You’re My world (Intro)

Samaira Khanna: A sweet and cheerful girl only when outside the house
Loves her family although doesnt get much love and attention from them except her brother
Always tries to do her best to get some attention from her parents
Doesnt have any friends

Neil Malhotra: A brooding prince extremely rich
Although like Samaira in his heart but doesn’t show and behaves rudely with her
Parents died long back
He is best friends with Jai Khanna and thinks of him as his brother

Jai Khanna: An extremely sweet and caring person he loves samaira a lot and best friends with Neil since grade 5

Manya khanna: The smallest member of khanna family and pampered by every one. She doesnt give much attention or respect to samaira
Always rude to her

Piyali khanna: A loving mother for her children but hates samaira extremely partial when it comes to her children and samaira
Very intimidating and keeps nice control over samaira

Samrat khanna: A cool and very humorous dad loves his children alot . Although he doesn’t hate samaira but doesn’t give her much attention thinks his responsibility limits to fulfilling her financial needs.

Samrat is a middle class man working in an IT company in Shimla
Earns enough to sustain a comfortable life if not able to afford luxuries
Samaira was never his priority he just fulfilled his duty by getting her educated
He always focuses on Jai and Manya and their needs

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  1. Yo simran… Nice

    1. Hey!! Thanks?

  2. Hi nice start…. Liked it very much… Is it a nesam exclusive? …or will thr b ardhika?

    1. Hey thanks
      Well for now let that remain as a suspense if its nesam or ardhika along with it?

  3. Nice start waiting for more

    1. Thanks and surely wont disappointment you!!!

  4. Nice start, waiting for the episode. 🙂

    1. Thanks and will post asap…

  5. Loved it….but dont know y evey1 hates Sam…..poor girl……..loved the intro… is an exclusively nesam ff ??????? Wont u include ardhika???? Plzz do…….anyway update soon……

  6. nice start…waiting for next

  7. super.

  8. nice intro…looking forward to next one..good going..

  9. nice start dear……….

  10. Awesome intro…plzzzz continue dear, love you loads

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