Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS Part5


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Youth Stars Part 5

Gopi is coming downstairs.Her leg slips and she falls down.Ahem reaches.
AHEM:What happened Gopi?
He helps her to get up.
GOPI:I just fell down.Oh!So painful.
Ahem feels sad.Gopi tries to walk.
GOPI:Oh!I can’t walk.Leg is sprained.
AHEM:It’s ok.
Ahem takes her in his arms.
GOPI:What are you doing?
AHEM:You can’t walk.Right?That’s why.
Ahem carries her in his arm.
He thinks:Why i feel Gopi’s pain?
Gopi blushes being in Ahem’s arms and holds his shoulders..

Ahem makes her sit.He manages to get ointment.
AHEM:Fold your pant.
AHEM:Fold your pant.
GOPI:What nonsense!
AHEM:It is to put oinment.Otherwise you won’t be able to walk properly.Leg sprain will hurt you.
Gopi folds her pant slowly.Ahem puts oinment on her knees.She stares at him.He looks at her eyes.She becomes conscious and she looks down.

After some time..
Gopi still finds it difficult to walk.
GOPI:Still it’s painful.
Ahem feels sit here.I will come now.
He goes out and gets pain killer.
AHEM:Have it.I’m sure that you will be alright.
She takes the tablet.
After some time…
Gopi gets up easily.
She are i’m alright.
He smiles.He thinks:Why i feel so happy when Gopi is happy?What all am i thinking?I’m happy because Gopi is my dearest friend.

Ahem and Gopi are in the library.
While walking Gopi’s leg slips and she falls on Ahem’s chest.She holds him tightly to get support.They both look at each other’s eyes.
GOPI:I’m sorry Ahem.
He can’t reply as is eyes are completely hooked to her.She becomes shy and turns off her face.He keeps looking at her romantically.

She looks at him.
AHEM:Ya Gopi..
He breaks the eye lock and listens to her.
Slowly Gopi moves away from him.He feels gloomy when she moves away from him.
He thinks:Why I felt nice when Gopi was close to me?

Jigar’s birthday party…
White is the theme.All have worn white costumes.Gopi has worn a white dress.Gopi wishes Jigar:Happy birthday Jigar.
Jig:So sweet of you Gopi.
Jigar-Gopi poses for photograph.

Ahem can’t take his eyes off Gopi.
He thinks:Why my eyes are stuck to Gopi always?She is so simple.But why i find her so ravishing?
Rashi puts her arms around Jigar’s neck romantically and says:Happy birthday my dearest..sweetest…Jigar…
He smiles:You wish is always special Rashi..
They share a sweet eye lock.
Suddenly they hear a voice:Hi Jigs..
They look at that person.It was their classmate Paridhi.
Paridhi runs towards Jigar and embraces him:A very special Happy birthday Jigs.

Jigar:Thank you so much Pari.
Paridhi gives him a gift:My gift.Open it and see.
He opens it and finds a watch.
Jigar:Wow…it’s so lovely.
Paridhi:Mine is the best birthday gift.Right Jigs?I knew that you will like my gift the most.
She ties the watch around his wrist.
Paridhi:It really looks cute on you.
Jigar smiles:Yes Paridhi.Your selecton can’t go wrong.

Rashi is fuming with jealousy and anger while Jigar smiles at Paridhi.
Jigar cuts the cake and tries to give the cake piece to Rashi.Suddenly Paridhi stands between them and Jigar puts the piece in her mouth.Rashi becomes upset.
Rashi blasts at them:How dare you come between me and Jigar Paridhi?
Paridhi:Who are you to yell at me?
Jigar:You can’t insult Pari like this Rashi.
Paridhi:It’s not me,it’s you that comes between me and Jigs.

Rashi becomes upset and burst into tears.Suddenly Rashi realizes that shouting at Paridhi and Jigar-Paridhi shouting at her were her bad dream.
Rashi moves away.Jigar gives the cake pieces to his friends and at last to Rashi.
Rashi thinks:I wanted to get Jigar’s first piece of cake.But I became the last.
Jigar notices her dull face:Rashi..are you alright?
Rashi fakes smile:Yes Jigar.

Jigar-Rashi-Paridhi dance..

Aa dekhen jara
Kismein kitna hai dam
Jamke rakhna kadam
Mere saathiya
Aa dekhen jara (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Kismein kitna hai dam (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Jamke rakhna kadam (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Mere saathiya…(Rocky).

Enchanting music is heard in the background.It is the instrumental music of the song ‘Kal ho na ho…'{Kal ho na ho}.
Viren and Devoleena -.Ahem and Gopi are dancing together.
They feel special dancing with each other.

He thinks:Why i feel different when i touch Gopi?

The next day…
Jigar runs to Rashi with flowers.Rashi is busy with arranging books.

She turns back.
JIGAR:Rashi..i love you.

Rashi is surprised:Jigar!Really?

Jigar:Yes Rashi.I really love you.
She blushes.

She takes flowers from him:I love you too Jigar.I was waiting for so long to hear it from you.
Jigar is so excited that he spins her around and holds her closer.
Rashi says in her mind:I simply doubted whether Jigar loves Paridhi and spoiled my own mood.No..Jigar is mine..only mine.

Paridhi runs out in irritation seeing Jigar-Rashi together.
Ahem is surprised to see it.
Jigar goes to Ahem:Hi is the most beautiful day of mine.I confessed my love to Rashi.She also loves me.
AHEM:But you both were best friends.Right?
JIGAR:Yes..still we are.Our depth of friendship will not get weaker.Our love will strengthen our relation.Yesterday while dancing with Rashi,i felt strange.Then i realised that i’m in love with her.And you know…she also felt the same for me.
Ahem thinks about his moments with Gopi.He thinks:Gopi is my best friend.But the biggest truth is that i love her.I will confess to her.She also feels the same for me.I’m sure.
Gopi and Devoleena come.Seeing Gopi Ahem smiles.He admires her secretly.
Gopi and Devoleena embraced Jigar:Congrats Jigar.

Gopi:You confessed your love to Rashi successfully.
Devoleena:Men should confess love to their lady love without any tension.That’s the men of courage.I like such men.
Viren come holding her closer:I also confessed my love courageously.So I am a man of guts.So you really admire me.Right?
Devoleena nods her head blushing.

Ahem thinks:Oh God…girls like men who confess with courage.So I should also confess my love with courage.But how can I?

Ahem sweats.Gopi notices it.
G:Ahem..are you ok?
Ahem:Yes Gopi.I have no tension.I am a man of courage.
Gopi opens her mouth in O shape:What?What is this Ahem saying?

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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