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Hii friends,…
This is also my ff.
Iam 100% sure that you all forgot about my ff.I had only given the introduction.Here is its link. And sorry guys..a small change is there hero has a younger brother N heroine has an elder sister. In todays episode you will get to know about the pairs..
Episode 1
Maguda Dynasty

Rani of Maguda Dynasty, Annapurna, enters a room.Her servant moved the curtain and the sunlight fell to the whole room. Someone is sleeping there in the bed.He looks like a Rajkumar.His sleep gets disturbed by the sunlight. He:Maa.. Mom:Haa..iam here itself. The boy opened his eyes and looks at his maa.. Mom:When will you change this habbit?? Boy:Never…no no..i will change it when my Rajkumari comes to my life.. Mom:Oh ho..
Gandiva Dynasty

Raja of Gadiva Dynasty,Shekhara, enters a room. The room is looking very beautiful.
Raja:Beta…wake up.. A girl opens her eyes.She looks like a Rajkumari. Girl:Papa..good morning.
Papa:Today is your birthday na?? Girl:oh..i forgot. Papa:So you get fresh and go to temple.When you come back,i will give you a gift. Girl:Thankyou so much papa. Their hug.
Maguda Dynasty

Maid:Rajkumar Sanskar…Raja is calling you. Yes Sanskar is our hero and Laksh is his brother.sanskar-25 years old,Laksh-24years old. Sanskar:I will meet him.You just go. Sanskar:Oh..Today is Maa’s birthday na..i have to go to temple and also plan some surprise for her. Sanskar went for getting fresh.
Gandiva Dynasty

Maid:Rajkumari Ragini…Rani is calling. Yes..Ragini is our heroine..and swara is her elder sister.And its a Ragsan ff..with swalak.More importance will be for Ragsan.Ragini-22years old,swara-23 years old. Ragini gets ready for going to temple and went to meet her mom.
Ragini:Maa..did you call me. Mom:Haa,..You are going to temple.right?
Mom:Take two guards also along with you.Its not safe to go alone.,I wil go alone. I to protect myself.Iam also a warrior na.. Mom:Atleast take swara along with you..
Ragini:ok..but where is she..? Swara:Iam here itself.come lets go. Ragini:bye maa..
Maguda Dynasty
Sanskar:Papa,why did you call me..? Papa:Are you going somewhere.? temple.Today is Ma’s birthday na.
Laksh comes.
Laksh:Bhai..i will also come.
DP:Take a guard also along with you.
Sanskar:Papa,we are warriors..we don’t want guards and all.Bye.. They leave from there.

Both swaragini and sanlak are in same temple. They are taking rounds. Swara is in front.Ragini is behind swara.Sanskar is behind ragini .And laksh is coming opposite to swara.
Laksh’s POV

Oh…it looks like someone is coming through that way.It might be someone from Gandiva Dynasty.They might be here to kill me and bhai.Bhai…oh where is he.?I can hear his footsteps more clear now.What to do? He took out his sword. (since they all are warriors..they all carry a sword with them always.) The person comes.Laksh didnt notice face..he just grabbed the person and put the knife in the neck. Then he found that its a girl.She is swara.He is about to leave her. Ragini comes and finds laksh with a sword in swara’s neck. She suddenly takes out her sword and is about to stab him.But someone stops her.
Episode ends.

Precap:Ragansanlak fight.

How was it.
next episode will be posted on or before Saturday

Credit to: MERIN

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