: ragini don’t be emotional look we’ll try once again okay…

Ragini nodded..

They held each other’s hand and ragini tried hard to pull him up.. This time sanskaar put his legs on the walls of the lift and tried to push himself upwards.. Ragini pulled him with all her might..

Sanskaar came a Lil above and held the top of the lift and then by pushing himself more her came out of that duct where ragini was…

Ragini hugged him tightly.

Sanskaar too hugged her back and then broke the hug.

Sanskaar ( cupping her face): shall we??

Ragini nodded.


Laksh: sir ur lift man is not here yet…

Manager: Don’t worry sir he’s here.. He might be reaching in next few minutes…

Swara thanked god joining her hands..

Laksh: now they’ll be out in sometime…

Swara nodded and hugged him..

The lift man reached there and the manager informed him everything.. He got to his work….


Ragini was climbing the steel stairs that were in that place.. ( the place where lift moves there are steel stairs… U ppl might hv seen in movies) ..

Sanskaar was behind her with the bags.. They were taking each step carefully…

They were now not so far from there manzil… When the lift started coming upwards which horrified them..

Ragini ( screamed): sanskaarrrrrrrr……

Sanskaar too looked down was shocked to see the same…

He looked above at ragini who was now crying and coming down to hin..

Sanskaar asked her to move up instead of coming down…

But she didn’t wanted to leave him..

Hearing their scream the lift man who was at the top saw down and saw two people there on the stairs and the lift too coming up… He shouted to turn off all the lights in short the electric supply to be stopped.

Sanskaar looked above and saw the man.. He started climbing up and reached ragini who was crying and held her hand and asked her to move up…

As soon as the lift was about to touch them it stopped and the whole place was covered with darkness all around…

Ragini got more scared but sanskaar held her hand and patted her shoulder to move ahead..

Swara and laksh also came at top…

The light man brought the light and turned towards them so that they can see…

Swara: raginiiiiii….

Laksh: sanskaarrrrrrrr….

They both shouted.. Sanskaar looked up and starts them… And showed them thumbs up…

Ragini then seeing swara there got some more strength and by holding sanskaar’s hand she moved up with him and finally they reached at the top..

Swara and laksh hugged their siblings tightly who also hugged them with tears in their eyes……

Swara: ragu… U r alright na??

She cupped her face. Ragini nodded.

After thanking the lift man, light man and the manager they all left from there to their respective homes..

Sanskaar gave one packet to ragini with her dupatta ( as both the bags were brown coloured so he didn’t knew which Bag he was giving) ragini took it and thanked him!?

Sanskaar smiled.


Sanlak dropped them at their house and then left from there…

As they entered shomi bursted on the sisters for coming late… And was not even letting them chance to explain.. Thankfully shekhar came and rescued them!!!

After meeting dada and dadi they both went to their respective rooms to change!!


No proof reading so please don’t mind my mistakes…..

So how was it do tell me through ur comments… I would eagerly waiting………. Thank you so much…. N if u want to give any suggestions u r always welcome!!!! ???? n till then stay calm n stay happy!!! ???

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