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Youth stars Ahem Gopi,Jigar rashi,Karan Tacker Devoleena SS Part3


Thanks to Maya,Nandhini, Rianaa,Pari miss, Isaaq,Sanam Sania-,Varshini.Special thx 2 Nandhini 4 commenting twice.
Guys in this SS Devoleena is paired opposite Viren n Gopi is played by Gia Manek.

Youth Stars Part 3
After a few days…
Viren,Rashi,Jigar and Ahem are busy.
Gopi:Why all seem to be so busy?And where is Devo?
Rashi:Shoo…we purposefully avoided Devo.
Rashi:Today is Devoleena’s birthday.
R:And we all are making preparations to give her surprise.
G:That’s interesting.I will also join you guys.
R:Ok come.

Viren closes Devoleena’s eyes and brought her o the destination.
Devo:Viren..tell me.Where have you brought me?
He opens her eyes removing his hand off her.
It was a grandly decorated place with a cake on the centre.Rashi,Jigar,Ahem,Gopi and other classmates wished her together:Happy birthday Devoleena.
D:Oh..I am surprised.Thank you so much guys.
Devoleena looks at Viren:Thank you so much for bringing me here Viren.
V:its for you cut the cake.
Devoleena cut the cake.She took a piece in her hand.
Rashi:I know to whom you are going to give this piece to first.Viren..
Devoleena and Viren become shy.Devo goes to feed the cake to Viren.He holds her hand:No…
He takes the piece and puts it in her mouth.
Devo:Hey refused to take cake piece from me?
Viren:Who said that I refused to take cake from you?I will take it from you only.
There was a small cake piece stuck onto cream near her lips.suddenly Viren sucked it from her face.
Devoleena blushes at this unexpected act of Viren.
Rashi:Hey..Viren…have some shame.
Viren holds Devoleena closer rubbing his nose on her cheek:Why should I have shame to express my love for my sweet heart.Right Devo?
She blushes.

Devo-Viren share a romantic eye lock.
Ahem,Gopi,Rashi and Jigar feed the cake to Devoleena.

They put music and dance.

All students get ready for Talent’s day competition.
Ahem practices hard.Gopi who passes by sees him dance.Seeing Ahem dance Gopi gets nervous:Oh..he is too good.Will I be able to defeat him in the competition?I have to really practise.
Gopi practises dance.
After practising for some time.she decides to take rest.Suddenly she realizes that Ahem is behind her.

Gopi:When did you come?You were watching me dance?
AHEM:I just came one minute back.So you are also taking part in the dance competetion on the talent’s day?
GOPI:Yes.Why?I can’t take part in the competition?
Ahem smiles:You can.But there will be only one winner.That’s me.Ahem Modi.

Gopi is irritated:How can you be so sure about it?

AHEM:Because i have always won all the dance competitions till now.
GOPI:But you have not competed against Gopi till now.Gopi defeats everyone.I have always won dance competitions.
Ahem smirks:But let us see who wins.
Gopi is losing her confidence.But withing a moment she regains her confidence:Yes.

Talent’s day..

Devoleena danced on
Chammak challo chel chabeeli
Kehte hai mujhko raas raseeli
Haan chamak challo chel chabeeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseeli
Bach ke tu rehna dildaar sajna
Ho mehanga padega tujhko pyaar sajna
Baja re baja re baja band baaja
Arey iska baja re dekho band baaja- – Rowdy Rathore

Rashi hugs Devoleena.

R:You were too good Devo.
Devo:Thank you so much cutie.
Devo kissed Rashi’s cheek.

R:You have one more dance.Right?
Rashi:All the best.
Devo:I will change my costume and come.And all the best for your dance Rashi.

Gopi dances to the song ‘Dha Na Dha Tatdha tatdha

Dhi Titkit Dha

Dhi Titkit Dha

Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha

Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha

Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha

Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha

Dhin Tirakita Tirakita dha

Mere Dholna Sun

Mere Pyaar ki dhun

Mere Dholna Sun

..'{Bhool bhulaiya].

Ahem dances to the song

‘It’s magic, it’s magic, i’ve got the vibe that you need 2
Kachchaa nahin kuchh bhi pakkaa nahin
Kuchh bhi hotaa hai jo kuchh bhi sab khel hai
It’s magic, it’s magic -2

..'{Koi mil gaya].

Rashi dances..
Bolo Radhe Radhe
Radhe-Radhe Radhe-Radhe Shyam (x4)

Ghoonghat ke pat jo uthayegi
Panghat pe thumke lagaayegi
Kajre ki dhaar se
Baahon ke haar se
Kaanha ko apne sajaayegi
Music bajega loud to Radha Nachegi
Music bajega loud to Radha Nachegi

Radhe Radhe… hoye
Radhe Radhe… ho
Radhe Radhe… aaho
Radhe Radhe, bolo Radhe Radhe


Gopi dances on

Mera Jhumka Utha Ke Laya Re Yaar Ve
Jo Gira Tha Bareli Ke Bazar Mein

Meein To Thumka Lagake Sharma Gai
Boli Ghoongar Bandha Denge Mein Aa Gai
Mujhko Nacha Ke Nach Le
Aaaja Nach Le Nach Le Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le

Jhanak Jhanak Jhankar
O Nach Le Nach Le Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Abb To Luta Hai Bazar.
Sab Ko Bhula Ke Nachle
Aaaja Nach Le Nach Le Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Jhanak Jhanak Jhankar
O Nach Le Nach Le Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Abb To Luta Hai Bazar.(Aaja Nachle).

Jigar dances on
Girl you’re my chammak challo.
Where you go girl I’m gonna follow
What you want girl just let me know
You can be my chammak challo

Shawty I’m gonna getcha
You know I’m gonna getcha
You know I’ll even letcha
Letcha be my chammak challo

Kaisa sharmaana aaja nachke dikha de
Aa meri hole aaja parda gira de
Aa meri akhiyon se akhiyaan mila le
Aa tu na nakhre dikha

Wanna be my chammak challo, o o o..
Wanna be my chammak challo, o o o..
Wanna be my chammak challo, o o o..
Wanna be my chammak challo, o o o.. – RA.One

Devoleena comes up with her next performance.

Gumsum Gumsum Gupchup Gumsum Gupuchup
Gumsum Gumsum Gupchup Gumsum Gupuchup
Gumsum Gumsum Gupchup Gumsum Gupuchup
Hulchul Hulchul Ho Gayi Teri Honth Hai Kyon Chup
Hulchul Hulchul Ho Gayi Teri Baithe Hain Gupchup
Pyaare Pyaare Chehre Ne Karte Hain Ishaara
Dekha Teri Aankhon Ne Hai Sapna Koi Pyaara
Humse Gori Na Tu Sharma Kehde Humse Zara
Humse Gori Na Tu Sharma Kehde Humse Zara
Kehna Hi Kya Ye Nein Ek Anjaan Se Jo Mile
Chalne Lage Mohabbat Ke Jaise Ye Silsile
Armaan Naye Aise Dil Mein Khile
Jinko Kabhi Main Na Jaanoon
Vo Humse Hum Unse Kabhi Na Mile
Kaise Mile Dil Na Jaanoon
Ab Kya Karein Kya Naam Lein
Kaise Unhein Main Pukaroon(Bombay).

Devoleena and Gopi hug each other.

Gopi:Never knew that you were so graceful Devo.
Devo:But you were the best and I really wish that you or Ahem win.Because I really feel that you and Ahem are the best dancers of our gang.
Gopi smiles.
Viren dances..
Ek pal ka jeena, phir to hai jaana
Tofa kya leke jaaye, dil yeh bataana… (2)
Khaali haath aaye the hum
Khaali haath jaayenge
Bas pyaar ke do meethe bol jhilmilaayenge
To hans kyoon ki duniya ko hai hasaana
Ae mere dil tu gaaye jaa
Ae aaye aao aaye aa.. -Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

The announcement:The winner is…
Gopi and Ahem hold their breath.

plz look at my Viren Devoleena romantic edited pic n give ur opinion.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    This is awesome!!~Nusz

  2. very nice one. viren devoleena scene was good . gopi challenged ahem ,that was nice . u make us visualise the scene jasmine Rahul that shows u r a good writer . update next one soon please

  3. I really like it jasmine.

  4. The episode was filled with full energy of college youngsters ahem,gopi,viren,devo,jigar and rashi….i love the over confidence of ahem who thinks he is the best in dance…the edited pic is sooo cute showing viren and devo as cute love birds☺☺☺

  5. Awsome

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