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Episode 1

Episode 2
It was sanskar who stopped her. Ragini tried her best to release her hands but sanskar held her hands more tightly.
Ragini:Who the hell are you..?How dare you to hold my hand?? Sanskar:How dare tried to stab MY brother,..? you are his brother…He tried to kill my sister..what was that.. Sanskar notices laksh.Laksh leaves swara and tried to say something..but stopped due to Ragini.
Ragini:You Bandar(monkey)..just leave my hand…

He held her hand more tightly..and called her:Bhootni..
Sanskar:What,.? And winks at her. Ragini:Iam so sorry,you are forcing me to do it.
Sanskar in his mind:What she is gonna do”??hmm?
Ragini took out sanskar’s sword from him with her another hand and then she made a cut in sanskar’s hand.
“Ouuch”Sanskar screamed.
Ragini pushed sanskar and took Swara with her.
Laksh was mesmerised to see Ragini and also was impressed to see her bold attitude while Sanskar was feeling to kill her.
Both of them don’t know that swaragini are the Rajkumari’s of Gandiva dynasty.Swaragini too don’t know anything about sanlak.
@ Gandiva Dynasty

Ragini:They don’t know..with whom they tried to mess with??I will show them who am I?? Swara:Ragini..please calm down…I think that his brother misunderstood me as someone else….Thats why he left me na?? Ragini:Ok fine..i accept it..but what about his that so called brother..he called me Bhootni..How dare he? Swara laughs hearing Bhootni.. Ragini:Di…you too..i tried to help you and you..Anyway if i meet him once again..then i will kill him for sure..
Swara:Ok ok lets have breakfast..

@Maguda Dynasty
Sanskar:I will kill that Bhootni..How dare she??If i see her once again na..that will be her end..She called me monkey??ohh..
Laksh laughs..
Sanskar:What’s there to laugh this much..
Laksh:No..I was just thinking,. Sanskar:Thinking what??
Laksh: bhai..No one even dare to look at your face angrily..and she..she called you monkey..i liked her guts. helped you and you are teasing me.. Laksh:No..its not like that..anyway leave it..Now lets have breakfast..
Episode ends with angry faces of

Precap:Maguda..Gandiva..enemity.. was it??

Credit to: MERIN

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