You’re My world (Part 1)


It was a usual sunday morning for Mr. Samrat Khanna. He was busy playing with his 3yr old son jai and occasionally attending his 8.5 month pregnant wife Piyali Khanna , when the doorbell rang he went to attend the person he could find no one when suddenly something unusual caught his attention. A little baby girl may be about a year old was sleeping peacefully nicely tucked in the blanket along with a letter attached to it. He carefully picked up the baby and brought her inside piyali was shocked to see the sight and asked samrat about it… without replying samrat just started reading the letter he was completely shocked he hadn’t expected this to happen , piyali was questioning him continuously finally after waiting much she snatched the letter and started reading it she was shattered and very angry and wanted to confront samrat but before that she had Labour pains and samrat without wasting any time took her to hospital they were informed the arrival of a baby girl and they were extremely happy and piyali had forgotten all that had happened that morning until they returned home and saw the little girl looking at them curiously with her big beautiful eyes
Piyali confronted samrat and he told her what had happened when he had gone for an official trip a year before….
Samrat had gone to delhi for an official meeting regarding an important deal
The deal had been cracked successfully so his colleagues decided to throw a party there he had met her “Nivedita” they became really good friends and were enjoying each others company. Their colleagues made them drink and they lost control , next morning he found himself in bed with nivedita he didn’t remember anything without wasting anytime he rushed from there
Flashback ends…
Samrat: I didnt know this would happen i would never ever think of cheating on you
I love you and our kids more than my life I’m extremely sorry for this…
Piyali was very angry but after knowing about the incident and seeing her husbands honesty in his eyes she decided to forgive him
Piyali: Samrat I was very angry with you but after knowing the truth i have decided to forgive you for our children
Samrat: Really!! Thank you piyali….thank you so much you dont know how much happiness you have given me
Piyali: But then what about this girl??
Samrat: She would be staying with us as she is my responsibility although by mistake
Piyali: But dont expect me to show any motherly love to her. She will always remind of that dreadful incident
Samrat: But…
Piyali: (cutting off samrat) please dont i forgave you because of our children and i dont want any further discussion about this

She left from there….
Samrat went to the little girl who was looking at him with a gaze as if surprised? and called Jai
Samrat: Jai.. come here
She is your sister her name is Samaira take her with you and dont trouble her ok!!?
Jai nodded a yes!! And went from there holding little samaira’s hand…..

Hey everyone I’m really happy with your response I didn’t know that you all would like it this much….
I was thinking of writing a fanfiction from quite a long time but was feeling a bit shy… but now
I finally decided to one…. and I’m really very happy that you all liked it thank you ?

Credit to: Simran?

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  1. wow interesting ff…………lovely m waiting for next part

  2. Awesome episode 🙂

  3. Wow very interesting will be waiting for the next one. Tc

  4. that’s sweet………samrat introducing sam to jai as his lil sis and asking him nt 2 trouble her……… the new born baby Rads ?? or is that ew born baby of least importance in this story……………..Samrat is 2 be blamed………how cn he do such a thing ??? even he was drunk ??? anyway glad that Piyali forgave him… sad that she wont shower motherly affectio to little sammy…………………plzzzzzzzzzz update soooooooooooon…………..

  5. interesting story .please continue….tc

  6. Hey simran … n pleasant start…..keep on going buddy….

  7. Hi simran….very lovely episode…plz don’t mind, I just noticed the baby’s age is 1 year n fb also was 1 year back, isn’t fb should be 2 years back for nivedita incident? Loved the episode samrat being truthful n piyali forgave him but didn’t accept sam as a daughter…poor sam…is there ardhika in this ff?…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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