Young love epi-53

The episode starts with Eagle feather falls on transformer and it gets fire and it slowly moves inside and comes to store room of hospital and it gets fire..Ishaani gets shocked seeing fire..She shouts for help..Kamini smiles and thinks someone had done my work..Ishaani shouts and tells ranveer to save 2daughters alone..Ranveer tells i need u in my life he hugs her tightly He kisses on her lips…He then brings ishaani and khushi and he brings arjun also out..He goes in to save people..Kamini throws kerosene there.Ranveer gets stuck and he somehow manages to come out..Ishaani smiless..Kamini gives sound like small girl..Ranveer goes inside.ishaani tries to stop him but he goes..

Doctor brings one body out and tells he is dead..ishaani sees ranveer watch and etc..Doctor tells his face,leg and hand alll burnt..Ishaani sits down and cries she shouts in pain..Kamini kidnaps ranveer from there and brings to ragini and shows him..Ragini smiles and makes him sit down there,Ranveer was in unconsicous state..Goons comes there and beats them and takes ranveer to agent and sells him for 2lakhs..goons leaves..Agent beats him on head and sends him through ship to a servant..

ranveer gets up and asks who i am?People around him confused..agent tells u r name is Ranjith..he asks ranjith?Agent tells yes and gives him money and tells u came here for work and tells him to work as a servant for 3months in dubai.Ranveer tells ok sir but my family? Agent tells u don’t have anyone..ranveer cries..

Ishaani burns someone body and cries..Shikhar comes there and tells ishaani u come and stay with my family..Ishaani denies and comes to house and sees ranveer pic and recalls their romantic moments with him.Shikhar sends servants and gives them money and tells them to work as free for ishaani..they agrees and comes to house.ishaani tells i don’t have money..Servants tells we worked many years u gave money for us all time so we will work free for 5months alone..Ishaani smiles and thnx them..

Shikhar smiles at her happiness and tells i love u ishaani..He wonders what happened?to ranveer?where is he?Agent brings ranveer to house..he tells him to clean all utensils and wash clothes..Ranveer agrees and starts his work..He gets pain and he falls down..Agent takes him to hospital..Doctor tells he has memory loss so if u give treatement means he will be alright..Agent tells no my money will waste give some medicines and agent takes ranveer from there,

Precap: Agent beats ranveer with Big stick and tells him to work properly..Others who sitting around comes to him and helps him.ishaani continues ranveer business.Shikhar comes there and signs 30crore deal with ishaani company

Guys this track is to creat awareness among people sorry i will unite them asap

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. The beginning of this episode was SOO good! And this track is till better than entering stupid naina or neha… I want Ishveer to unite soon and I hope they will.. Nice job Bro!

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sure I will unite them and I hate neha!!

  2. Wow…. suuuuperb twist…. memory loss track… I love this…. I hope ishaani will find about this soon…I loved this epi…. tremendous job….

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx juline for the comment

  3. Aww kamini is a something that words aren’t event discovered to describe

  4. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    good epi, but i feel somewhat bad for ishveer , but certainly yes , this is want happening nowadays ….

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