Young love epi-34


The episode starts with Ishaani asks who r u to stop me? Ritvik tells her to wait and comes to abhi and picks gun from him and shoots radhika and abhi and tells Ishaani to lead a happy life from now… He wishes her best of luck and shoots himself and falls from cliff. Ishaani tells noo and she sits down and cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

She sits down and cries.. Ranveer comes there and holds her and consoles her.. Ishaani and. Ranveer comes back to home.. Ranveer tells her to calm down and tells her to take care and leaves from there… He comes to Hall and calls servants and tells them to take care of Ishaani and tells I am going out so pls

Ranveer leaves from there… Servants brings food to Ishaani and she eats and asks about ranveer! They tells that he went out.. Ishaani calls him but he does not pick up.. Ranveer comes to police station and tells about the incident and police goes there and sees gun and sends it to lab for testing.. They thnx ranveer for the news..

Ranveer comes home after some time and sees her slept and sits near her and keeps pillow near her stomach and sleeps… In mrng ranveer hears someone kicking and gets up and sees Ishaani sleeping and he keeps hand on baby and feels it and smiles….

He slowly wakes Ishaani up and tells her to feel it.. She gets up and keeps hand on her stomach and feels it and smiles… Suddenly Ishaani gets pain.. Ranveer calls servants and calls ambulance.. He takes her to hospital and tells doctor to save Ishaani… He tells sure.. Doctor goes inside and tells Ishaani to pull the baby so that we can take baby easily out.. Ishaani tries to pull and she faints.. Nurse runs outside.. Doctor keeps on waking her.. But she does not.. Doctor gives medicine but she does not get up.. He comes out and tells it is difficult becoz she fainted.. Ranveer gets shocked and asks doctor shalli try? Doctor tells I itself can’t do what u will do? Ranveer tells I will do it and comes inside and sees Ishaani and gets rear eye… Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

Ranveer comes near Ishaani and tells her to get up and tells I am u r ranveer.. He kisses on her head and tells her to get up and tells I love u, I love u and shouts… The same many times.. Ishaani opens the eyes doctor tells superb and tells u r true love will help here also.. Pls tell her to pull the baby out ranveer…..

Ranveer tells her to pull Ishaani also tries ranveer also pulls… Doctor tells them to push!! Nurse runs out again to get medicines… She comes there and tells medicines are over doctor.. Ranveer tells I will buy and runs to near by hospital by running and brings medicines…

Precap:Doctor tells Ishaani to pull baby out… Suddenly doctor takes out baby and smiles seeing ranveer…

Guys hope u all liked it and pls tell what baby u want? I mean boy or girl or both or twins boy or girl it is u r choice pls vote I will choose according to it and pls tell names also!! If possible

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  1. Hi Bro! It’s was awesome and I want twin girls <3 for IshVeer.

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So superb episode bro.
    I like girl and boy.

  3. aww u r so genius bro……… it very much

  4. i lyk twins…one girl other boy..anywayzz this teach me the tru luv bro

  5. Superb epi ranaji really touching.and i love girl baby bro becoz dad always very close to girl babyna so ranvee amd baby kidding ishani na its somewhat interest bro

  6. Amazing job bro!! I love this episode!!

  7. I think there should be a boy and a girl <3

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nobody did not suggested names?????????

  9. Superb amazing episode bro. & girl name as “isha” & boy name as ” veer”. They become ishveer na. & I think twins are good na one is girl & another is boy. What you says bro?

  10. IshuRV(Pranjali ka mast Goa)

    the baby should be girl…..and her name should be khushi(it means happiness u know)…. If it is girl than please name her Khushi…..please bro….

  11. I think a cute name for a girl is Samaya.

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