Young love epi-38

The episode starts with mohini tells her mom today I will get both child’s… She comes to ishaani house. She sees Ishaani sleeping and comes near bed and tries to take child.. But someone opens the door it is Raghav comes there and takes both child from there.. Mohini thinks why they are taking?? Indravathi comes to Ishaani house and sees her sleeping and takes something to kill her… But she stops seeing her hand has threat of God.. She backs and tells I will not leave u she disappears…

Mohini comes to Raghav room and sees him having knife in hand and he was about to stab.. Mohini comes there and. Tells him that I need this children to do sacrifice.. For my powers.. Raghav tells her to kill both today itself.. Mohini agrees and brings out of house.. Kaali maa comes there.. Mohini bends her knee and prays to her..

Kaali maa tells mohini to give baby back.. Mohini tells no.. Kaali maa attacks her with powers.. Mohini keeps the children aside.. She also performs black magic.. Paatali sees kaali maa fighting with her follower and comes there and Paatali uses her powers…

They 3 have big fight.. Kaali maa finally defeat them both.. They both fell down… Kaali maa tells them to stay away from Ishaani child… Apu comes to house through window and keeps her hand on ranveer and scratches his hand..

He shouts and his body starts changing blue… Ishaani gets up and gets shocked.. She calls doctor he comes there and tells it is serious and takes him to hospital…. Akshara comes to hospital with gun and tries to shoot Ishaani but it starts raining..

Ishaani goes inside.. She prays god one lady comes there and touches ranveer.. He turns normal.. Ishaani thnx them.. Lady asks Ishaani let me stay at u r house? Ishaani tells sure… It is apu….

Apu,ranveer and ishaani comes to house and sees baby lying down in lawn and gets shocked.. They both come there and takes them and keeps in perambulator… Apu leaves.. Ishaani keeps hand around ranveer neck.. Ranveer kisses her and tells today and kisses her.. I have a gift and kisses her aaj phir plays??????????????????

Precap:Raghav tries to take child again.. But this time.. He does not allow mohini.. Mohini kills Raghav and kalpi.. Both

Now 1villain will die in next epi!! Happy!!!

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice..pls kill all the villians.

  2. Nice episode ranaji.

  3. Awsome dude! ??

  4. ranjani chetty

    Super nd interesting

  5. haa bro..i agree sana wrds..plzz kill all villans..xcept’s diffrent from all..i didn’t saw any charecters lyk her…anywayzz today epi k…

  6. very nice

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