Young love epi-52


The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer smiles at each other. Ranveer asks her what she wants? Ishaani tells nothing more than u.. He smiles and asks her u would have some dream before marrying me right? She tells yes I had. But u can’t do that. He tells I will do whatever u want. She tells u can’t. He tells her to say and wait and I will do it. She tells OK then wait. She gives her two baby and. Tells I need to see my husband should have my baby in their hand and I should enjoy one day fully!! He asks what? This can’t happen. Khushi cries. Ishaani takes it and tells I knew u won’t she feeds milk to her.

Ranveer gets up and tells yes to her wish. Ishaani smiles and keeps khushi on his hand and. Shows time I will be back within 3hrs. He smiles and tells OK. Ishaani leaves from there.. Ranveer smiles at her happiness.. He thinks she did not have done this before? Her behavior is changed.. He goes inside. He plays with kids. Arjun cries. Same time khushi also cries. He tries to manage them but he can’t. Ishaani comes there and tells I thought u will manage but? He tells sorry. She tells I don’t have any type of wish like this. I thought without how u will manage them. It is really tough for u. She laughs.. He smiles at her

Kamini takes blessing from ragini and comes to Mumbai and comes to hotel and books room. She gets key and comes to room. Room boy comes there and locks the door. She asks what is he doing? He comes close to her. Kamini takes knife and stabs him.. She closes his mouth before he shouts. She tells sorry first test. Kamini shouts for help and jumps through window. Everyone sees him dead and gets shocked.

Ragini in the house performs black magic.. She does something..ranveer hand freezes from that time. He wonders what happened? He calls Ishaani for help. She comes there and tells nothing. She brings something big and breaks it. His hand become normal. But he shouts in pain and tells u have beaten me deliberately. She tells no and she brings oinment and puts on it.they both share an eyelock.. Allah warriyan plays..

Ishaani tells I knew u are playing with me. She tries to leave but he holds her hand and pulls her closer and kisses her??She moves but he again pulls her closer.. He tells today second baby…. She tells already 2!! He tells one more alone. She gets up and tries to leave but she falls down unconscious. He takes her to hospital. Doctor congrats him and tells Ishaani is pregnant. He gets happy and smiles at her. He brings two baby and wishes her. Ishaani asks for what? He tells again I am gonna become dad!! She smiles and tells now 3rd also came. Ranveer sees trips end. He calls nurse. Kamini comes there and tries to kill khushi.. Ranveer pushes her and shouts for help.

People gather and tries to catch her but kamini runs. Ranveer wonders who is she? Ishaani asks who is she? He tells me too don’t know…. Eagle sits on transformer and it’s feather falls on it.. It gets fire and slowly feather enters hospital store room and all cotton gets fire.

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer gets stuck in fire. Ranveer helps Ishaani to go out.. Baby also.. It blasts.. Ishaani shouts ranveer name. Kamini smiles and throughs kerosene there. It becomes more fire. Ishaani takes baby and comes out and cries calling ranveer name.

Will ranveer will be saved?

What problem kamini has with ishveer?

Stay tuned next Sunday epi will be posted sorry becoz I am +2. Hope u all understand.. Bye.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Superb Episode Naren Bro!! ISHANI IS PREGNANT!!! I understand that you cant update for too long.. I have the same problem with my studies.. I hope you do well in your studies!!

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sure and thnx Reena for the comment

      1. No problem bro!

  2. Nice epi.but iam eagerly waiting to know who is that girl.

  3. Bro I jus luv ur ff it’s so nice to imagine n c
    Rufi try it Dr its too nice
    Bro tanq fr update u

  4. Just amazing bro! Keep rocking btw Reena dr you can update whenever u have time .?

  5. Bro …. it was Amazing epi…how r u drs ? wow… ishu pregnant ….

    1. u commented here i am happy..many miss u r comments pls comment on ishveer forever ff

  6. Dude pls break the mystery s soon s possible….. I can’t wait anymore

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