Young love epi-47

The episode starts with Ishaani down and cries. Ranveer tells her to calm down. Ishaani takes trishul and washes blood and keeps it near Temple. Ranveer comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder and tells her to be normal. She smiles and hugs him. Indravathi comes there and tries to perform magic but it ends in problem and it backfires here.she leaves. Ishaani laughs and calls apu and tells her to come here and tells her the situation. Apu tells OK.

Apu gets ready as sardar and comes there and sits as watchman. One man comes near gate tries to enter with knife apu scratches his hand. His hand changes into blue and he dies. Apu smiles. Ishaani comes there and sees this and asks what is this? Apu smiles and tells he came to kill u so I killed him. Ishaani thnx her. Apu tells I am here to save u. She smiles.

Ranveer comes there with baby and tells Ishaani let us go. Ishaani tells bye to apu and leaves from there. Ishaani comes to room and sits on bed and makes baby sleep. Apu waits. Paatali devi comes there and enters it and apu stops her but paatali tries to harm here but it backfires her. Paatali tells I will not spare u and leaves. Apu smiles and sits on chair. Ishaani comes near washroom. Ranveer stands before the door and smiles. She asks him to leave her. He tells no and comes close but she tells baby are sleeping.. He tells then only I can play with u Na.. She smiles and tells u are smart. He smiled and tells very funny.

He tells u can’t escape today and tries to kiss her but she tries to go but he holds her hand Sanam re plays.. She tells him to leave. He tells OK and leaves.. He goes near window. And stands Ishaani sees him and comes there and holds his hand. He moves away. Ishaani sings song and dances around him. Ishaani slips purposefully and falls on his arms they both share an eyelock Allah warriyan plays..

He smiles and makes her getup and kisses her. He tells now my day is over and he sits on bed. Ishaani tells u want kiss daily? He tells yes or something spl. She tells no and tells him to sleep and they both sleep..

Precap:Dracula also comes back…??

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice episode waiting for Dracula…..

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode.but can’t tolerate with the villians.waiting for next.

  3. What ???? Dracula…..really they would be lovely villains……I love zombies and Dracula……..thanks yaar……something new except all other villains……superb dear….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx dhruva for the comment.

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