You’re mine Spoiler


In the coming epi there will be lot of reveleation the cause gor the rivakry that broke out 20 years back will be shivani their evil aunty dp and shekhar were very best friends shivani loves shekar very much she would have spoken to dp once he said that he will talk to him but then sumi came inro his life he changed him with her goodness she became his life he even proposed her she agreed for the marriage when dp spoke about her sister he neglected and told about sumi he was both happy for him and sad for his sis then he went home snd told everything to her she started to het angry and broke things in the house and vowed to break their friendship she planned many ideas to stop the marriage but she couldnt then by her evil ways she tricked both of them and destroyed their friendship this was their cause .it will be seen that sanskar played a double game to shivani this will be only revealed to laksh and they will fool shivani and he will marry swara his love . And swasan marriage and raglak romance

Credit to: Priya

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  1. Sss update soon waiting…..for the….

  2. Sorry guys I will not be able to update frequently because I will be having me exam so that’s why I gave the spoiler wish me all the best

  3. Mouni Godavari

    Please please please update soon

  4. waiting for ur next epi

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