Young love epi-26


The episode starts with Ishaani tells ranveer let us go out for a walk. He tells as u wish madam and takes her to park. Suddenly ritvik comes there and gives hands to ranveer. But he does not … Ishaani tells him to leave. He laughs and tells tmr is our film release then u will be happy and ritvik leaves from there…

Ishaani tells ranveer I feel headache pls take me to hospital!! He tells OK and comes to hospital. Doctor tells ranveer that she is taking so much stress pls tell her to be calm… He tells sure mam. Ishaani tells I am stress becoz of ranveer only…

He asks me? Funny.. She tells yes I am stress now also. Ranveer asks where is stress? They both laughs.. Doctor tells u are made for each other… Ishaani and ranveer comes to medical shop and buys medicine. Someone calls Ishaani. They both turns in the mean time. Ritvik exchanges the tablet.

Ritvik leaves from there and tells this is abortion tablet then u are son will die… He laughs and leaves from there.. Ranveer and Ishaani takes medicines and comes to house..

Ranveer tells her to take rest. He comes to Hall and calls someone and tells him to make grand party tmr becoz my wife has acted in that movie… They agree…

Ranveer comes to Ishaani.. They both have a talk. Ranveer hand slips medicines falls down and breaks.. Ranveer tells sorry and tells servant to buy new medicine..

Ishaani takes pillow and tells u are lazy!! He tells me? She tells yes. Then why u did not go to shop and sent servant. He comes close to her and tells becoz I love u and I don’t want to get away from u for 1second also Allah warriyan plays……..

Ishaani tells him not to flirt anymore. Ranveer gives her medicine and she sleeps.

Precap:Ishaani and ranveer comes to movie to watch ishaani acted film.. She sits near him and prays to god

Hope u all enjoyed the epi

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  1. Superb very nice episode but don’t do her abortion . & precap is also very interesting.


    thanks yaar to break that bottle and loved it yaar…….soo much

  3. aww what a lovely romantic ff!!! love it from heart

  4. haan me too prince bro..bro u r a owsm writr..from starting to till now…u r amazing no wrds to use abt happy..luv u yaar..☺

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh thank that bottle was broken.u r always rocking bro.

  6. thnx guys keep supporting me

  7. Wow…. awesome epi…. ranaji love it…. u r Amazing writter keep it up…!!

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