you’re mine chapter 3

shekhar and sumi discuss what to give as dowry to swara’s inlaws shekhar says i am planning to build a hotel in swara’s name sumi is shocked she ask r u sure dont u remember what happened 20 years ago shekhar says it still burns my heart how can i forget that she says then why he says we shouldn’t be worried of them anymore sumi says but think about it .

laksh and other members sitting in the table he sees his dream girl serving food for him he is amazed but it was just a illusion and it was ap . laksh thinks do i really love her or it is just infactuation he is confused then he ask god if this is truly love then show me a way to find her

sanskar’s PA comes to his room and tells him new hotel is going to start soon and it is going to give heavy competition to us sanskar still working doesn’t stop he ask name she says swara gadodia hotel he stops and look at the PA tears are about to flow but he he stops them and looks down the PA continues this is going to be as a dowry to the owners daughter swara this hotel is named after her the first function to be held his her engagement even we got the invitation .he cant control anymore he tells her to leave now the PA keeps the invitation and leaves .sanskar cry he closes his laptop and opens a drawer in his room there is swara and sanskar’s childhood memories .with angriness he closes the drawer takes the invitation and leaves

laksh friend rahul who is leaving in kolkata invites him for his marriage laksh first denies then he ask where it is rahul says in delhi laksh jumps in happiness and says i will surely come he prays to god thank u god and one more request pls show me that girl

sanskar gets drunk and looks at swara’s invitation and cries he calls his PA and ask when is the engagement she says this sunday he says to can cancel all his meeting as he is going to attend the engagement and ask her to get some waiter’s costume she says ok and cuts the call he says says swara i was and will always follow u like shadow

precap-sanskar jumps into the avenue where swara’s getting engaged he acts as a waiter and they announce swara’s arrival he turns and swara comes she is covered on all sides by veil and through a small opening he sees her and is mesmerized by her beauty .laksh is sitting in a hotel to eat in delhi a girl wearing burqa comes and sits opposite to him and says ‘I LOVE U’ he is shocked

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  1. Great work dear! But please make it bit long, if possible

  2. Oh god who is that girl….

  3. soooo cute plzzz continue

  4. Nice start you nailed it

  5. pls forgive me for mistakes in the ff i will check before publishing

  6. Its soo good..loved ur writing

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