You’re the one who make me smile One Shot

You’re the one who make me smile.
This Is the story where kunj and Alisha will be married but having one child but Alisha start changing and don’t give enough time to kunj or their child and kunj was irritat by her act even he want to know why she is doing this and especially to their daughter.
Night time in kunj Alisha room.
Kunj – Alisha why your doing this to me and my daughter you know we need u and especially out daughter need you.
Alisha – plz don’t start this boring lecture again and it only your daughter not my okay
Kunj – enough Alisha she is our daughter and we had love married but idk wjt you suddenly change
Alisha – I change coz I don’t have time to shopping for party with my friend not staying in house and taking care of your house or your daughter so I need a divorce from u plz
Kunj – plz Alisha u know how much I love you and we need u as I am always busy in meeting and one should be at home to took care of our daughter
Alisha- sorry but I need a divorce from u I have sign the paper and it your turn.
Kunj – who was bagging her to notdo divorce as riya was just small and she new her mom love
Alisha – final and bye take care kunj
Kunj – Alisha no plz we need you
Other side riya was watching them and felt bad for her dad.

Riya came their and hug kunj and both cry
Kunj – don’t worry I will be with u and I will also try to find new maid or who can take u to school and take care of u
Riya – you’re the best dad in this world I love you .
Kunj – I love your too and you’re the best daughter

2 years pass kunj and Alisha were divorce and kunj also find a maid who is helpful to Riya and never make her feel her so called mom absence and kunj also start to fall for her and he thought to share with twinkle about his feeling toward her so he call her. And told her to come met him at his office.
In kunj cabin
Kunj was sitting and preparing who to proposed to twinkle and he has so many question will she accept him or not but somewhere he feel she will agree gkr riya coz twinkle love riya more then anything
There is knock on door and he saw twinkle their and lost in her
K- come in
T- why did u calk me here sir
K- first don’t call me sir and second thing it
I don’t know when and how but I fall for u and the ways u took care of everything made me love u more especially my daughter u never make her feel her Mon absence So I think u will be riya best mom and my best wife will u married me twinkle
T- was in shock and happy coz she also start falling for him so she agreed to his proposals and both share hug and riya hello I am also here al trio share the hug and
R- thank u mom for everything u did for us and now I have one wish
Kt- what it is tell us
R- I want a baby boy with who I can plz as all my friend have theur baby boy accept me
K- don’t worry soon u will also have one baby boy so go and have lunch
T- was in shock face hearing daughter father convention
• K- we have to full field riya wish right saying he hug her and they leaves like happy family

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    hey dear it was such a cute OS yrrrr….
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    huhhhh this mad alisha….
    and our lovely twinkle….
    awesome babes…

  6. Sameera

    Wow yaar amazinggggg os loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar ..??????????????????

  7. Hey dear it was such a beautiful and sweet os..???????…It was sooooo sooo awesome yrr??? Huhhhh this alisha??? …and twinkle was such a nice person…?????
    Love u!!!?

  8. Nice os….

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    It’s so cute
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