Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS

Sanam Sania,Maya,Belina wanted Viren-Gopi to unite in Ye dooriyaan which I could’nt do.So I dedicate this SS to them.Here Karan Tacker Devoleena is a Jodi.Hope u all will like it.
Here Gopi is Gia Manek.

Youth Stars Part 1

Gopi is dressing up in front of the mirror. She raises her trimmed eyebrows.
GOPI:The beautician has shaped my eyebrows nicely.
She smiles.
Gopi wears a modern dress and make up.Her mother Madhu sees this.
Madhu:Gopi,why have you dressed like this?
Gopi:Mom…today is the first day in college.First impression is the best impression.Everyone should be impressed with my looks.

Madhu smiles:This girl is mad.

Gopi smiles sweetly and hugs her mother.

She enters the college.A car passes by.The muddy water falls on her.
She is fuming with anger.
She looks at the car and shouts:Hey…can’t you see anything?
A handsome smart guy comes out of the car.He has worn sunglasses.
GOPI:Did you not see me here?Because of you my costume got spoiled.
He looks at her dress removing his sun glasses.It is dirty now.
He:I’m sorry..i did’nt do it purposefully.
GOPI:You duffer!
He loses his control:Hey behenji…i admit that i did a mistake unknowingly.That does’nt mean that you can call me anything.

GOPI:What did you call me?Behenji?You think that you are modern and stylish?You are a geek.
He:You stupid girl!
GOPI:Ok…Now tell me.How will i enter the class room in this dirty dress?It is the first lecture.But look at my condition.
He:Ok…my friend Rashi is in the college hostel.She has dresses there.I will ask her to give her dress for you..only for today.
GOPI:Ok…well…i don’t like wearing other’s clothes.
He:Well…for your kind information..nobody will be interested to give dress to you.But since there is no other option dress will be given to you.
Gopi is rolling her eyeballs with irritation.
He:What is your name behenji?
GOPI:I’m not anyone’s behenji.
He:Ok…what’s your good name Madam ji.
GOPI:Gopi.What’s your name?
Ahem phones up Rashi and tells her the matter.
R:Ok…i will reach college in two minutes.I will bring a dress for her.
Rashi comes with a dress.Rashi is a stylish girl who has worn a mini skirt.
AHEM:Thank God..Rashi has come.This is Gopi.
R:Hi Gopi.
Rashi gives her the dress:Try this one.
She opens and takes the dress out of the bag.It is a short top and skirt.
GOPI:Hello…what dress is this?
R: Why?
GOPI:I can’t wear this skirt.This skirt is not at all good.
R:What?Are you serious?Are you saying that my skirt is not good enough?
Ahem murmurs to Rashi’s ears:Rashi..she is a boring girl who does’nt have fashion sense.
Rashiin low voice:I thought like any other girl in this college,she is also someone who follows the trends.
R:What will i do?I don’t think I have the dress of your choice since you are too choosy.
GOPI:What?What?You have only this type of clothes?Oh Kanhaji…
R:Ok…let us buy a new dress for Gopi.
AHEM:Are you crazy Rashi?Why should we waste money on stupid girls? spoiled my dress and washing off hands?
Gopi is upset.
R:Look at her condition Ahem.She can’t go to the classroom in this dress.

Rashi and Ahem go to the shop.
Ahem is confused:Which dress should we buy?All are equally boring.
R:I will get one.
She chooses a blue dress.

Rashi gives the dress to Gopi.
GOPI:Thanks.You remind me of my sister.She also used to buy dress for me.
R:That is so nice.Where is she?

GOPI:She is in UP and is studying there.Anyways this is a lovely dress.
Rashi smiles.
Ahem says in his mind:Thank God..this girl liked atleast this dress.
Gopi wears the new blue dress and enters the classroom happily.

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