Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS Part4


Thanks to Nuszat,Varshini,Isaaq,Nandhini,Rianaa
Youth Stars Part 4

“The winner is…Sorry..there are two winners this time..because they both are equally good.The winners are Ahem and Gopi”.
Ahem and Gopi are shocked.They both look at each other with a pathetic face..they pity themselves for the result.
Announcement:The happy news is that for the all colleges dance contests Ahem and Gopi will be dancing together.
They both are shocked:What?
Jigar,Rashi,Viren and Devoleena hug Ahem and Gopi.
Jigar:Now we need to celebrate this.
Rashi:Ahem and Gopi have to give us treat.
Viren:Yes..treat guys.
Ahem:Ok ok.We will give treat.
Gopi:Yes sure.
Devoleena:Wow..can’t wait for the treat.Give the treat in a Chinese restaurant.
They all are excited.
Gopi come wearing a yellow short dress to the Chinese restaurant.

Seeing her Ahem get lost in her beauty.
She blushes.
(The credit for this edited pic goes to the unknown editor).

Rashi:Hi Gopi…Can’t wait to have food.Order fast Gopi.
Jigar are thinking only of food.
Rashi:Then what will i do when I’m hungry?Anyways though I eat I am not fat.Right?So don’t comment on me being foody.
Jigar smiles.
Gopi:Guys…don’t tease Rashi.We invited you all here for treat.And Rashi will get what she wants.
Rashi smiles.

Rashi:Wow just sealed their mouth.
Rashi-Gopi smile.
Ahem:Guys…we are going to order what you all like.
Gopi:Yes.Anything for you guys.

Ahem-Gopi order meals for each .

They serve and enjoy eating and chatting.

For another dance competition Ahem-Gopi start practicing.A choreographer has come to train them for the competition.Ahem and Gopi are with the choreographer.
Gopi thinks:Look at me fate.I’m forced to dance with him.
Ahem thinks:Oh!I don’t know how i’m going to hold her arms and dance.
Ahem and Gopi try to dance.
The choreographer:What rubbish!You guys are so irresponsible.Not at all sincere.Both are equally horrible.Not catching up steps.Rhythm is also out of track.
Ahem and Gopi are dull.The choreographer goes out of the room.
Viren,Jigar,Rashi and Devoleena enter.
Viren: Well..We were watching you guys.You know what the problem is?Though we all are in the same gang you both are not friends yet. That is why you guys are not able to dance well.
Ahem-Gopi become dull.
Jigar:Be friends.You guys will rock.
Devoleena:I absolutely agree with Viren.
Rashi:I also think that what he says is true.
Ahem extends his arm with a slight smile:Friends?
Gopi smiles slowly holding his hand:Friends.
They smile.

Rashi:Finally Ahem and Gopi have become friends.That’s so nice.
Ahem Gopi smile.

Devoleena:You both remember one thing.Just becoming friends is not enough.You guys need to maintain it.
Ahem holds Gopi closer:We will surely maintain our friendship.
Gopi:Yes.We will value this friendship.

Jigar:That’s really good.
They all smile.

Ahem Gopi rehearse well.
The choreographer:You guys are amazing.Then why you both were bad during the initial days?
They simply smile.

For the dance competition Ahem and Gopi dance to the song

‘ Left leg aage aage, right leg peeche peeche
Aaja yaar lets start ve
Sar ko ghuma le round, pair zara up down
Itni se yeh bath ve
Woh banda ki kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath tham le
Ooye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh baliye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le.. heyyy..
Oh soniye… oh soniye…..'{Rab ne bana di jodi}.

They win the trophy.

Friendship day..
Everyone is busy exchanging friendship bands with each other.
Gopi is waiting for Ahem:Where is this Ahem?
Finally Ahem reaches.
GOPI:Where were you?I was waiting for you for so long.
AHEM:Why?What is the matter?
GOPI:You don’t know that?Today is friendship day.
AHEM:Really?I forgot that.
GOPI:You stupid.You don’t remember that?So you did’nt buy friendship band for me?I am a fool who thought that you are my best friend.
Ahem grins.Gopi is irritated and walks forward.Suddenly Ahem holds her arm.She turns back.Ahem is holding a friendship band with a cute smile.She is surprised:Ahem!You knew that today is friendship day?
He smiles.He ties the band around her wrist.She ties a friendship band on his wrist.They take selfies and see them in his mobile with a smile.

Jigar and Rashi tie friendship band around each other’s wrists.
Jigar:Happy friendship day Rashi.If you were not there I would’nt have known the meaning of friendship.Through you I got good friends like Ahem,Viren,Devoleena and Gopi.
Rashi smiles:Thank you for being a good friend to me.
Jigar smiles.They both hug in a friendly manner.

Viren and Devoleena tie friendship band around each other’s wrists.
Devo: Happy friendship day Viren.

Viren:Devo..though you are my girl friend first you are my friend.It’s because of your sweet friendship that I fell for you.

Devoleena smiles holding his hand:Yes Viren..only good friends can be good lovers.We are good froends.That’s why we can love each other madly.
They embraced each other cutely.
Gopi,Rashi,Devoleena,Viren,Ahem and Jigar exchange friendship bands among themselves.
Viren:Today is friendship day.Let us enjoy..we will go out for dinner.
Jigar:That’s a good idea.

They all have dinner outside.After dinner when they go out they see rain.
Ahem:Oh no..Rain.
Gopi:So what?Rain is beautiful.
Ahem:Are you mad Gopi?
Viren:Gopi is right.Rain is beautiful especially when we are in love.
Devoleena:Right.Rain symbolizes love.
Viren:So Devo and I are going to romance in rain.Right Devo?
Devoleena blushes.
Viren-Devoleena leave.
Rashi:Jigar..drop me to hostel.
Jigar:Ok Rashi.

Rashi sit behind Jigar’s bike and he drives.
Rashi:Rain is so cool Jigar..
Jigar:But driving in rain is exciting.
Rashi:Yes nice rain drive.
They both giggle.

Ahem:Gopi..I will drop you home.
G:If you had’nt offered me lift I would have strangled you.
They both laugh.

Viren-Devoleena danced in rain.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho– AASHIQUI 2

He pulls her closer and feels the rain drops of her wet skin.She closes her eyes in passion.
Ahem and Gopi are in the car.Ahem is going to drop her home.Rain drops are falling down.
GOPI:Wow!Rain.Stop the car Ahem.
He stops the car.
Gopi gets out of the car and dances in the rain.She is completely wet.Ahem can’t take his eyes off her.
The song ‘Kuch kuch hota hai..’s instrumental music is heard in the backdrop.Ahem goes and dances with Gopi.

Suddenly Ahem realises that it is only a dream.
AHEM:No dance.It was just a dream.Why did i dream about Gopi like that?Am i falling in love with Gopi?No…She is my best friend.

Ahem and Gopi sit inside the car.Gopi shakes her head.Water drops from her wet hair fall on Ahem’s face.He looks at Gopi deeply.She does’nt know that his eyes are stealing her face.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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