you’re mine chapter 2


after 1 year leap laksh is coming in a taxi he was seeing through the window he saw a girl wearing pink anarkali with straighten hair and high heels as she was walking the ground was wet and there were some place with staganated water and flowers on the ground she walked slowly without stamping the flowers then she headed to the bus stand she saw a first moving car heading towards the bus stand she saw few school students standing in the bus stand she ran towards them and protected them and covered them with her shawl the car splashed water on her shawl and it did not affect the children they were happy and thanked her she is sweet-hearted ragini this was all witnessed by laksh by the time got down from the taxi ragini went away he headed home

everybody welcomed laksh in after getting blessing from the elders he goes to sanskar he ask him wat he is going to do he says i am going to write book so u r not going to join me he says give me some time he takes his laptop and starts to write the story he names it ‘FOR A GIRL’

early morning sunday

swara shouts its sunday she wakes up from the bed without even changing her night dress she switches on the laptop and turns video chat on

in delhi ragini got up early in the morning and does arrti of god he she is living with her relatives it is a small family with sweet aunty ,strict uncle ,cute small brother and their elder son in dubai she is bold type but very sweet she hears skype sound she runs to her room and both the sisters gets tear eyed ragini moved to delhi to study animation she greets the elders in the house the talk for hours then swara informs her about her engagement with virat and asking her to come before ragini promises to come

precap-laksh friend in kolkata invites him for his marriage laksh assures him and is very happy as he will get a chance to meet his dream girl ragini . sanskar gets drunk reciving swara’s engagement invitation he gets tear eyed

Credit to: priya

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  1. Swara and sanskar already know each other? Wow. 😀

  2. Nice dear! Eagerly waiting for next but please make it long

  3. Oho hey guys raglak scene and write a book in telugu oja laila kosam mov is there so nice

  4. Spr yar

  5. Thanks for all ur support and will try to make it longer

  6. Hi it’s priya pls share ur suggestions

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