Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS Part9 (Last chapter)


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Youth stars Part 9

The next day in College…
Gopi does’nt look at Ahem.But Ahem’s eye balls are always rolling on Gopi.

Ahem is in the canteen.He is only looking at the juice.He is not drinking it.Anita comes and sits there:I thought my childhood friend Ahem is very smart.But you are not.Why did you leave Gopi even after knowing that she loves you?Just to be another Devdas?Go and get her back man.
Ahem stares at her.
Anita:Instead of wasting time like a loser go man.Get her back.

Ahem goes to the classroom.He sees Gopi reading something.He and grabs Gopi’s hand.
Gopi:What are you doing?
He keeps her closer to the wall.He stands very close to her.
AHEM:You thought i will leave you alone?Never.Because you are my life.You are my breath.I will go mad if i lose you.So don’t avoid me like this Gopi.I love you so much that i can’t lose you.
Gopi’s eyes are full of tears.It looks as if her eyes are adorned with pearls.
GOPI:But you will hate me if you know who i am.You will hate me Ahem.If you hate me…no..i can’t bear that pain.
AHEM:How did you think that i will hate you?You don’t trust me.You have no faith in me.You are disgusting Gopi.
He leaves her and walks forward.He holds his hand.
He looks at her.
GOPI:You want to know who i am?I am a bastard.I don’t know to which family i belong to.I dont know anything about my origin.
Ahem is shocked:What..?
Gopi’s tears fall down like rain drops.
GOPI: I’m the adopted daughter of a sweet couple.They love me like their own daughter.They don’t differentiate between me and my sister.My sister also loves me a lot.But everyone else hates me.Because…i’m a…
AHEM:Don’t use that word Gopi.It does’nt suit you.You have lovely parents.Then why do you say that you don’t know anything about your family?I’m angry with you for thinking like that.
GOPI:But in the eyes of society..
AHEM:Forget about the society.Your parents and sister love you.They don’t care about what society says.Even i don’t care about what you are in the eyes of society.For me you are an Angel.I don’t care about your origin.
Gopi can’t believe it:Ahem!
AHEM:Gopi…for the first time i have fallen in love.That is with you Gopi.For the last time i have fallen in love.That is with you Gopi.You are my first and last love.For me love is you Gopi.

Thode bheege bheege se thode nam hai hum,
Kal se soye voye bhi to kam hai hum.

Tears dwelled in Gopi’s eyes.She surrenders to his arms.

Thode bheege bheege se thode nam hai hum,
Kal se soye voye bhi to kam hai hum.
Gopi:Ahem…I never thought you will accept me after knowing who I am.

Ahem:Because I love you Gopi and you are a gem.

Dil ne kaisi harkat ki ha

Ahem wipes her tears.Both of them smile.
GOPI:I love you Ahem.I want you always.

Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai,

His eyes touch her eyes.She becomes shy.Her eyes are fluttering.
Their heart’s romantic music is flowing out through their lovely eyes.

‘Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai..'{Kaminey}.

Their friends clap their hands.Ahem and Gopi are shy.
Anita,Jigar Rashi and Viren-Devoleena come smiling seeing Ahem Gopi in each other’s arms.Seeing them Ahem Gopi become embarrassed and they move away from each other.
Viren:Why did you guys stop it?
Ahem-Gopi are shy.

Viren:Are you that shy in front of us ?Then see what we are going to do.
Viren pulled Devoleena closer.Devo said in a naughty manner:Smooch..

Jigar took Rashi in his arms.Seeing them romance Ahem Gopi’s shyness disappeared and they got engrossed in a romantic embrace.

After a few days…

Gopi brings Ahem home.Madhu and Jayanti look at him with confusion.
Gopi blushes:Papa mumma…this is Ahem Modi about whom I told you.
They becae serious.
Ahem:Namaste Uncle and aunty.
He touched their feet.They touch his head.
Gopi:I will bring coffee for all of you.
Gopi goes inside.
Ahem:Uncle and aunty…I love Gopi and i want to marry her after I get a job completing our studies.
Jayanti:I am impressed with your behaviour beta.But before we conclude we want to tell you an important thing about Gopi.We feel very painful to tell you that.But I don’t want you to break our Gopi dikra’s heart just before the wedding or after wedding.That’s why now itself I am telling you the secret.Gopi is…

Ahem: Gopi is not your own daughter by birth,but relationship wise she is your dearest daughter.Right?
Jayanti and Madhu were shocked.
J:You knew it?
Ah:Yes.Gopi had told me everything and still I love her.In fact I don’t think that’s a reason to leave her.
They r surprised.
Madhu:But will your parents agree?

Ahem smiles:My parents are also happy with my decision.
Jayanti and Madhu smile emotionally,
Madhu:You are my Gopi’s luck.
Jayanti hugs Ahem:Our Gopi won’t get a guy better than you.
Ahem smiles.Gopi who comes back with coffee smiles happily seeing how Ahem is bonding with her parents.

Final year classes get over.They give final exams.After studies Ahem’s parents Kokila and Parag come with Shagun to Gopi’s house.
Kokila:I loved Gopi a lot and I can’t wait to take her home.

Gopi as well as others smile.
Koki:We will fix the engagement date.
Ahem:Mom…dad…we friends have decided that we all will get engaged on the same day in the same place.
They all smile.
Kokila:It’s good to see such friendships in today’s society.
Parag:Right.Ok we will fix the engagement date according to their convenience.

They all smile.

Engagement day…
Rashi dresses in saree according to Jigar’s wish and Gopi wears traditional attire according to Kokila’s wish.Jigar and Ahem wear sharwani.

Devoleena and Viren wear western clothes as they wish to wear them for their engagement.

All the couples get engaged on the same place at the same time as they wish.

The End

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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      If time permits I will do it.Thanks

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