YOU’RE MINE (Part 1)

“ma’am this was the news I was talking about.”

“so you finally got proof against him”

“yeah my team was searching for that from a long while. n finally we got success.”

“that’s why I am proud of you beta. You don’t give up easily.thats your plus point!”

“don’t change the topic ma’am . I know you are trying to divert my attention but it’s not going to help. I have told you thousand times and I am saying it one last time I am not going to back up”

She sighed.She is just not understanding my point of view. I know it’s dangerous and very risky but what’s the use of this job if I am not gonna be honest with it.She had tried everything to stop me but me being I am as stubborn as her.and I am not going to lose this time.

“okay . I will give it for publishing but promise me you will go somewhere away from Mumbai for some day once the news is published. You will be given paid leave. Just go away from Mumbai for some time maybe for a month.i will inform you back once the matter is settled till then switch off your phone don’t call anyone plzzzz Sam”

Is she kidding me? why should I just go and hide somewhere? I haven’t done anything wrong. He is the one who should be ashamed for his acts not me!!!!
But I have to convince her.sam just say yes. it’s not a big deal. Make her understand later .now your first priority should be publishing that news.

“Fine aunty, sorry ma’am .I will go somewhere okay?”

“hmm. I am sending it for publishing. Just don’t forget your promise”she said and went to her cabin.

Finally!!!!! I have successfully convinced her.Gosh this was such a big job. She is so much overprotective about me.Thanks to my dad?? he thinks I am still a small girl who can’t live on her own.So being a good father he called his friend that’s Megha aunty who is now my boss to look after me.I mean who does that.I still remember the day when I told my parents about going to Mumbai for fulfilling my dream.

(“Come on dad, it’s not like I am going to another planet. It’s just Mumbai.You can call me whenever you want.Mom at least you try to understand”

“No Sam,not this time.We have fulfilled your all wishes but not this one. How could we let you go to another places among the strangers. What will we do if something happens to you”

“Mom if something has to happen it will happen anywhere be it Goa or Mumbai.Mom please I have been dreaming about it since my teenage.plzzz mom plzzzz”

“Enough Sam.You Are NOT Going Anywhere” dad said.He was trying hard to control his anger but the tone in which he said was enough to make me cry.I ran to my room.I was crying whole night .Soon around midnight I drifted off to sleep .

Next morning I woke up by the aroma of cupcakes. I knew dad had made it.He always do it when I am upset and it is enough to make my mood better.But this time it’s not going to work dad.

Sighing I got out of my room only to see a lady in her mid forty talking with my mother.Who is she? I haven’t seen her before in our house.The aroma of cupcakes hit my nose again.Shit!! I am really hungry now.But I can’t eat.Sam focus!!!!

I was about to go back to my room when mom called me.

“Sam,meet her she’s Megha Bedi,your father’s old friend.”But why she is here, I wanted to ask but stopped the urge as it will be to ask like that.But what to do,my mood was already worst and everyone is irritating me.

“Sam beta,she is here for you”dad said coming out of kitchen as if knowing what was going in my mind.

“For me?” I asked confused.

“I ran a newspaper company in Mumbai.I am here to offer you a job in my company”

I was beyond pissed off now.How can they think I will agree to do job on my dad’s reference.

“Sorry ma’am but I don’t want job on anyone’s reference.I want to get a job on the basis of my talent not on anyone’s recommendation”I told her as politely as possible.

“Do you really think I am offering you job on your dad’s recommendation? How could you even think like that? I am a type of a person who doesn’t mix her personal and professional life.I saw your presentations and that’s why I decided to offer you job in my company”she cleared my confusion.

Shit how can I be so foolish? I should have known that.omg what did I do.How am I going to apologize to her?

“Ma’am I am sorry for….but she cut me off.

“No need to be beta.I liked your attitude.Not everyone has the guts to refuse a job offer just because it’s on someone’s recommendation.”

Awwwww.she is such a sweet lady.I am going to love my job.I thanked her again and went to my room for freshening up.

It’s been two days since that incident.I am now in my room packing my things.Yehhh.Finally I am going Mumbai.I can’t believe it.Dad allowed me but off course with certain restrictions.

“No late night parties,no alcohol”

“Dad I won’t do anything which will make you fell ashamed of me.”I promised me.

He smiled pecking my forehead and left.)

Mom ,Dad I am missing you badly!!! Maybe Megha aunty is saying right I should go and stay at my parents place.


f**k. How much I hate these so called business parties.There nothing happening in these kind of parties. All you should do is meet old people and talk about business!!!! Currently I am talking with a old friend of mine about our old times.

“hey bro must say you’re lucky ha”

“what are you talking about?”

“That girl standing at the bar counter is checking you out since the party had started”

“who? ” I asked him looking at the direction of bar counter.

There she was Mr. Mehata’s daughter. I sighed. she hasn’t got over me.She was my girlfriend in college and we had broke up after 3 months of relationship. She was too clingy that time. and I don’t think she has changed much.*sigh*

“She is hot”

“Sure she is but she is my ex and you Neil malhotra don’t go for girl twice.”

“Neil come here son” my dad called me.

“Excuse me Rohan .” I went to see why dad is calling me.It would be his some other rich friend.

sighing I went there only to be welcomed my an old classy man. I was right! But to my surprise the man wasn’t alone.There was another s*xy woman with her. She was wearing a beautiful gown which was
doing justice to her every curve.God she is hot!!

“Mr.Ahuja,he is Neil,my son and Neil he is Mr.Mihir Ahuja and this beautiful lady is Aliya Ahuja ,his daughter.”

“hello Mr.Ahuja ,welcome to the party ” I greeted him with smile.

“No formalities Neil”,saying this he hugged me. Why this man is behaving so sweetly? I know he is my father’s friend but my dad’s friends are normally formal with everyone. Then why this man is behaving this much friendly. Isnt it odd? I just shrugged off that doubt and went to talk with Aliya.

“Aliya, such a beautiful name for a pretty lady” she blushed at my comment.

“Nice to meet you Neil” she said smilingly .

We were busy in our conversation when my dad again called me . WTH . Why he is calling me again?

I went to him with a fake smile only to receive the biggest shock of my life!!!!!

heyaaaa peeps,how r u all?? I know I am late .But what to do. I am busy with my study and I had started another couldn’t concentrate on this one.I know you must be angry but plzzzz forgive me.

What do you think Neil is talking about? What shock he is going to receive? Hehe don’t think too much you will get to know in next part.Till then take care.????

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