You’re mine chapter 4


Engagement day

Swara is sitting before the mirror she feels someone hugging her it is ragini but swara doesn’t bother her ragini ask if she us angry on her swara says yes swara says she told her to come somedays before the wedding but she came 2 hours before the engagement ragini says it took time to prepare gift for her swara tells ur arrival is my greatest gift want i would want more that ragini gifts her a sari specially made for her marriage it has virat and swara’s name and gives her their childhood photo album fb shown(ragini was packing her things to go to dehli that time swara hid this album but ragini found out and both fought but sumi gave it to ragini as a memory swara was sad so ragini promised that when u leave this house i will give u this photo album)swara gets tear eyed she ask her to go through it they see their pic tease and laugh and one pic is missing swara ask her where it is she says donno .atlast page ragini wrote’ this is for my sweet sis who is going to be somebody’s wife but will always be my sister’ swara hugs ragini and cry ragini teases her saying omg u look bad without makeup if virat sees u he will break up with u swara laughs

Sanskar jumps into the avenu as a waiter he walks in and find his PA and ask if everything is fine she says yes dadi announce swara’s arrival sanskar turns he could not see her face as it is been covered with veil but through a small opening sanskar sees swara’s glowing face he gets mesmerized by her beauty and smiles without knowing he doesn’t remove his eye from her swara is taken both get engaged

After sometimes his pa comes and says work done lets go they leave

Next day in dehli

Laksh reaches dehli and searches everywhere for his dream girl and losses confidence he concentrates on his friend’s engagement which is after 5 days

In kolkata

The whole family feeds ragini she cant eat anymore and runs around the house and finally hids in the storeroom she finds few paper thrown on the ground she sees their childhood photos with two boys she remembers something and rushes to swara and ask for the album and matches the photo and the place from where it is taken and ask swara who r they swara is shocked and tells they r our enemy and our family enemy he is Mr sanskar maheshwari and he is Mr laksh maheshwari

Precap-sanskar says to somebody i will get swara however (new entry) someone comes and proposes to laksh.swara is heartbroken as her engagement stopped.

Credit to: Priya

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