Young love epi-44


The episode starts with Ishaani sits there and thinks how to save her family..andit comes there and tells her to keep thei family safe in godown where mata rani and kaali maa power is more.Where no evil forces can enter..Ishaani thnx him and comes to house and sees ranveer and smiles..She comes near him and takes his shirt and keeps aside.she sleeps with him..She kisses on his shoulder..he gets up and pulls her and kisses her..ishaani smiles and tells him to get up becoz we are going out..he smiles and asks where?honeymoon? She tells godown..he tells for what?ishaani tells i will tell u all..He smiles and hugs her and tells her i love u..She smiles and tells me tooo..

Apu stabs akshara and smiles at grandma..she tells her i will not kill u..tell me if u told secret to akshara..grandma nods..apu stabs her and tells u did a big mistake..sorry..Ishaani cleans khushi and arjun dress and gets them ready and sees time and thinks now 10hrs left..i need to keep my family safe till that..She takes taxi and brings them to godown and shows them the room..ranveer smiles and asks her is she is not coming?ishaani tells i will come.ishaani calls goons and tells them to come here..goons arrive..ishaani tells them to be careful and shows apu pic…she fixes camera and comes inside and sees ranveer waiting..

ishaani comes to him and tells him let us go..he tells her to wait..she slips but he holds her hand..allah warriyan plays..he kisses her and tells today is my spl day..she asks why?he tells becoz i proposed u this day before 1yr..she smiles and tells u remember this even now?he tells i can’t forget anything related to u..ishaani smiles…..

Apu digs and throws akshara and grandma body inside and closes it..apu tells today ishaani and ranveer death day and she leaves space and tells ranveer and ishaani will be kept in this space she smiles evilly…Apu gets ready and gets into train driver seat and tells him to go fast to mumbai..he tells i need to stop at many station..apu kills one person..he gets shocked and tells sure mam..he drives fast without stopping at any station and they reach mumbai..but apu kills him

Precap: Apu comes to temple and tries to enter but she can’t..ishaani prays to god…

Credit to: Narendran

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