Youth(kasam+sadda haq) pt-1


One day tanvi’ s friend came for her marriage her name is sanyukta she is her childhood friend
but for her schooling she and her family shifted to delhi
she comes and said why did u called me so late only 4 days r left tanu tanvi says ” sab itna jaldi hua I didn’t had time to call any1″sanyu”it’s alright Ab mein aa gae hu na” aana greets her
she says now she is tanvi not tanu sanyu asks why tanvi says dat her parent wants sanyu says u don’t seem to be happy sanyu as but she denies and says she is happy sanyu asks she must be marrying rishi ahana says no he is marrying her cousin tanu. sanyu keeps on calling randhir he doesn’t picks up.sanyu meets rishi he asks who r u she says she is tanvi bf he says oh hi but she ignores because she feels dat rishi ditches tanvi
ahana later tells her dat he lover her and he is after her but due to complications dey r not together
precap:randhir comes and rishi and Sanyu become detective

Credit to: Sammy

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  1. super ff

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