Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS Part7

Thanks to Rianaa,Nandhini,Nuszat

Youth Stars Part 7

She:Hi guys..why you are all staring at me like this?I’m a human being.

Guys are embarrassed.She laughs:I’m Anita.
Ahem comes:Hi Anita..
ANITA:Hi Ahem.
AHEM:Welcome to our college.
ANITA:Thank you.
AHEM:How was the journey?

ANITA:It was good.
Viren:You both know each other?
ANITA:Yes.We are childhood friends.I was in US.Just came to India.Joined this college also.
Viren murmurs to Ahem’s ears:You are so lucky to have a hot childhood friend.You are lucky.When Gopi left you,you got another one.
Ahem whispers:Shut up you stupid.She is just a friend.You understand?
Viren:Yes,i understand.I was just joking.So that you will think seriously about Anita and forget Gopi who rejected you.
Ahem answered back angrily in low voice:Don’t ever try for that.You get it?
ANITA:Ahem…please take me to the classroom.
Anita puts her arm around his shoulder.They both walk together to the room.Gopi who had just come sees it.Gopi keeps looking at Ahem Anita in frustration.
Rashi:Why are you staring at them Gopi?
Looking at Anita Gopi says:No..I was just looking at that girl.Who is this girl?

Rashi:Anita.New admission.
Gopi:I guess she is too forward.Look at her becoming so intimate with Ahem.

R:Gopi…don’t judge anyone so fast.Try to understand a person..then are bad at judging people.By the way..why are you bothered about Anita becoming intimate with Ahem?

Gopi is silent for a moment.Then she opens her mouth as she does’nt want to get defeated.
Gopi:Who told you that i’m bothered?I don’t care about them.
Rashi:Oh really?Then don’t look at what Anita is doing with Ahem.
Gopi is irritated. head is spinning after the lecture.I can’t understand anything as i have just joined the classes.
AHEM:Don’t worry.I will clear your doubts.I will teach you.

They both go to the library.Ahem teaches her.
ANITA:Thanks a lot Ahem.If you had’nt taught me i would have suffered.

AHEM:What to do?It’s my responsibility to teach a foolish girl like you.
ANITA:Oh naughty!
She gives him a friendly kick.They both laugh.
Anita:Anyways really I am grateful to you for teaching me this tough portion Ahem.Thanks a lot.
Anita embraces Ahem.

Gopi who enters the library sees it.She is irritated.
Gopi:How could they romance so openly?
Ahem sees Gopi staring at them.He becomes serious.Gopi leaves the library.
ANITA:Do you know that girl?Why did you become dull seeing her?
AHEM:I know her.She was my best friend for some time.
ANITA:For some time?
AHEM:Yes.After some time i fell in love with her.She misunderstood me.She is angry with me now.She hates me.

Tears filled his eyes with sorrow.
ANITA:Don’t worry about the past Ahem.You have to move on.I’m there with you.
She holds his arms with a smile.He smiles slightly.

Gopi tells herself:Why should i not enter the library if they are there?I will go there again.
She enters the library and sees Anita holding Ahem’s arms and they both smiling at each other.
She loses her control .
Gopi:Still romancing?I can’t take this anymore.
She goes near them angrily.
Gopi:Why are you holding her arms Ahem?
Ahem looks at her helplessly:What do you mean Gopi?And why are you so angry?

ANITA:Ahem…let me talk to her.
Anita looks at Gopi:Hey..I only held his arms.
Gopi:Are you not ashamed to hold a guy’s arms like this?Earlier you were hugging him.Shameless creature.
Ahem loses his control:Gopi!If you speak rubbish about Anita….
Gopi is shocked at his unexpected reaction.
Gopi is frustrated:You fell in love with her so fast?I never expected this from you Ahem.

I knew that you are a flirt who falls in love with every girl.
Ahem becomes upset.
ANITA:Even if he falls for me what is your problem?You are not his girl friend?Right?In fact you rejected him.Then why the hell are you yelling at us?
Gopi is not able to speak for the first time.Her eyes get filled up with tears.Seeing that Ahem feels upset.
ANITA:Let us go Ahem.
Anita holds his arms and they both walk out.Gopi is dull.Ahem wept silently.Anita who notices it feels sad.

Days pass…..
Gopi can’t bear Ahem’s closeness with Anita.

All are getting prepared for the valentine’s party.
Jigar:Rashi,for a change will you wear saree for the party?
J:Yes.For me?
She smiles.Ok.

Valentine’s day party…

Rashi comes wearing a red saree.Jigar gets lost in her beauty.Rashi blushes.He takes out a ring and slips onto her finger.

She is surprised:It’s so pretty.
Jigar:Yes.That’s why I bought it for you.But its not as pretty as you.
She blushes.

Viren is lost in Devoleena’s beauty.He pulls her closer and smells her sensually.She is lost in him.

Devo:Viren…these days you have no control.Stop it.
Viren:Today you won’t say anything Devo.Because today is the day of love and I want to love you.
She blushes.His lips pampers her glowy skin and is lost in him.

Vivaan caresses Paridhi’s face and looks at her deeply:I love you Paridhi.
She blushes.
Suddenly Jigar Rashi,Viren Devoleena,Ahem Anita come.
Rashi:We caught you guys red handed.Now onwards no hide and seek love drama.
Vivaan-Paridhi are shy.
Viren:now admit that you are guys are dating.
Vivaan:Yes..we are seeing each other.
Devoleena:Chatter box Paridhi..why are you quiet?
Paridhi blushes:Yes,we are in love.

They all clap hands.

A romantic song is played:

Kuchh Khaas Hai Kuchh Paas Hai, Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai
Kuchh Duriyaan Najdikiyaan, Kuchh Hans Padi Tanhaayiyaan
Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Kya Yeh Bahaar Hai, Kya Intjaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad{Fashion}.

All the couples are dancing.Ahem and Anita are dancing.Gopi looks at them painfully and finds it unbearable.

Ahem’s eyes are only on Gopi.But she does’nt know that.
Gopi goes out running.
She cries loudly:No…i can’t tolerate Ahem with another girl.Because i love Ahem.
Somebody touches her.She turns back.

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