Young love epi-43


The episode starts with Akshara plays with some kids…apu comes there and knocks the door..she thinks if she opens now her life will be saved..she counts..she does not open the door..Akshara plays with kids…Apu breaks the door akshara gets shocked..she jumps through window and runs on road.apu also runs on road and chases her..

Ranveer makes babies sleep..he gets up and comes near ishaani and tries to kiss her but she moves away..He comes close and removes her dupatta..she smiles and holds his neck and tells today u are in hurry?? He smiles and tells yes and kisses her and brings her near bed and kisses her…He kisses on her neck and takes blanket and tells now second baby..he smiles..

Ishaani smiles and kisses him..Apu runs behind akshara and catches her hand. Akshara through sand on her face and runs. Apu cleans her face and finds her missing and searches all places. Apu calls goons and tell them to come to place and search akshara..

Akshara hides inside one hut.. She sits there and asks grandma to give water.. Akshara asks her who is vishkanya? How we can escape from them? Grandma gets shocked and asks did u see her? Akshara tells no simply I am asking.. Grandma tells u cannot kill them by throwing sindoor… U should use trishul but it should be under pooja for 1days then only u can kill vishkanya..

Akshara thinks I can’t be alive for many days. I should help Ishaani . Akshara calls her and tell how to kill apu.. Ishaani asks why? Akshara tells she came there to kill u.. Ishaani gets up from bed and gets shocked. Ranveer holds her hand and pulls her closer and kills her. Akshara asks her why she killed naitik? Ishaani tells I did not kill him. He died becoz of kalpi.. Akshara gets shocked.

Apu comes there and holds akshara neck. Akshara drops phone. Apu tells I am gonna kill u today and tmr Ishaani.. She smiles. She stands on phone and it breaks . ishaani asks ranveer to leave her and I will come within 30min. He tells OK. He removes his shirt and sleeps on bed.. She comes to temple and tells pandit about the situation. He tells already akshara told me. Pooja is little complete only 18hrs left.. Ishaani smiles and thinks how to save my family from apu for 18hrs. She sits there and thinks..

Precap:Apu stabs akshara.. Akshara dies.. Ishaani brings ranveer,Arjun and khushi to godown.. She hides them.. Ishaani leg slips. But ranveer holds her. Wind blows.. Ranveer holds her hair and moves it and comes close and kisses her?????

Hope u all liked the epi!! Pls leave comment..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. I am veryyyyy eager to read the next update nd don’t take too much time to post next update

  2. Really superb

  3. Wow romance i love it ranaji

  4. wow soooooo hotty episode bro

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So superb episode and waiting for ur next update.

  6. Awsomeeee ?❤

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