You’re My Love (part1)


Hi guys….this is my new fan fiction about the lost love of YHM…. seriously YHM has lost its charm

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is shown and four friends……They are none other than Ishita, Raman, Manoj and Shagun…..studying in the University of California …They all live in San Francisco
Ishita is pursuing medicine and Raman, Shagun and Manoj are pursuing MBA…..and they all are in the final year

The song Hai Junoon is playing in the background and four friends Ishita Raman Manoj and Shagun are in their classes
Bell rings and the friends meet at the cafeteria..
Raman: Hi Shagun and Manoj…where is Ishita???
Ishita: Hi guyzz…how did ur classes go today
Shagun: really bad….Professor Tillman caught us talking…..he is a doucebag…
Raman: Oh really….he thinks that I am his favourite student
Manoj: Haha!!!! We forgot about Ishita..why so late in joining us
Ishita: Nothing much…had a doubt so was with Professor Jack
Raman: Ishita the padaki girl in our group…serioulsy…I don’t understand why r u so padaki type….
Shagun: Yes Raman… u r true
Everyone have a laugh

Raman dreaming in his room about Ishita
Raman: Ishita… u r soo pretty…. don’t noe what to say??
Just then Simmi enters and sprinkles water on Raman
Raman: Simmi, why did u throw water on me??
Simmi: What happened to u bhai….lost in ur thoughts
Raman: Nothing..just exam tension

Scene 3.:
Ishita is seen studying and Mrs Iyer calls her
Mrs iyer: Ayyo…..see Ishu..always studying….
Mr Iyer: Let her study na…
Mrs Iyer: Like father Like daughter…

Scene 4:
The all meet again after their classes
Raman: did ur tests go??
Ishu: Really nice… I am going to get married sooner the later…
Shagun: Why didn’t u tell us about this…arre congo yaar!!!!!
Manoj: By the what is his name??
Ishita: Abhimanyu Raghav
Hearing this Raman gets sad..and goes aside
Ishita: What happened to Raman…..everytime I always see him soo why is he looking upset??
Manoj: I’ll see him…always so moody

Two months pass by and they all go for Ishu’s wedding shopping..
Ishita goes to Raman…
Ishita: Is Raman please
Mrs Bhalla: Ishita, its u?? How r u?
Ishita: I am fine aunty…how is Raman??
Mrs Bhalla: Don’t know…he’s just lost in his thoughts
Ishita: I am coming to meet him aunty….I am getting married soon aunty..u also have to come.
Mrs Bhalla: Sure
Shagun and Manoj arrive to the mall in the Honda CRV but Ishu tries to persuade Raman
She sees her pic in Raman’s diary…
Ishu(in her mind): I guess Raman loves me…
Ishu nags Raman to the mall and they all go for shopping

The four friends Ishita, Shagun Manoj and Raman go to pick Ishita’s groom to be…he comes in a black suit and a black tie…..
Shagun: Looks really dashing and daring…
Manoj: Obviously yes and maybe he studied in Yale University
Shagun: Connecticut
Raman is jealous seeing him…

Precap: Vandu waking up Ishita by pouring a bottle of water..

Credit to: Prithvi

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  1. Wow awesome.
    Plz update daily

  2. Sry to say this but it seems to be a summary of my story…You R My Life…!!!
    But some changes….like no manoj but aakash….and no sanfrancisco but Delhi.
    If it hurts u I’m really dry.

  3. Even I felt the same. …priya….

  4. jasmine Rahul

    r u the one who was writing a ff on YHM post leap?why r u not updating it?

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Even I felt the same Priya…….Its A summary of Ur FF “You R My Life”….. & have slight change in a character & a place………

  6. I also feel the same yaar.

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