Young love epi-39

The episode starts with akshara comes to Ishaani house and tells today I will kill Ishaani and ranveer and tries to go inside both watch man stops her and warns her.. Akshara leaves from there.. Watchman turns aside.. Akshara takes gun and shoots him… Ishaani hears sound and tells to ranveer… He tells nothing and kisses her.. She tells him to go and see and tells wait I will also come with u… They both comes out and sees watchman dead and gets shocked.. Ranveer calls police.. Ishaani calls ambulance.. Akshara leaves from there silently… Mohini comes to ishaani house one more time.. Raghav comes there to steal child.. But mohini tells today I will kill… Kalpi comes there and tells today i will kill it and takes knife and she was about to stab… Mohini uses her powers and kills them both.. Mohini smiles evilly… Dracula comes there and attacks. Mohini she gets shocked…

Mohini attacks him but he bites mohini and she faints and disappeared.. Dracula comes to baby and tries to bite them but kaali maa and Mata rani comes there and attacks Dracula.. Dracula leaves from there Ishaani and ranveer comes inside and sits near them and smiles.. Apu comes there and asks them does they want anything?? They both tells no and apu comes there and sees her body changing into blue and she shouts and tells Ishaani I will go to take bath and I will come soon.. Ishaani also shouts and tells sure… Apu comes there and takes tulsi bath and her body changes into normal…

Apu comes out and tells today they escaped but tmr I will kill them both.. Indravathi comes there and sees ishveer together and cries and tells today I will make ranveer feel my love.. She smiles evilly…Ishaani tells today let us play game.. She pinches him and tells this is first step! He tells second and kisses her.. She tells nonsense.. She holds his beard and kisses him..

Indravathi comes inside and sees them both slept and smiles.. She comes there and sprays something on Ishaani and tells now ranveer is mine.. She smiles.. Kaali maa and Mata rani and paatali devi comes there… Paatali and indravathi joins and they both use powers and Mata rani and kaali maa also use powers.. It is moderate.. Dracula comes there and helps them… Mata rani and kaali maa still fights but mohini comes there and pulls her full power kaali maa and Mata rani disappears… Mohini and paatali devi,indravathi and Dracula smiles… They comes there… Indravathi takes ranveer with her… Mohini takes one child.. Dracula takes one child paatali devi takes Ishaani with her..

Apu comes out and wonders why no noise and tries to go to room but it is locked… Apu breaks the door and gets shocked and sees nobody is there.. She wonders and leaves from there.. She hears Ishaani and ranveer voice and gets normal…

Next day apu mixes poison in milk and comes to Ishaani room and shouts her name but she does not come out.. She shouts ranveer name also..but he also does not come..????apu tells my poison is wasted today and she sits down and cries vigorously.. Her tears fell on flowers and it changes into black…..

Precap:Apu comes and saves Ishaani…Ishaani thnx her.. Apu tells I saved u becoz u should be killed on my hands…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. nice bro……..kill those villains s early s possible

  2. haa bro…whr is ishveer forever …..i am confused abt one thing..u said mohini kill both child and dracula eat mohini…but how will..kushi abeer and mohini still alive…plzz xplain me yaar…and kill all villans…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I did it tell like that Na arham… They both will kill the child night only so there is still time to save them.. Don’t worry all villains game wlll end in epi-50, that epi will be more fun and u will laugh soooo much becoz I have decided 50th epi but till that I don’t know what to dragg.. Pls tell me some ideas yaar??????

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro.but y Dracula take one child? U told that Dracula want Ranvi’s flesh then y he take one child instead of Ranvi?

    1. check previous epi dracula want child or ranvi so all evills made an agreement so that dracula can take child only..

      1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Ok.thank u.

  4. k i can understand..tak some year leap…then kushi and abree’s school trip also join bro…..then destroy all villan charectee bro…

  5. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    super bro .. waiting for 50th epi . idea for dragging .. ishveer closeness – villian who need them gets anger – do some plans to separate them – ranvi may have bussiness meeting – abroad trip … – outdoor or weekend trips – ishveer can play truth or dare … lol … pls its my resquest bro … it will be super .. because today in school we played with our frnds .. its super .. allaru allathau ootunoma so supera eruthuchu ..thats why i suggested u this bro … if u like u can add this in ur ff…

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sure guys thnx for u r suggestions..

  7. Guys why ranaji ff is not opening today

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