YOU’RE MINE (Part 2)

“Neil” my dad called.I went to him with a fake smile plastered on my face.

“Yes dad.You called? Is there any problem?”

“I see you are enjoying Aliya’s company.”

What’s up with him.He never ask me anything about my personal life.Why suddenly he is taking interest in it? There’s definitely something going on in his mind.But what? What he is upto?

“Neil I am talking to you my son”

“Oh sorry.i I just zoned out.What were you talking about btw.”

“Do you like Aliya?” Mr.Ahuja asked.

I nearly choked on my drink.They aren’t thinking about fixing our alliance.Noooo!!!!!!!It shouldn’t be happening.I can’t marry her.I know she is hot but she is a brainless bimbo.She is just another beauty without brain .f**k!!!!!! I won’t marry her.

“Yeah.She is hot…. I mean beautiful .I think she loves talking.She couldn’t stop talking when she was telling me about her boyfriend.”I was controlling my laugh all the time while talking.
Sorry Aliya…. I don’t have any choice.

Dad gave me a glare.Too bad Mr.Malhotra ….I am not going to listen you this time.Its my life and you just can’t take decision’s for me and force me to do anything.

“What are you talking Neil”Her dad asked controlling his anger.

“What happened Mr.Ahuja?Are you okay”

He gave me a murderous look and stormed off.

“What is this Neil”my dad asked gritting his teeth.

“You’re asking me what’s this?”I asked shocked by his behavior.This man is unbelievable!!!! “You fixed my f**king alliance with a girl whom i don’t even know that too without my consent” I said now completely frustrated. and without giving him any chance to reply I stormed out of the party.


I was sitting in a bar drinking when my phone buzzed.I wasn’t in a mood of talking so I just cut the call.But as if god was enjoying my situation it again rang.This time i recieved the call.I looked at the screen and it was some unknown number.

“What the hell you want”I was beyond angry.I wasn’t in my senses so instead of asking who the hell was the person who called me I bursted my anger on him.

“Whoaaaa!!!!! Calm down Mr.Malhotra.I have called you for giving some important information to you”

“And who are you?”I asked not understanding what she was talking about.

“Let’s say….your well-wisher”

“And what do you want to inform me”

“Come on Mr.Malhotra I thought you are intelligent…. but never mind …..Don’t you know nothing is free in this world”

That b*t*h.

“Fine you will get whatever money you want.Now just tell the f**king news”

“ABC newspaper is going to publish some news about your illegal business.”

Wtf. How did they come to know about this? My staff is really honest and they won’t betray me.Because if they did they would have to face consequences and they know it wouldn’t be good for them to betray me.

“And may I know how did you come to know about this?”

I have to play smart.What if she is doing this so she can get some evidence against me.

“I work there and let’s just say I accidentally heard them talking”she was irritated now.

“What is the name of the journalist who had covered the news?”I asKed . Who ever it is he/she is going to face worse days of their life.

“Samaira….. Samaira Khanna”she said gritting her teeth.

Whoaa!!!So she is a woman.ohhhh….this is really getting interesting.

“Thanks for the information and you will get your money tomorrow”With that I end the call.

Samaira Khanna…… YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS…….


I entered the hall and immediately regret coming here.My eardrums are hurting due to loud music .Yeah you guessed it right I am in a party .Well…..I am not a party person.But it’s my best friend’s birthday so I have to attend it.Its not like I hate parties but I am not comfortable with parties.

So…here comes the birthday girl.

“Omg sam you’re looking gorgeous.I have told you it would suit on you”she said .

“Thanks but you’re looking just like a princess.Its your day so you should be the one enjoying all the attention sweet heart.”she gave me a fake glare and we both laughed.

“So I heard you are going for a month leave.”Rads said.

“Yeah I was actually thinking of giving a visit to my parents “I didn’t tell her the real reason because irrespective of how much we trust someone we as a journalist aren’t supposed to discuss any professional thing with an outsider.

“You should be and you need to relax a bit too.Hope you’re serious about the leave this time” I just smiled.Well….I had taken leave for like 2 times but at the last moment I changed my plan and instead went to office as my team needed me.

I wished her again and gave her the gift which I have bought for her .She hugged me and went to attend other guests.

So I am here alone observing everyone.I know I am not a social person.But this is how I am.I am not good at talking to a stranger.Most of the time I embarrass myself by saying something which I shouldn’t said.

“Hey Sam,its been many days since we last met”Ryan,Rad’s brother said.

He is really cute and caring.He is like a brother to me.He had always protected me whenever I got myself in trouble.Just opposite of his sister he is calm .While Rads she don’t let anyone talk when she want to give her little speech.Once she starts talking then it is almost impossible to stop her.

“Hello…..yeah…was really busy with work”I replied smiling.


After an hour I was standing outside Rad’s house waiting for a cab. She had asked me to stay at her place tonight as it was very late but I politely denied her offer as I have to go office tomorrow.But now I am regretting refusing her offer.Its been 15 min since I am waiting for a cab and not a single cab is visible here.Its been 12 now.

I couldn’t stand here for long,so I started walking.I could feel someone watching me.I started getting odd feeling….like… like something bad is gonna happen….

I have a feeling that someone is following me,but when I turned there was no one. I decided to ignore everything and started to walk again.Just less than 5 seconds I saw a black van standing at other side of the road.Panick started rising inside me.From the corner of eye I saw two strong men coming out of the van.They aren’t giving me any good feeling either.I can’t think of anything.So I done the first thing which came into my mind…..yes….I ran……..I f**king ran from that place…. .But they were two fast.They caught me even before I could complete 10 steps.Shit Sam!!!! Stupid move ……stupid.. stupid…stupid….. stupid Sam… couldn’t you think something better???

They had caught me……my life is over now…..but what would they want from me…..f**k….I don’t wanna die this young….shit….I even haven’t had my first kiss….god …..plzzzz help me….I don’t wanna die….

Suddenly I felt wet cloth on my mouth….then it hit me….they are kidnapping me…..but why….I was not in a state of thinking clearly….I just tried to stop my breathing for some time but felt miserably.All could I remember one of my kidnappers telling someone that the work has been done before the darkness consumed me.

Heyaa peeps,how r u all? so here is the next chapter. I wanted to post it on Wednesday but couldn’t think of what to write.I had wrote a whole chapter on Friday but when i read it I was disappointed with deleted that.? Anyways I have tried to write a long chapter as many of you wanted…..n yeah…most important thing NESAM will meet in next next episode will be full of nesam scenes and their respective pov.

I am not sure when will be next update…but whenever I will get time I would definitely update.??. Till then take care n yeah don’t forget to drop a comment? .Guys if you have some suggestion you can surely tell me,it would help me in improving my writing skills.☺☺☺

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  1. Arti viswanathan

    Ridziee darling superb, excellent, outstanding, nice, good, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, fantastic episode. . . . . . I loved it to the core. . . . . . I liked all the scenes. . . . . . Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. . . . . . Will be waiting for next episode. . . . .

  2. Ridziee

    Thanks arti….your comment always encourages me dear?

  3. Hey dear, it’s just mind blowing and i really loved this episode. And nesam is going to meet and i really excited. Neil pov is amazing, and sam’s is just superb. And who is that brutus behind sam’s back. And sam got kidnapped, I just really loved this episode. And i have no words to explain this chapter, and I am eagerly waiting for the next one. Love you lots and keep smiling ☺?

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks rads…. I am glad that you liked it….and about kidnapping part…..well…..let it be suspense……you will get to know who d kidnapper is & why did he kidnap Sam…just wait a little dear and take care.?

  4. Loved it….

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      Thanks saran…glad that you liked it?

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