you’re mine chapter 1

hi guys pls support me in writing this ff
a girl wearing red dress is talking with her friends suddenly a girl from her gang calls shona and ask her see at back she gets angry and punch a guy hard as he was eve teasing small school girls she is our swara everybody laugh at him he gets angry and was about to slap her that time somebody hold him he is virat he is engaged to swara but swara did not develop any feelings for him she is living with her mother dad and grandparents and she has a sweet sister in delhi studying and living with their relatives

a man is working very hard and takes a break by streaching he recives a call from his PA asking him to arrive for a meeting with CEO that time he recives a call from his phone he ask her to hold on the person who called him, hello bhai where r u when u will cum he tells he will be soon there and cuts the call he tells his PA cancel all his meetings for the day she says but this will he says nothing is more important than family he is sanskar maheshwari

graduation cermony starts the professor announce the student of the year is laksh maheshwari everybody claps sanskar is happy laksh comes near the mike and starts his speech through his speech he makes sanskar feel proud

after that sanskar wishes him and ask when u r going to join me laksh saya he is going to go on a world tour and enjoy his life then he will think to do anything sanskar agrees and makes arrangement morning he gets wishes from dp and ap and goes

precap – 1 year leap after his tour laksh on his way home to kolkatha from delhi he sees ragini and love at first sight

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