Young love epi-32


The episode starts with ishaani tells ranveer that she needs some more space becoz my baby also needs space na??He nods head and tells what should i do now??She tells him to sleep on couch or down as u wish!!!!He tells u are making big business man to sleep down ok…….He sits on couch and sees ishaani and keeps pillow near his head and sleeps…..Ishaani also eyes him both share an eyelock Allah warriyan plays…..Ishaani slowly gets up from bed and comes to kitchen and drinks water and comes to room and sees ranveer shivering in coolness of AC she takes blanket and covers him…….She smiles seeing him sleeping and comes to bed and sits and slowly sleeps there……..Suddenly ranveer hears noise he gets up and sees blanket is covered him…..He then sees ishaani and smiles at her……

He comes and cares her face and kisses on her forehead and comes to hall and sees darkness and on the light…….He sees Abhi there and asks who r u man??Abhi comes there and he was about to stab him but neha comes in between and gets stabbed…Ranveer tries to catch him but he runs away…Ranveer asks her why she came inbetween??Neha tells I love u so much and i can even die for u and she stops speaking and dies……….Ranveer shouts……Ishaani gets up slowly and comes to hall and sees police and ambulance and then sees neha and gets shocked……She comes to ranveer and asks what happened??Ranveer tells nothing and tells her to take rest and sends police away and comes to room with ishaani and tells everything…….She gets shocked…..Ishaani holds his face and asks nothing happened to u na?He tells nothing and tells her to be careful and pls don’t get angry on me and holds his ears!!!She tells nothing like that!!

Ranveer makes her sleep and comes to hall and calls watchman and asks how he came in??He tells sorry sir he jumped through wall..Ranveer tells him to get current wire tomorrow so that nobdy should enter my house and nobody should not harm me nor my wife nor my baby…..Abhi comes home and tells radhika our plan failed this neha came inbetween and made him alive and she died…Ritvik gets shocked and asks what??Abhi tells him everything…He tells whatever happened is good only and they all sleeps..

Ishaani gets up in morning and comes to kitchen and sees food is ready and asks servant?They tell her that ranveer already prepared food for u and left to office becoz there is some imp work……..Ishaani smiles seeing Ice cream and eats little and comes to room and switches on the Tv and watches it……

Ranveer comes from office and sees TV is running but ishaani slept and comes there and offs the tv she gets up and sees him……Ranveer tells her not to get up and i am coming and sits near her and tells her to not to strain much becoz it is not good for u and baby also!!!Ishaani smiles at him and tells u care much for me!!He tells Becoz I LOVE U soo much!!and my baby also…Ishaani asks u like baby or me?He tells i need u and i can live without baby and not without a single second in the world….She gets tear eyes.He wipes her tears and tells her not to cry anymore

Precap: Thinking guys i did not decide

next epi so it will take sometime for it becoz i don’t have much thinking capacity u know guys…..I will try to upload next epi by tomorrow becoz i think i should be more creative to write this ff and i am writing my best here and for thinking i have ended ishq ka rang safed ff also now..Only 2matsh ff i am writing now none other ff and i have already ended ek duje ke vaste ff and dehlezz ff also for writing this ff

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  1. today’s epi is big s well s fantastic………..bro pls always update big epi like u updated today


    Really you ended EDKV…….DNM……..But yap this episode is so lovely yaar…….really liked the way ishu cared for ranveer and vice-e-versa………..

  3. Wonderful ranaji when will we see ishveer romance in matsh-season 2 i am counting every single day only your ffs are my support and here are my friends whom i can share my feelings matsh both ffs now is my support

  4. Wow…. I loved it…. seriously u r an amazing writer bro…. what a scenes…. I want these in matsh 2…. I loved this epi to the core…. seriously u did it well… keep rocking bro

  5. I am happy ranaji both pkease it’s a request do not even plan to end these both matsh ffs they are like our support system if yu feel burden then write in one day gap also ok ranaji

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Very nice episode bro.ranvi caring so much.lovely.

  7. This is a really good episode!!

  8. I really liked it and love your ff!!

  9. Lovely epi… bro!!.
    i love the ishveer caring each other…!!

  10. very nyc bro..sry for alwayzz late commnt..but i try my best..sure bro take rest..and come with a fresh stry lin..this seems vey ..i want to know abt luv form the deapth..wat is meant care compramise understanding etc..bcoz of my futur lyf…but i can understand most of the thngs fro ur ff..thanx for giving such a nuc stry lin bro..really liv u mmuuaahh☺??

  11. Very nice bro.ranve ishani conversation was nice keep going

  12. very nice pls upload next epi soon pa

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