The youngest

She is considered to be the youngest in the entire family of Mithila. The smallest, cutest and she was considered to be the damn silent person even more than Sita. But yet there was not much written about her, but the amount of service she did to her Sisters, husband and in-laws were uncountable. It is always said that the youngest in the family should learn something from the elders. But here we are going to learn something from Shrutkirti ! What is that?

When Shrutkirti was in Mithila she was always with Sita learning some lessons from her. But, when she was marries to Shatrughan she had to ne independent. From here her service starts. She was said to be the ever princess having patience. Her daily routine was take care of her mataas, her husband, helping Shatrughan in rajpat, taking care of her sleeping beauty siater * urmila. She had care, love and affection towards each and family members in Mitila and Ayodhya.

Though she was so silent there is nothing like we can’t learn anything from her. She was having enough patience, her respect, her positivity, her love&affection are some of the things we have to learn from her.

Yet, there is not written much about her in the puranas and like Urmila , Mandavi and Shrutkirti also stood as the unsung heroines of the Ramayana

God can’t always pamper us and take care of us therefore he made siblings _/\_

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