Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS Part6


Thanks to Nuszat,Rianaa,Varshini, Nandhini
Youth Stars Part 6

Jigar calls Paridhi:Pari…can you give me your Maths note book?
Paridhi ignores Jigar and walks.
Jigar:What happened to Pari?
Jigar goes near Pari:What happened Pari?Why are you not listening to me?
Pari:Why should I listen to you when I am nobody to you?

Jigar:Why are you talking like this Pari?
Pari:I saw you confessing love to Rashi.
Jigar:So?How is it connected to our friendship?
Pari:Jigs…I knew that Rashi was your best friend.But I thought you will give me a special place in your heart.
Jigar:What do you mean Pari?

Rashi who passes by hears it and gets tensed.
She thinks:Now also Paridhi can’t leave Jigar?She loves Jigar and she is revealing it now.It will give tension to Jigar.Oh…this girl..I want to kick her.
Pari:Means though Rashi is your best friend I expected you to treat me as your special friend.
Jigar:I have always treated you as my special friend.
Pari:Really?Then why did’nt you tell me that you love Rashi?You should have told it to me.Right?I did’nt have the right to know it?
Jigar :I am sorry Pari.I was actually nervous to reveal it.
Paridhi smiles slowly:You are too shy Jigs.I am better than you.I had the guts to reveal you that I love Vivaan.But I revealed to you as I had trust in you that you will keep it a secret.And how secretly you played cupid in our love story.

Rashi is stunned and relieved.
She thinks :Vivaan and Paridhi are a couple?I misunderstood Paridhi that she is after Jigar.This Jigar hid it from me and that’s why I misunderstood poor Paridhi.
Jigar:You and Vivaan were in love.But I was’nt sure if Rashi loves me or not.That’s why.
Pari:Now you are happy.Right?Your Rashi loves you a lot.
Jigar smiles blushing.Rashi is happy.
Paridhi shares her notebook with Jigar.

After some time…
Jigar goes and stands close to Rashi.
Rashi:Jigar…I am angry with you for hiding such a big thing from me?
Rashi:You hid from me about Paridhi and Vivaan.

Jig:I had promised Paridhi to keep it confidential.That’s why.By the way how did you know about it?
Rashi:I overheard you and Paridhi talking.
Jigar pulls her ear:You have not stopped your bad habit of overhearing other people’s talk?
Rashi:Leave my ear Jigar.I am sorry.
Jigar leaves her ear smiling.They both laugh.

Ahem buys red roses and comes to college.He hums the song ‘Kya mujhe pyar hai..'{Woh lamhe}.
Devoleena:What happened Ahem?Are you in love?
Ahem blushes.
Jigar:Who is that girl?
Ahem shakes his head.
R:Wow!Good choice.
Devoleena:Lucky boy.You and Gopi make a nice match.It was evident in your couple dance performance.
Ahem smiles.
AHEM:But i don’t know whether she loves me or not.
VireGopi:What is the need of tension.She loves you for sure.
Ahem smiles:I’m waiting for her to come.
Ahem is excited to meet Gopi and he sings dancing..

Chalte chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main
Bethe bethe kahin kho jaata hoon main
Kehte kehte hi chup ho jaata hoon main
Kya yahin pyaar hai, kya yahin pyaar hai…

He imagines Gopi sitting opposite to him and singing for him:
Haan yahin pyaar hai, haan yahin pyaar hai{Mohabbatein}.

Gopi arrives.
Ahem goes near her with a red rose.
GOPI:Hey Ahem…what is this?Rose….for whom?
AHEM:For you.
She takes the rose from him:Thank you.I love red roses.

AHEM:Gopi…i love you.
Gopi is shocked:What?
AHEM:Yes Gopi..i love you.

Gopi slaps him.Ahem and friends are shocked.
Gopi shouts:How could you propose to me?
AHEM:Gopi..i love you.
She slaps him again.
GOPI:You destroyed our friendship.I thought you are my best friend.But you are a crook.
Ahem is depressed:Gopi..listen to me…trust me..
GOPI:I don’t want to hear anything.
Gopi throws the flowers at his face and leaves.
Ahem cries.All his friends come to console him.
Viren:I can’t believe that Gopi did this to Ahem.
Jigar:Did you guys forget her arrogance during the initial days of college?
Devoleena:May be she got shocked.
Rashi:Leave it guys.Ahem..don’t be weak.Gopi will understand your love and come back to you.
Ahem is in pain.
Jigar:Tomorrow is Holi.We will make arrangements.Don’t waste time on Gopi’s tantrums.
Viren:You are right Jigar.Come lets go.

Holi….All are playing with colours.
Jigar rashi bring colours to play holi.
Rashi:here comes colours.Let us enjoy.

Viren:Ahem…why are you standing simply?Come and have fun.
AHEM:I don’t have mood.
Jigar:Because of Gopi?Right?She will realise that you love her sincerely.Her anger will melt and she will start loving you.She is also standing simply.Go to her.

Viren throws some colour powder at him.Ahem has some hopes now.
Rashi:Gopi…enjoy with colours.It is a colourful day.
Rashi throws colour powder at Gopi.Gopi smiles.

Rashi goes with Jigar.
Rashi Jigar romance putting colour on each other.
Rashi:Jigar…you look so funny with colour on your face.
Jigar:You also look funny Rashi.
They both burst into laughter.
Viren-Devoleena put colour on each other romantically.
Viren:don’t you think this is the colour of our love?
Devoleena blushes:Yes Viren.These colours are our love.These colours are made for our love.
They hold each other closer sweetly.

Viren:Ahem..don’t waste time and go near Gopi and enjoy holi with her.

Ahem goes near Gopi.He puts colour powder on her face.Gopi is fuming with anger.
Ahem has a naughty smile on his face.
Rashi pushes Gopi.Gopi falls on Ahem.They both fall down.Ahem is on top of Gopi.They both share a passionate eye lock..

He touches her face.
GOPI:How dare you touch me?
Ahem and other friends are startled. Gopi gets up and goes.
All his friends sit around him.
AHEM:I have no hope now.
He weeps.All are upset.

A new girl enters the college.She looks simple and stylish.All are guys are bowled over by her appearance.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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