Young love epi-46


The episode starts with apu leaves. Ishaani bids bye with teary eyes.. Pandit comes there and gives her trishul and tells her to keep it with her so that it will safe guard u. Ishaani thnx him and comes to godown and tells ranveer that problem is solved. He smiles and hugs ishaani and tells now we can go? She wipes her tears and tells yes.. He smiles
He comes there and takes baby in his hand and gives Arjun in Ishaani hand and he takes khushi.. Ishaani tries to stop taxi but nothing does not stop.. Ranveer smiles and tells wait I am here Na and he gives khushi to Ishaani and Tries to stop car but it does not??ishaani smiles.. Ranveer tells wait I will show my power and he stands middle of the road. Car driver shouts and asks him do I want to die???ishaani laughs and tells sorry to driver and tells ranveer to come here. He comes there and tells her to stop laughing.. She tells OK OK and she continues.. She tells wait I will get taxi and she goes near road side and stops car .

She shows baby cab stops near her and it takes Ishaani and ranveer.. They both comes to house and sees house decorated and they both are clueless!! Suddenly indravathi, mohini and paatali devi comes there and smiles at Ishaani and tells u thought that we will die in apu power? Now she is not here so we came here to kill u r children and u.. Ishaani tells them to stop talking and she takes trishul in her hand and comes near them. Mohini tells u r Mata rani can’t do anything with me. Ishaani stabs her.. Mohini falls down and shouts.. Paatali and indravathi gets alert and they both runs from there..

Ishaani tells I won’t leave anyone who tries to harm my family.. Ranveer smiles and comes near here and claps his hand and tells superb dialogue but it is already told in many films. She smiles and asks. Him u don’t know where to joke? Ranveer smiles.. Ishaani asks Ranveer where we should hide mohini? Ranveer asks what?Ishaani tells I have killed. Her now so we should hide her or we will be caught in police. Ranveer gets shocked and goes to garden and digs and takes mohini from there and throws her inside and closes it.

Indravathi calls someone and tells them to come here soon. She agrees and cuts the call. Indravathi tells now this time I won’t leave Ishaani and ranveer.. They both smile. Paatali tells u are so clever than me.. Indravathi laughs and tells it is u r blessing ma.. She smiles and the screen freezes with indravathi and paatali evil face…..

Precap:Ishaani calls apu and tells her to come and help her. Apu comes there as sardar avatar and works as a watchman in Ishaani house..

Guys I hope u liked it and epi-50will be grand reunion of ishveer and all villain will die that time… Bye

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice.again all villains..poor ishveer..eagerlg waiting for 50th episode.

  2. Woah Naren dear……again ishveer love won…..I’m happy……but still confuse about precap……and waiting for grand reunion…….best of luck…..

  3. Superb episode they both try to stop taxi nice scene. & waiting for 50 episode. & & a big big congratulations u achieve silver jubilee.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx Mariya

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