You’re mine chapter 5

Ragini says leave it swara but swara says u don’t know ragini I have seen papa crying and ma comforting him he valued his friendship but he didn’t ragini ask who didn’t swara says Ms.durga prasad.ragini says swara now u r going to a new house do not think about this think of starting ur life fresh with virat. She says ur correct and past is past .swara ask when u r leaving she says today evening and swara ask her to stay for few days but she says I am having my exam next week is I need to study it is ambition .she says but I will be here definetly for ur marriage.she says ok go and pack ur things ragini leaves.swara sees the pic and fumes

In the evening ragini is all set to leave she hugs everyone and leaves

Sankara in his room talks to a lady wearing straight salwar and curly hair she is sanskar aunt shivani he tells to her tomorrow I have planned something very big and it will break their family and smirks.she tells after this u should aim on getting swara and fulfill my revenge .

Next morning ragini has reached deli she goes to her house and finds her aunt sadly sitting in the table with a bowl covered she goes and hugs her aunt gets happy at her arrival she kisses ragini in her cheeks and tells how she missed her and feeds her gulabari jamun which is ragini favourite (ragini aunt has no female child when ragini came to her house she loved her accepted her as her own child)while eating swara gets a sms and runs to the library .

Laksh is sitting alone in the hotel and thinking about his dream girl suddenly a girl weaing pardha comes and sits opposite to him and starts ge could only see her eyes she looks at him for few min and says I love u laksh is shocked and someone in bluetooth says to her not him but the next table she says sorry and sits in the next table laksh keenly listen what they r talking she says I love u roshini first time I saw u I fell I love with u at the mall I followed u for more than 3 months and observed ur nature and again says I love u the person thinks for a while and says sorry to hurt u but I am already in a relationship she cries but he says he love his girlfriend and she claps and she calls her friend her frnds comes she says ur bf passed the test and she takes her pardha and it is none other than ragini .laksh is both happy and shocked her friend happily hugs him and ragini leaves.laksh says so her name is ragini and smiles.

Virat parents comes to swara house and fall on shekar feet and ask him to forgive his family everybody r shocked shekhar ask him to get up and tell what happened he shows him a letter and swara reads that and become speechless

Precap-shekar says he has got a big business loss and says dp son have bought our neighbouring land and says I don’t know what to do swara breaks down in her room ragini wears pardha again and says to Rahul I love u laksh records this.

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  1. Awesome
    Raglak scene nice
    Post next epi pls
    Make it long

  2. Oho so much hatered

  3. Good… Y do sanskar hates swaragini family???Wat is next??

  4. wats the reason for sankars hatred???

  5. Good one nice raglak scene but wat abt swasan

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