Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS Part8


Thanks to Rianaa,Nandhini, Nuszat.
Youth Stars Part 8

Gopi looks at that person.
She turns back and wipes her tears.
GOPI:Why are you here Ahem?You are supposed to be with Anita at the party.
AHEM:No,i’m supposed to be here.Because you are here.You seem to be upset.When you are upset can i enjoy the party?
GOPI:Why are you worried about my worries?
AHEM:Because ever since i love you,your worries are mine.
Ahem’s love is making Gopi weak.
She asks in a low voice:What about Anita?
AHEM:She is my good friend.That’s all.I love only you Gopi.
She replies in a soft tone:But i don’t love you Ahem.
AHEM:For how long will you lie that you don’t love me?
Gopi is hunting for words.
AHEM:I heard everything.
GOPI:That was a lie.

Ahem smiles:You can lie to me.But you can’t lie to yourself.Right?

Gopi is numb.She feels defeated. She is caught red handed.
Ahem keeps his arms on her shoulders.
AHEM:Look at my face and tell me what you told yourself a few minutes back.
Her lips shiver.
His ears thirst to hear it from her.
GOPI:I love you Ahem.
He is on the top of the world.
AHEM:Will you marry me Gopi?
Ahem is shocked.

Yaariyan ve… Yaariyan
Yaariyan ve… yaariyan ve..
Yaariyaan… yaa….

AHEM:You love me.But you can’t marry me?
GOPI:Yes.Because i don’t deserve you.

Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna
Besabar ye bewkoof bada
Chahta hai kitna tujhe
Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa

AHEM:Why do you think like that?
GOPI:Ahem…you don’t know anything about me.Do you know to which family i belong?Do you know who my parents are?
AHEM:No.I don’t know.But..
GOPI:Even i dont know anything about that.
Ahem is shocked:What?
Gopi goes away without saying anything.Ahem runs after her and holds her hand.
She removes his hand from her’s and goes away.

Rain drops are poured on them.Gopi walks simply in the rain.She does’nt feel the rain.Ahem stands steady in the rain.

Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mill jaaye isey woh baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah (x2)
Yaariyan ve… Yaariyan…


All the friends come.
Jigar:What happened Ahem?Where is Gopi?
Ahem’s lips are numb.His lips don’t move.
Rashi:Tell Ahem.
Viren:Open your mouth and say what happened.
Ahem’s tears fall down.

The next day in college…
Viren,Jigar,Rashi and Devoleena go near Gopi.
Rashi:During our first meet I found you very arrogant.But later I felt I was wrong.But now I realize that you are even more arrogant than I thought.

Viren:Our Ahem will get better girl than you.But what to do?He fell for a heartless girl like you and so his heart is broken.You are responsible for Ahem’s pain.

Jigar:Don’t think of misusing Ahem’s present condition.We all are there with him.

Devoleena:It was our mistake to consider a rude girl like you as our friend.From today you are not our friend.

Gopi is very upset.
She thinks:I wish you all could understand my dilemma.
Rashi:Gopi…we all shouted at you.Still you have nothing to say?
Gopi:What can i say when you people misunderstand me?
Viren:Misunderstanding you?How?
Gopi tells them everything.They feel upset.
Devoleena:For this reason you are avoiding Ahem?
Gopi weeps.
Jigar:You think Ahem’s heart is that small?
Viren:He loves you a lot.This can’t stop him from loving you.Go and tell him that you love him and will marry him.
Gopi:No,I don’t have the courage to do that.I’m scared of his reaction when he knows the truth.People have only hated me and ridiculed me for my truth.I can’t bear him hating me because of this.

So I request you all not to talk to Ahem about this.Please.
They all feel upset.They hug Gopi and cry.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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