Young love epi-48

Thx episode starts with Apu sits on table. She finds one man running and tries to stop him. It is Dracula it bites apu hand. But it disappeares;apu holds his hair and throws him out of gate. He shouts to help her. Apu closes the gate. He tries to jump in but it was safeguarded by electrical equipments.. Dracula leaves from there and comes to Dracula world and tells sorry to Dracula King. Dracula Kings kills it. Dracula King tells that Ishaani and ranveer killed my brother so I have to kill them.

Ishaani gets up and comes infront of mirror and gets ready and calls ranveer. He comes there and he closes his eyes and makes her wear necklace. She gets amused and asks when u got? He tells surprise. She smiles and hugs him. Khushi cries Ishaani smiles and takes her in hand and sing aaroo song.. Khushi laughs and she tells papa. Ranveer tells see my son is like me. Ishaani smiles and shows arjun state. Ranveer takes him in his hand and sings song and Tries to make him happy but he cries. Ishaani tells him to give it to her. Ishaani takes the child and brings to apu. Ranveer asks he will not sleep if I sing? If apu sing he will sleep? Ishaani turns and signs him. Apu sings a song and makes Arjun sleep. Ranveer smiles and thnx apu. Ishaani tells now I found why I believe her and not u?. He smiles and shows apu salute. Apu gets teary eyes and tells u trust me this much?

Ishaani tells even more my life I trust u. Apu hugs her and cries. Indravathi sees this and tells such an emotional drama. Paatali devi comes there and tells this time I will kill Ishaani and ranveer for killing mohini. Paatali smiles.

Dracula Kings comes there and sees humans and bites someone. People dies. Dracula King tells this time I will kill them. He gets something in his hand. Dracula thinks this? I won’t do this. Dracula then tells I will do this for my brother death and breaks glass and smiles evilly..

Precap:Paatali,indravathi, Dracula and chaitan kills apu… She dies. Ishaani ,ranveer,khushi and Arjun in Hall. All the four comes there and Ishaani and ranveer gets shocked.

Now my 50epi gonna come in 2epi. Hope u all will like my 50th epi.. Bye.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Want to see ishveer’s happy life.hope it will happen soon and chaitan is new villian? U telling this name for first time.

    1. chaitan is the ghost and that villain will die in epi-50 don’t worry after ishveer happy life

  2. Plz kill al the villains. I want to see ishveer in normal life.

  3. Oh wow….when did is veer kill Dracula ??? I don’t know….but hope the Dracula king die soon…..and that patali and indravati too…..and now I love apu’s character….

  4. Nice episode bro. But precap apun dies pls.don’t this . & if I suggests one thing to u as my opinion or not. If u like than do it & if not than leave it .

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