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After 10 years!!!!!

Its morning, and the birds are chirping around!! Lets go inside MM and see whts happening….. ??

A big room is shown where three beds are there. Three kids peep out of their blankets and comes in the centre of the room!! They are three boys namely Armaan , Ayushmaan and Shaan!!!!! All 7 years old.

Armaan: are u guys ready??

Ayushmaan and Shaan: yes….

Shaan: first let us wake them too…

They both nod and all three of them comes out of their room and goes to another room where two beds are there….

Ayushmaan and Shaan goes towards one bed and armaan goes to the other….

Ay: arre get up didi….

Sh: its getting late yaar…..

A girl of age 10 removes the blanket and sits on the bed. She’s Saloni , the eldest child of this generation.

Armaan pulls off the blanket from the other bed but is shocked to see pillows there… He turns towards others.

Ar: where is swati???

Everyone looks at him. The boys shrugs while Saloni comes to armaan and sighs. She bends down and pulls out a girl of age 7 from under the bed.

Swati: arre didu pls let me sleep na….

Ar ( holds her ears ): swati y were u lying under the bed??

Sw: So that u don’t wake me up…

Ay: but how come every time on This day u find different places to hide??

Sa: she’s very smart… Well she doesn’t know that there are lizards under the bed. ….

Sw: whtttttttttt????

She jumps over the bed and starts shouting. Shaan too climbs the bed and covers her mouth with his hand so that she stops shouting.

Sh: wht are u doing swati?? Stop shouting… Everyone will wake up…

Sw: but lizards…

Sa: there is no lizard dumbo…

Swati comes down and hits Saloni… She is abt to hit her but armaan stops him…

Ar: stop it u both… Now come lets go….

Ay: and no one will make any sound…. Didu u know na wht to do??

Sa: ya ya don’t worry come….


Another room is shown where two ppl are sleeping facing each other. They are Swara and Laksh!

Ayushmaan and Shaan comes inside the room and closes the door without making any noise. Ayushmaan signs shaan and he nods.

Shaan goes to the dressing table and picks all the make up things. He keeps them on the side table due to which noise comes. Swara shifts her side and both ayushmaan and Shaan bends down. Ayushmaan hits shaan on his head and he lip synced sorry! Ayushmaan nods and they both gets up again….


Saloni, armaan and swati comes outside a room. They all are tensed but sighs and holds each other’s hand.

Sa: look guys v hv to do this… They may be smart but not smarter than us… Right??

Ar: very right… Come lets go n be careful… Last time a full bucket of red water fell on ayush and shaan.. This time v hv to be careful okay???

The girls nod. Armaan, with the help of a big stick pushes the door. They closes their eyes but nothing happens. They sigh and moves inside.

Inside this big room whose walls are covered with pics of ragsan and baby’s pics, two ppl were lying very close to each other. They were Ragini and Sanskaar!!

The three kids moved towards them. They saw a cute kid between those ppl. Ar signed Saloni and she nodded.

She slowly moved towards the sleeping ppl. She saw that the baby was awake and was playing with Ragini’s bangle. She smiled at her and pulled out her hands. The baby also pulled out her hands and Saloni picked the baby carefully and went out of the room…… Ar and sw sighed….


Saloni comes downstairs and goes inside a room where ap and dp were sleeping with a baby boy between them. He was fast asleep. She smiled and kept the baby girl beside him and patted her head…… She kept the nipple in her mouth so that she doesn’t cry or speak……. She goes from there…….


Inside Swalak’s room, Ayushmaan is sitting beside laksh’s head and Shaan is sitting beside swara’s. They both look at each other and shows thumb up!!! They both get up and place a camera ? in such a way that both swara and lucky were visible……. Then they kept a big alarm clock in between them near the pillow. They smirked and hi fived silently and went out………

Ay: abb aayega maza!!!!

Ay + sh: heahhahahahahhaa ‘!!!!!

They evilly laugh!!!! ????


Inside Ragsan’s room, Ar is doing something near sanskaar’s hand. He tied sanskaar’s right hand with Ragini’s left hand with a handcuff! !!!! He signs swati something. She nods and brings two bottles with her. Ar smiles naughtily.

They both set a camera ? in such a way that both ragini and sanskaar are visible ‘ they hi five without making noise.


All the kids comes in the living area.

Sa : where are Udi and mo??

Two boys of age 9 comes from behind and scare Saloni by shouting from behind. Saloni gets frightened while the other kids laugh! Saloni glares at them..

Udit : didu u r such a fattu…..

Mohit: fattu Saloni….

And they both laugh. Saloni gets teary eyed. Armaan and Shaan comes to her wipes her tears. Ayushmaan goes to udit and mohit and glares at them keeping his hands on his waist. Udi and mo stops laughing…..

Sw: bhaiya did u prepared everything??

Mo: yes my lil sis everything is done….

Sa: now the game begins!!!!

They all laugh evilly and goes inside the boys room!

Ay: abb hoga dhamaka!!!!!!

All laughs amd hides inside the blankets.


It strikes 7 in the morning!!!! At swalak’s room!!! ??

The alarm clock which was kept in the middle starts ringing loudly. Both laksh and swara turns at the same time to switch it off. Laksh opens his eyes whereas swara’s eyes were still closed.

” aaaaaahhhhhhhhh ” shouted laksh as soon as he saw swara. She too opened her eyes hearing his shouts amd stood straight on the bed shouting too!!

” aaaaaahhhhhhhhh ”

And the next moment she burst out laughing!! She stood up and hugged laksh and kept on laughing keeping her hand on her stomach. Laksh looks at her, scared.

Laksh: are u mad swara?? After scaring me u r laughing like mad!!!

Swara: when did I scared u laksh?? N when u r looking so funny i’ll laugh only na….. Just look at u my cutie pie….

She pulls his cheeks. This all is captured in the camera. Laksh jerks her hand away and takes her in front of mirror.

Laksh: look at urself first swara… U r looking like a CHUDAIL!!!! ????

N he starts laughing. Swara looks at herself and gets scared but composes herself.. She then makes laksh turn amd signs him to look at himself. He looks and stumbles.

Big black moustache, a big black dot on cheek, a black tilak and black liner flowing downwards under her eyes! Swara literally looked like a CHUDAIL!!!!! ?????

Whereas Laksh, bright pink lips, pink cheeks, pink eye lids, a big pink bindi and red nose ?!! And a big hair clip on his hair. He was not looking less than a joker ?!!!!! ???

Swara: Ayushmaannnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Laksh: Shaannnnnnn!!!

Shouted both of them together. They looked at each other, huffed, stamped their foot and went towards the door……..


At the same time in Ragsan’s room! Both were sleeping peacefully with something in their hands.. But wht?? ??

As the clock strikes 7 the alarm clock kept near to sanskaar’s head started fluttering but didn’t made any noise… ( umm intelligent kids! ?) a feather which was attached to the clock started tickling sanskaar near his neck. As a result sanskaar picked his right hand to get free from that tickling sensation.. He simultaneously picked Ragini’s left hand too as they were tied with a handcuff!!!

This was all recorded in the camera. The tickling sensation increased amd sanskaar tightly slapped his back of the neck as a result Ragini slapped him making a loud voice…..

Sanskaar got up furiously. He shook up ragini with his left hand coz he didn’t know y but his right hand was stuck behind his neck!!! ( kya plan hai boss!!!!)

Ragini got up suddenly as he shook her. she looked at him and then at her hand which was on his cheek.

Ragini: sans…..

Sanskaar: how could u slap me Rag???

Ragini: arre but y will I slap u?? I forgave u yesterday only….

Sanskaar: n y would u forgive me?? Wht I did??

Ragini: as if u don’t know…. See this…..

She slipped her kurti from her right shoulder with her left hand. He looked at her naughtily. There was a big red mark on her shoulder. Sanskaar was sitting In front so camera didn’t catches it!! ( he’s smart too!! ??)

Ragini: no need to look at me like that… U know how much it pained???

She pouted. He smiles and was abt to kiss her but stopped. He looked at their hands which were tied. He sat back in his place beside her….

Sanskaar: look at this….

Ragini looked at their hands. She sighed.

Ragini: they all hv gone on u….

Sanskaar: that we’ll know after their marriage… ( he whispers in her ears )

She blushed and pushed him back with her right hand.

Ragini: arre but y my hand is stuck??

Sanskaar: koi khurafati ki hai inn bacho ne…

Ragini: Then y didn’t u do something like last year v would be safe then….

She pouted.

Sanskaar: arre ur surprise made me forget everything…..

He winked at her and she blushed remembering last night… Her Anniversary ” Surprise ” for him!!!!!! ?

Sanskaar: god yaar this is so difficult…. I’m not gonna leave this..

Ragini: this time they’ll face the punishment… Huh…..

Sanskaar: ARMAANNNNNN!!!!

Ragini: SWATIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

They both shouted at the same time and then got up from the bed with lots of difficulties and went towards the door!!!!!


Swara and Laksh descended from one side of the stairs and ragini and sanskaar from the other side….

For once ragsan literally got scared seeing swara but composes themselves and silently laughs seeing their elder brother and sister ‘!!!!??

Swara: ragu at least now remove ur hand from his cheek…

Ragini: I can’t di… I’m trying but it isn’t happening… See….

She tries to pull, Sanskaar screams.. She pouts and says sorry!

Laksh ( shouts ) : aan ( armaan ), maan ( ayushmaan ) , shaan, Udi, mo…

Sanskaar ( shouts ) : Saloni… Swati….

A crying noise is heard. Ap and comes out with two kids. Dp was holding the boy and ap was carrying the baby girl who was crying….

Ap: y r u shouting?? See u made my bacha cry???

Sanskaar ( running towards ap pulling ragini along with him ): mithi!!!!

Ragini ( stumbles): sans slowly…..

Sanskaar: see na Rag our mithi is crying….. Shhssss…. Stop crying bacha….

His eyes also becomes moist. Everyone sighs seeing his fatherly love for his only daughter!

Ragini: sans… If u’ll cry she’ll also cry so stop crying….. Look she’s smiling… You too smile……..

Sanskaar wipes his tears seeing his mithi smiling. He too smiles and pecks her forehead. Ragini smiles.

Dp: arre whts happening here?? Swara laksh.. Is there any fancy dress competition here that u r roaming like a joker n a witch????

Ap: shssss… Wht r u saying ji???

Dp: n u both?? ( ragsan ) do ur romance in ur room only… We know how romantic u both are……

Ragsan blushes.

Swara: papa this all is bcoz of ur crazy grandchildren!!!

Dp: y?? Wht did they do now???

Ragini: u can see urself papa….. See……

Dp and ap sighs. The boy in dp’s arms get up and looks around rubbing his eyes.

” mumma ” He speaks. Swara smiles and goes towards him to pick him but instead he gets scared and starts crying. Listening his cries Mithi also starts crying. Hearing their cries all the children come out of their room…..

Swara goes behind laksh. Dp and ap consoles boy and mithi resp!!! The children come and stand in line…

Sanskaar: wht is all this?? last time lesson did u forgot maan n shaan???

The boys look at each other and smiles silently. The elders sigh.

Ragini: they all r getting naughty day by day…. It seems v hv to send them to hostel….

Children: hostel????? Nooooo……

And they all run out. Swara amd laksh too run behind them. Sanskaar and ragini with posts of difficulties climbs the stairs and move out. Ap and DP sighs and follows them with the babies in their hands.


All the kids are running and swalak are behind them. Ragsan are following them slowly while ap and dp are walking behind.

After sometime kids goes and stands a bit far. Swalak too comes there. They sighs and breathe heavily. Ragsan too come there with ap and dp…. Children hv naughty smirk on their faces. They sign each other and runs from there. Swalak follows them but to their very much disappointment they find themselves in swimming pool!!!! ??

((( the kids hv placed artificial green grass on the swimming pool that it looked as if grass was only there and were standing on its other end. As soon as they ran swalak followed them but fell in their trap….. ????))

Ragsan who were abt to run stopped seeing them. The kids came back and laughed like anything. Ap and dp too smiles. Ragsan controlling their laugh.

Udit and Mohit takes out some of the green grass out of the swimming pool amd laughs. !!

Sanskaar: So u both did it haan??

U and M nods smiling sheepishly!! All the kids laugh as they click their parents pics…

Swalak huffs amd comes out of the pool. They pout. Saloni amd swati goes somewhere and then comes from behind and burst the birthday bomb and all shouts!!

” happiieeee anniversary!!!!!!! Mumma papa / chachu chachi!!!!!! ”

Ragsan smiles and hugged the kids who came over them….. They took ap’s and dp’s blessings!! Swalak hugged them…..

Sanskaar: Kuch zyada hi acha gift nhi dia tum sab ne ??

Mohit ( whispers in his ears ): asli gift toh aap khud hi le loge room mein jaake….. ( the real gift u’ll take inside ur room ) the glue which is on ur and mumma’s hand can only melt with hot water……

Sanskaar looks at him with wide eyes. He winks. He again comes near his ear.

Mohit: I know everything papa how u tease……..

Sanskaar: shssss… Mohit….. Just wait i’ll talk to u later…..

He glares at him. mohit laughs.

Dp: now u all go n get fresh….

Ragsan n swalak nods and starts going. Mohit pulls sanskaar’s hand and winks at him. Sanskaar glares at him and goes inside with ragini!!


Swalak goes and gets fresh turn by turn and then comes down to talk to everyone…

Swara: Vaise wt did u put on ragu’s hand that it’s not getting out….

Arm: I told swati to bring paint but she got that glue and now….

The children laughs.

Ap: but now how will they separate??

Mohit: don’t worry dadi… Papa knows how to tackle with this problem…

He laughs in his mind………..


Ragsan room !!

Sanskaar: rag I’m telling u v shld control mohit… He’s getting naughtier day by day….

Ragini: I already told u he has gone on you….

Sanskaar: no Rag… U r not understanding… He’s getting out of our hands. …

Ragini: haan toh who said to hv six kids…… Seriously sans…. In today’s time v hv six kids….. Huh…..

Sanskaar: So… ??

Ragini: So??? Sans…. I thought we’ll have only two kids…. Hum do hamare do….

Sanskaar ( tries to pull her but their hands get entangled ): common Rag… Who knew first we’ll have twins then.. Triplets then my princess…..

Ragini: this all has happened just bcoz of ur princess only….

Sanskaar: rag dare u say anything abt my princess….

Ragini: common sans… She’s my doll also but…..

Sanskaar: arre but vut chodo … Oh god v cant even talk properly … Come lets go n take bath….

Ragini: sans…. Pls haan… Hv some shame…. First u go i’ll go later….

Sanskaar ( back hugs her ): rag I think u r forgetting but v hv to go together……

Ragini blushes amd looks down. Sanskaar smiles naughtily and kisses her shoulder. Ragini bites her lower lip.

Sanskaar: come……….

She smiles and they both get into bathroom for a hot ♨ water ? bath ? ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After getting fresh, ragsan too comes down for breakfast. Sanskaar immediately took Mithi ( Sangini, their daughter 13 months old ) in his arms and started playing with her… … Everyone adored them..

Laksh: mom.. Where is akshu???

( Akshay, swalak’s little 3 year old son )

Ap: He’s with Saloni……

Laksh nods. All children comes at the dining table for the breakfast! But Mohit goes n sits beside Sanskaar on the sofa who was playing with sangini!!!

Mo: hi papa!!!


Sanskaar looks at him. He was smiling naughtily and moved his brows asking ” wht happened?? “.. Sanskaar looked at everyone who were busy in their breakfast.

Sanskaar: raginiiii……

He looks at Mohit who looked scared.. He then looks at ragini who came there. He stood up and handed Sangini carefully to ragini…

Ragini: wht happened??

Sanskaar ( holding mohit by his shoulder ): voh mo wants to talk to me so v will just come….

Mohit ( tries to run ): no mumma… I don’t want to talk abt anything….

Ragini: go beta if u want to talk……

Ap: ragini beta come…. Mohit and sanskaar u both also come beta…..

Mohit ( runs towards ap ): yeah dadi coming… ( looks back at sanskaar ) I’m very hungry…….

He goes n sit and starts eating. He looks at sanskaar from corner of his eyes and sees him smirking. He looks at his plate and makes a cry baby face and eats.

Ragini ( caressing his hair ): mo… Do u hv any problem??

Mohit: no mumma……

Sanskaar: rag… I’m telling na he wants to talk to me…. Come beta.. U know na u can share your problem with me….

Sanskaar gets up and picks mohit in his arms while he tries to resist. Sanskaar tightly holds him and brings him up to his room and makes him sit on a chair. He brings another chair and sits in front of him!! Mo looks scared!

Sanskaar: now lets have man to man talk!!!!

Mo: but I’m a boy….

Sanskaar glares at him and he pouts.

Sanskaar: So Mr. Mohit Sanskaar Maheshwari!! ( mo gulps ) urf Mo…. Will u mind telling me that from where u r getting these naughty thoughts abt me and ur mumma???

Mohit ( murmurs ): our whole clan knows except him…

Sanskaar: say loud n clear….. U can hear me know… Then say it loudly….

Mo: voh papa… Actually I just thought to tease u that’s y I just said like that…..

He looks at the floor. Sanskaar looks at him suspiciously!

Sanskaar: I don’t believe…. Mo say it clearly otherwise u’ll not get to see the face of chocolate let alone eating it… ( pause) for next one year…..

Mohit makes a sad face and acts like crying. He comes and sits on sanskaar’s lap and hugs him. Sanskaar hugs him too….

Mo: u know na I love you so much….

Sanskaar: mo… Come straight to the point… No need to butter me…..

Mohit: okay… Toh suno….. Last week….

Sanskaar: wht last week??

Mo: arre now let me say na….. ( sanskaar nods ) last week when mumma came to sleep with me n Udi.. ( sanskaar nods ) and u came to disturb our sleep ( he glares at him… ) I mean u came to wake up mumma but she didn’t wanted to go… U thought I was sleeping but I wasn’t… ( sanskaar looked at him with big eyes ) I saw that u were touching mumma on her face like this ( he moves his fingers on sanskaar’s face… He jerks ) and then picked her up… U were also whispering that….

Sanskaar ( closed mohit’s mouth with his hand ): shssss….. Don’t say a single word ahead…… Got it??

Mo nods. Sanskaar removes his hand and looks other side… Mohit smirks.

Sanskaar ( Without looking at him ): kis kis ko bataya yeh??

Mohit ( acts like thinking and then says.): Udi, Saloni di, swati, aan maan shaan bade Papa Badi MA. .. ( sanskaar’s eyes got wide and mouth too was open listening all this ) n yes dadu dadi also knows… N tomorrow I’m going to tell to my friends… After they shld also know na how much my papa loves my mumma…..

He pulls up his collars while sanskaar looks at him with his mouth wide open. He holds his arms and bring him in front of him.

Sanskaar: mohit r u mad??? Who tells this to everyone??? I mean… U shld also hv closed ur eyes at first place… N tumne dekha to dekha baaki sab ko bhi bata diya??? Mohit now wht everyone will think??

Mo ; voh yehi sochenge ki how much my papa loves my mumma…

Sanskaar: beta.. This Love is private between ur mumma n me… U shld not tell this to anyone….

Mohit burst out laughing seeing sanskaar’s red embarrassed face… He goes on the bed and lies down laughing. Sanskaar too comes and stands in front of him.

Sanskaar: whts so funny mohit?? Now y r u laughing???

Mohit ( stands on the bed and hugs him ): papa u r so cute…. I love you….

Sanskaar: mohit…..

Mo: papa I was just kidding…. I didn’t told anyone…..

Sanskaar: wht??

Mo: yes…. Its a top secret between you and me….

Sanskaar: u scared me mohit….. ..

He tickles her and they both fall on the bed laughing. mohit sits on his stomach.

Mo: but baat chupane k liye kharcha pani lagega…

He said moving his hand on his stomach. Sanskaar bites his lower lip and raises his eyebrows.

Sanskaar: is that so??

Mohit: ahaan….

Sanskaar: Then here have it….

And he start tickling him on his stomach…. Mohit laughs and is out of breath now.

Mo: papa leave me na….. Pls papa….

Sanskaar: kharcha pani chahiye tha na? Lo abb……

Ragini who came there just now saw the father son duo….

Ragini: kharcha pani????

Sanskaar stopped and they both stood up. Sanskaar on floor and mohit on the bed.

Ragini ( keeping her one hand on her waist): wht kharcha pani haan??? Whts going on between u two???

Sanskaar: nothing ragini…. We were just talking where we should go for dinner today?? Right mo??

Mohit: yes mumma…. Acha papa listen…. ( he whispers in his ears ) if u want to keep my mouth shut then u’ll hv to find a girlfriend for me soon….

Sanskaar ( whispers ): but u r just nine now!!

Mo: not now… After few years… Abhi i’ll manage with my half girlfriend….

Sanskaar: n who’s she??

Mo: u’ll get jealous!!

Sanskaar: n y will I?? Show me who’s ur half girlfriend??

Ragini: kya khusar phusar laga rakhi hai??? No one needs me now… I’m going…

Mo: arre wait my half girlfriend…..

He runs towards her as she stops and smiles. Sanskaar looks on shocked. Ragini bends down and mohit kisses her on cheeks. Sanskaar glares at him as he winks at him.

Sanskaar: mohittt….

Mohit runs from there after showing his tongue. Sanskaar too runs behind him but ragini Holds his wrist..

Ragini: where r u going??

Sanskaar: u made a new boyfriend and didn’t even told me…. …

Ragini: sans…..

Sanskaar: wht sans?? If tomorrow I also bring my girlfriend home will u accept her??

Ragini: means u hv a girlfriend also???

Sanskaar: nhi …. Voh…. Actually…..

Ragini: sanskaarrrrrr!!!!!!!

She shouts and runs behind him as he does the same to save himself…. He runs on the bed and couch throwing everything here n there…

Ragini: sanskaar u r spoiling everything……

They keep on running and fighting and throwing things at each other… All the family members come there hearing their shouts. They all were dumbstruck to see the whole room in the mess. It seemed that they was some kind of war going on.

Ap: stop it u both!!!! ( they r still fighting.
) STATUE ‘!!!!!!!

Ragini and sanskaar stop there itself. They were abt to throw pillow at each other. Udit captured their picture.

Dp: wht u both are doing?? Grow up beta… Now u hv kids.. Its not ur time to become a kid again…. ..

They both still stand still.

Saloni: chachu chachi… Over…….

Ragini and sanskaar moves and sighs.

Ragini: thank you Saloni!!!

All nods as they both sit on the bed panting.. All comes and stands in front of them in a semi circle ⭕….. They both look at them. . .

Laksh: now will u both mind telling us wht made u fight a war….

Ragini ( cutely ): he has a girlfriend jijaji…..

Laksh and dp burst out laughing as she says. Everyone looks at them confused while ragsan pouts!

Dp: sanskaar…

Laksh:….. Aur girlfriend……

Laksh and dp ? ???????… They both somehow control themselves. Laksh comes and sits beside ragini.

Laksh: saali sahiba…. Don’t worry…. He doesn’t even look at any other girl…. ( ragini looks at him ) Yeah… Even his personal secretary is a man……

Everyone controls their laugh seeing sanskaar’s flushed ? face!!! Ragini looks at him…

Dp: beta… I’m sure he’ll never give u a chance to doubt him….. His thoughts are always occupied by you or his children……

Ragini blushes as laksh pushes her towards him and sanskaar takes her in his side embrace……. Everyone smiles and goes from there. Mohit comes and whispers in sanskaar’s ear.

Mohit: papa… If u teased my mumma again I’ll open ur secret..

He looks at him and goes from there. Sanskaar sighed. Ragini playing with his shirts button.

Ragini: sachi… U love me this much??

Sanskaar: more than u can think…..

They have a cute eye lock! Sanskaar looks at her lips. She shies and gets up and comes to the balcony…. Sanskaar smiles and closes the door and comes behind her in the balcony…. They both stand parallel to each other with their hands touching……..

They goes in a flashback from starting…. Their first meeting to their wedding and then the nine months of Ragini’s first pregnancy which gave them their first twins, Mohit and Udit!! n during which they also got their niece, Saloni!

Then how they were busy with their kids. Then came swalak’s second child, Swati!! Sanskaar fell in love with the baby girls and wanted his own baby girl. First ragini was adamant but sanskaar convinced her.

As a result of getting a daughter, they were blessed with their next bunch of kids, the triplets, Armaan, Ayushmaan and Shaan!! Everyone was very happy!!! But still in a corner of his heart he still wanted a. Baby girl. N meanwhile Swalak has their third baby, this time. A cute baby boy whom they named Akshay!!

N as for sanskaar, For his satisfaction they even went to doctor to get a check up to see whether he can have a baby girl or not……. N the results were positive so he wanted to try once again…. …

Ragini was adamant this time coz already they were parents to five kids and she didn’t wanted to have more kids. N she thought she was not physically prepared also… Sanskaar waited for two years and finally he convinced her for their next baby….


One night they were sleeping… Umm lying not sleeping…

Sanskaar: rag common yaar… Who knew we’ll have twins n triplets… Pls ragini….. For me…

Ragini: sans…. U see v already hv five kids…. N u know how much everyone tease me…..

Sanskaar ( back hugging her ): rag u know na how much I want a daughter….

Ragini: sans… Saloni n swati are also like our daughters na …

Sanskaar: exactly rag… They r like but I want my own daughter….. I promise rag if this time there will b a boy again I won’t ask u again….. Pls….. I want to have a baby girl who’s eyes nose face ears amd heart everything will be like….

Ragini ( completing him ):…. Like you…….

Sanskaar turns her towards himself. He has tears in his eyes. He immediately hugged her….

Sanskaar: thank you ragini!! Thank you so much ‘!!!!!!

He kissed her shoulder. Ragini nodded and broke the hug…

Ragini: but this will b last time…

Sanskaar ( pinching his neck ): promise….

Ragini smiles and slept hugging him. Later after some days they did the process of creating a new baby!!! ????


On their eighth anniversary they announced that Ragini was yet again pregnant. And after that ragini has to bear everyone’s teasing and all.. But she could do anything for her sans amd she did it!!! And last year they both were blessed with a baby girl whom they named SANGINI!!! After that happiness didn’t stopped coming in MM!! But ragsan’s silly fights also didn’t ended there.. They still used to fight on silly things but their love for each other never decreased… They completed each other in every aspect! Their love was famous everywhere…. … No doubt their kids went on them, naughty and bubbly with a pinch of romance which only sanskaar knows… ???

Now today was their tenth anniversary!! Ten long years of togetherness and they both were still the same at heart!!!!

End of POV!!!

Sanskaar looked at ragini and she turned towards him looking everywhere than him . Sanskaar makes her look at him by placing his finger on her chin. her eyes were closed. Sanskaar smiles.

Sanskaar: I love you Mrs. Ragini Sanskaar Maheshwari!!!!

Ragini opened her eyes and hugged him tightly… He too hugged her and caressed her hair…

Ragini: I love you too Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari!!!

Sanskaar smiles and picks her up in his arms and took her inside the bedroom.. Ragini blushed and hid her face in his nape. ..

Sanskaar placed her on the bed and tucked a hair strand behind her ear. Ragini turned her face. Sanskaar bend down and kissed her neck……..

Screen fades…..


Ragini is lying with her head on sanskaar’s chest! sanskaar is caressing her hair. Her hand is around his stomach.

Sanskaar: rag…

Ragini: hmm….

Sanskaar: I think…. I think u shld lose some weight.. U know….

Ragini: hawww… Sans that means u think I’m fat…..

Sanskaar: not fat baby… U hv become a bit healthy… And u know sometimes it becomes difficult for me….

Ragini gets up and sits facing her back towards him. Sanskaar too gets up and back hugs her.

Sanskaar: rag…

Ragini: this is all bcoz of u only na…. Now I’m mother of six children so some effect will be there na….

Sanskaar: okay baba…..

He kisses her cheek from back. His phone rings. He sees it was from landline.. He sighs and picks up. It was mohit on other side….

Sanskaar: hello…

Mohit: papa.. Its already evening and I think u hv taken enough of ur gift… So come down v hv to go…..

Sanskaar: v r coming BETAA!!!!!

He said stretching the last word while mohit giggles an keeps the phone.

Sanskaar: get ready rag…

Ragini nods and they both get ready. Sanskaar in a jeans and t shirt and ragini in a simple suit!!!! They both come down where all were waiting for them. Shekhar and shomi were also there. Ragsan took their blessings and hugged them. Sanskaar took sangini in his arms and started playing with her.. …

Ap: Chalo let’s go …..

Everyone nods and the children runs outside. The elders goes behind them but the slowest was sanskaar who was playing with his daughter. Ragini pulls him and they both too come out…

Laksh sits on the driving seat of one car. Swara sat beside him with akshay in her arms. Dp, ap, shekhar and shomi sat behind.

Ragini: sans.. Give sangini to me… U sit and drive.. .

Sanskaar: no Rag.. u drive i’ll hold her. ..

Ragini: arre u know na I’m very bad at driving and I don’t want to hurt anyone… I hv Already hurted u once….

Sanskaar: its okay… Someone else will drive… Haina mithi!!!! ( he cutely asked his daughter who giggle!!) see she also wants to stay with me….

Ragini ( goes to laksh’s car ): papa I think u hv to come n drive… He’s nit ready to leave mithi…..

Mohit ( comes to ragini ): mumma shall I drive??

Ragini: beta pehle bada toh ho ja puri tarah… Fir gadi chalana……..

Mohit pouts. Shekhar comes outside and goes to the other car. Udit and Mohit are made to sit in laksh’s car.

Shekhar sits on te driving seat with ragini and swati beside him. Sanskaar with sangini in his arms and Saloni, and the triplets, Armaan , Ayushmaan and Shaan sit at the back seat.

They move out of the big gates of MM!!!


They reach the orphanage, Smile Orphanage. They all get a hearty welcome from the new kids as well as the old ones, Om. Muskaan, aman, saumya, Sahil and ishana!!!! Now they were grown up ppl who worked ( om and sahil ) and studied in college ( other four ) !!!

Sanskaar, without leaving sangini met everyone and hugged them. Ragini too greeted them. All the children went inside to play.

Ragini ( whispers ): sans…. Give mithi to me… See om n sahil wants to talk to u.. .

Sanskaar: rag they can talk who’s stopping them. .. But I’ll not give my princess to anyone….. Haina baby!!!!!

Sangini cuddles in his embrace as he sways her… Ragini sighs. Om and sahil comes to him and they talk . And someone was getting jealous…. He was none other than udit! He went and sat on a chair alone… Ragini saw him and came towards him….

(( Udit is also played by bhavya gandhi, but he has black eyes unlike Mohit who has brown eyes ))

Ragini: wht happened beta???

She sat beside him but he turned his face. Ragini sighs and kept her arm around his shoulder.

Ragini: wht happened Udi, my friend??

Udi: dekho na ragu… Papa is always busy with mithi n when he comes here he’s always talking to om n sahil bhaiya…..

Ragini ( smiles ): u know na Udi.. Om and sahil along with ishu, somu, aman n muski r like kids to ur mumma n papa….

Udi: n wht abt me, mo, aan maan shaan??

Ragini: of course we love you all…. Now don’t get sad otherwise the return gift which ur daddy got for u will not reach you…..

Udi: I don’t want any gift…. I want my papa’s time….

Ragini: n don’t u want to know whts the gift??

Udi: wht c? A chocolate or a toy car….

Ragini: a family trip to London…… With only u me papa mo aan maan shaan and mithi……

Udi ( stands up ): sachiiii?????

Ragini nods amd he pulls out her hands. He jumps in her embrace and kiss her cheeks.

Udi: I love you mumma!!!!

Ragini: love you too my bacha……. But promise me u won’t get jealous again…

Udi: promise mumma…..

Ragini: that’s like my boy…. Now go.. Mo was calling you…

Udi: okay mumma bye……

Ragini kissed him and he went from there, running. No doubt Udit was special for Ragini as he was the one who gave her the feeling of being a mother, her first child. Mohit was born after two minutes. Udi is apple of Ragini’s eyes.


Om: di jiju come lets cut the cake……

Ragsan nods and comes forward along with them their children too come who together cuts the big chocolate cake ? ‘!!! Ragsan fed each other followed by everyone. Now it was time for dinner and there was a full discussion going on that from where the food shld be ordered….

Sanskaar: silence….. Now everyone will speak the name of restaurant ? from where they want to order okay???

Everyone nods.

Sanskaar: better….. Okay so for me its punjabi tadka…

Ragini: same punjabi tadka….

Armaan: domino’s..

Laksh: beta we shld order something which even dada dadi n nana nani cam also eat….

Saloni: okay then punjabi tadka n aan from there pizza can be ordered….. Right papa?

Laksh: right my bacha….

Shaan: okay then punjabi tadka….

Sanskaar: okay so decide wht u want I’ll order from…

All: punjabi tadka!!!!

(( yeh zyada punjabi tadka nhi ho gaya… Is this some sign for my new ff??? ?? may be….. Chalo let’s concentrate here for now….))


Later sanskaar orders everyones favourite food items and they have their dinner together as a big happy family!!!!!!!!

Ragsan n swalak were on the same table with sanskaar feeding sangini amd swara feeding akshay!!!

Swara: Vaise I thought this year also we’ll get some good news……

Ragini blushes. Laksh pokes sanskaar. Sanskaar smiles but composes.

Sanskaar: yeah actually I too thought the same ( ragini looks at him.. He assures her from eyes ) Yeah that akshu will also get a Lil brother or sister… And bhaiya will prove dad wrong by having more than three kids……

Ragini smiles. swara blushes like hell as her statement was played back on her. She stood up to go but this time ragini held her hand n made her sit….

Ragini: kahan chali madam??

She winks at her as swara looks elsewhere.

Laksh: arre main toh kabse swara ko bol raha hun but yeh manti hi nhi…..

Swara glares at him while ragsan chuckles.

Swara: No v r happy with three kids only… V don’t want to prove that v r very romantic….

Ragini pouts and looks at sanskaar. He again assures her from eyes and thinks something.

Sanskaar: Vaise dekha jaye toh u both r equally romantic as us???

Swalak: how??

Sanskaar: So wht v hv six kids n u only three but both ragini and bhabhi got pregnant three times………

The trio thinks. Swara blushes.

Laksh: correct…. But still I think v shld prove papa wrong wht say sanskaar??

Sanskaar: of course bhai….

Sanlak to ragswa ( resp ): so ragini / swara…..

Swarag: we’ll just come and they both run from there leaving their husbands and kids with them…..

Sanlak laugh and hi five!!!!!!


Dp: aa jao everyone for the group picture…

Sanlak comes to dp…

Laksh: aaram se papa ji… Everyone is coming….

Dp: arre in another half an hour it’ll rain that’s y I’m saying….

Sanskaar: as if u can predict n see future….

Laksh: don’t underestimate him sanskyy.. Forgot his ” prediction ” abt our kids….

Dp smirks while sanskaar nods shyly. dp laughs and hugs his both sons which is captured by the camera….

Everyone comes amd pose for the group picture!!! The screen freezes on the whole family ?…. Ap dp shekhar shomi laksh swara sanskaar ragini om ishana sahil saumya aman muskaan Saloni udit mohit armaan ayushmaan shaan swati akshay and SANGINI!!!

The screen then zooms and freezes on sanskaar side hugging ragini with sangini in his arm and Udit, Mohit, armaan, Ayushmaan and Shaan standing in front of them !!!!!!!!!!!!

And they lived happily ever after with little cute silly fights and love increasing between them…. ……… With their family ?!!!!!!!



Q: So how was the experience of working with Richa, wattpad and tu for our wonderful readers??

S: it was really awesome…. Today whtever v r bcoz of richa ( ?? ) , wattpad and tu but the main reason v r here is you all I.e. Our readers who read our story and loved it….

R: of course I agree with sanskaar…. V r lucky that we got such a wonderful audience ( readers ) who accepted us and our story… Thank u so much!! ?

Q: all the names of ur kids are somehow connected to music.. Y this is so??

S: ten years back music only brought us together so..

R: So v thought that music shld continue in our lives… Our children are the rhythm of our heartbeats so it perfectly goes with that….

Q: that’s great….

( RAGSAN holds each other’s hand )

Q: So are u planning to come back again and work with Richa , wattpad and TU??

R: Vaise toh already v r doing one story with them but we would love to work with them again… Wht say??

S ; of course y not!! But it also depends on our wonderful readers whether they Want to read more stories abt us…. So guys do tell if u want to read more of our stories we’ll definitely come again with Richa, wattpad and TU!!!!

R: bingo!!! Yup n we would love to entertain you all ‘!’ till then bbye!!!

Ragsan waves their hands and gives a flying kiss to their lovely readers!!!!! ? ?


Okay don’t kill me for this not – so – good interview… I just tried something new…. ???????

** I hv written for tu n wattpad together… So pls don’t mind…. ?? **

So guys here….. It was the end of a story which started last year!!!!! I’m really thankful TO all those people who supported me and my story and commented and voted and liked it!!!!! This is my second story which is ending!!! Ik many of u didn’t wanted this to end but for every new beginning something has to end!!!!! I hope you will understand and will support me in my upcoming stories also !!!!

There are so many people whom I want to thank !! So I can’t mention everyone but whoever supported me and read this story I’m THANKFUL TO all of them =!!= like really thankful!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

Without you guys this “few shots” wouldn’t have become a “short story” !!!!!!




PS – don’t forget to watch Rishta likhenge Hum Naya, Mon to Fri @ 9pm only on Sony!!!! It’s abt trp guys so whoever can watch, do watch!!!! ???? n I’m really happy that our princess has reached 1 M on instagram!= many more to come!!! = ?????

Okay so Tata bye bye!!!!! Be happy and stay safe!!!!! ??❤❤????

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