You’re the night ; You’re the light ; You’re the colour of my blood ..! Chapter 1


Hi guys,this is sudharshna a cracy was swasan lover …actually I could Not control my love for writing this is a kind of stress burster …so I think u will give your love to this as much as you can…
Characters will be introduced as the story travels…
Chapter 1
I know what true love is …
The scene starts in SITARGANJ…
it is a beautiful small town located in NAINITAL..
located between three major water reservoirs ..

It receives an annual rainfall of 193mm…
There in a small bungalow a small girl of 4 years is waking a man of 30 s …
“Baby wake up na it’s already late …I have to be in school by 8:15 but now the time is 8:10…baby …baby wake up..”

The man rolls from the bed and show his face
It’s sanskar…
“Us baby I know 2min I will get ready ok today you will be at school in right time. ..”
They 2 rush but their bike stops in the middle of the way anika baby 2 min papa will make it work …baby daily you are saying the same story to me…said anika (small girl) whom a innova fastly crossed the road splashing water in anikas face…she shouyed ba… …Sanky and ani staryed the bike and followed the car in full speed ….they crossed two cars four bikes in dead speed.. following the car it started to rain heavily …. but sanky came before the car and made it stop…giving a hero entry style anika said theri baby !…the man in the car came out little scared ….sanky went in hero style walk to

the man ….and said now you know how difficult it is to travel in rain go slow ok and turned towards anika (she gave a spitting look ) and that two at last reached school by 9 …and sanky leaving her by the gate said baby I have kept the books correctly check it ok…anika turned her bag a bucket full of water came out of it …sansky gave a pleading look and ran from their …anika reached the class room a 20 years miss was taking class at the time
“May I come in mam” anika asked

The miss showing her face turned and asked daily late ? Anika what I the reason ….what I the reason today..?
“Mam baby waked up late ….and while coming out bike got repaired …while a car splashed water in my face and baby followed it and……”
Stop stop I asked you the reason you are saying a story….go and sit inside
Tom I have to meet your parent ok?
At chuch morning Sharp 9 right?
Anika have a nod and went inside…..
Next morning at church sanky and anika were waiting for the miss…
Sanky asked baby your miss should have asked us to meet in school right? Then why church?
Anika replied saying baby if miss wants to punish is she would have asked us to meet in school I think she will leave us in peace that why church…
“Baby you are genious”said sanky..
While alady approached them and said hello I am helly Mathew anikas teacher ..sanky stood up in a frightened look u was standing like a statue seeing her …..for past 2 min while
“Baby baby what happend? ” why are u standing like budda asked anika
Sanky said swara….his eyes were filled with tears.. swata you are alive? Nothing happend to you right? Are u fine asking he cupped her face the teacher was left in shock …hello mister i am helly …helly mathew….

She waved a hand before sanky face….
SANSKAR came into reality wiping his tears he said sorry sorry
“I am varun kapoor ”
And the suspence is why did sanskar day his name as varun kapoor? Who Is anika sanskars daughter? What did sanskar called the name swara …seeing anika s teacher?
Ya guys how was the episode should I continue or not ? Pls share your comments…

Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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  1. Hahaha this is theri film of Vijay ryt
    Anyways it was nice good start

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Thank you Aradhya ya …theri film intro…scenes I liked the story line soo much hence placed sanskar and swara in it…but my story will deviate from it …don’t worry from next epi my planned story will start…

  2. nice

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Thank u

  3. Its story of their movie

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Ya…hema I liked the story woo much hence used it for first epi…thank I for commenting..

  4. r u a vijay fan?

  5. r u a vijay fan? its nice

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Not like that aadhi i am basically atlee fan. ..thank you for reading

  6. Awesome

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Thank you shagun…

  7. Excited for the story…plz update soon

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Thank u sim sure will continue the story…

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Thank u mm…

  8. Nice & yeah I love that song by ellie goulding ( u r the night, u r the light, u r the colour…….)

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Sss… I am big fan of ellie gouldling..especially this song I am kind of addicted…and thank u for reading…

    1. sudharshna udhayakumar

      Thank u…

  9. I m 2 Atlee fan…..nice start continue

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