You,Me aur Hum FF Part 9

Recap….Jasmene falls on mubeen….Jasmene ask mubeen to make french fries for her in punishment…Mubeen take her to bathroom and turn on the shower…

( Mubeen and jasmene were sill standing under the shower and jasmene was still holding his collar…they were too close too each other)

Mubeen…..Jall toh nahi raha abb…

Jasmene….Nahi abb thik hai…

Mubeen…Toh firrr..

Jasmene..Toh fir kia ???

Mubeen…Toh firr chorho mujhe …..

( Jasmene suddenly leaves his collar aftre realizing that they both were too closed to each other)

( They cam out of bathroom …Jasmene was feeling cold and was rubbing her hands…Mubeen was also wet and he was taking clothes out of his cupboard to wear when he saw jasmene feeling cold…He hesitated a little but gave her his white kurti…)

Mubeen forwarding his kurti toward jasmene………Yeh ko iss pehan lo or apne kapre iron kr lena sook jayenge..

Jasmene….No thank you…You already did allot for me today ( A taunt ) No need for this…( Sneezes) Achu…

Mubeen….Listen…I know everything that happened today was not good at all…But if you will catch cold then…( Jasmene interrupted him and took the kurti and rushed toward bathroom..)

Mubeen in his mind….What a strange girl is she….I don’t know what has destiny planned for us..Why we keep facing each other again and again..OMG yaseen ko isi ki behan mili thi bass…( He was thinking all this sitting on his bed when jasmene came out…She was used to wear short clothes so she was not uncomfortable at all…Mubeen looked at her..)

( Long wet opened hair…White kurti…Half naked legs…She was looking so hot at that time…)

( Jasmene was standing at the door when mubeen stands up and came closer to jasmene …Pulled her toward himself by her waist ..BG ( Suno na..kahey kia suno naa..dill mera sunoo sun looo zaraa….teri baho’n me mujhe rehna hai raat bharr teri bahon mei hogi subhaaaaaaaaa….Beintihaa Yu pyar kar Koi kasar na rahey meri khabar na arhey choo le mujhe iss tarhaan beintihaaaaaaa)


( Suddenly mubeen realized that he was just imagining all this and he was still sitting on his bed and jasmene was shaking him from his shoulder..)

Mubeen stood up faster ….Haan kia huva bolo…woh main..

Jasmene….Its okay I understand mujhe iss tarha’n dekh kr kisi k bhi hosh urh jayen tumhare bhi urh gaye but would you mind telling me where is iron ?

Mubeen…Nahii aisy koi baat nahi me toh bass..

Jasmene…Main toh bass kia ?? Tell me tum mere bare me nhi soch rhey they kia ?

Mubeen…Haan I mean nahi woh…( Jasmene interrupts him with her laugh…A laugh of an angel…She laughed her heart out…)

Jasmene….You are kharoos but Funny too…Anyways give me iron I will iron my clothes so they will dry faster..

Mubeen…Points at table…

( Jasmene was busy ironing…Mubeen was sitting on his bed his eyes were on T.V but his mind was think..)

Mubeen in his mind…What is wrong with me today…Why I thought about going closer to jasmene ? Why my heart felt so light happy when she laughed on me ? Why I can’t stop thinking about her…No mubeen no..She is just an arrogant rude girl…uske bare me sochna band kr..C’mmon mubeen matt sch uske barey me…

Jasmene….Mere kapre sookh chuke hain…me pehan kr ati hun tum jaa kr frnech fries bnao..
Mubeen…Its almost school time…Tumhari wajah se me bhi nahi soya raat bharr…jldi change kro tumhe ghr chorna hai..

Jasmene…A ,a,a Sirf ghar nahi chorna hai…Ghar k baad school bhi le kar jana hai…( And without waiting for mubeen’s reply she went to bathroom)

( The time passed….Mubeen and jasmene had breakfast made by mubeen’s mother…Mubeen’s mother introduced jasmene to Munira and areeba…Munira liked jasmene allot..)

( Mubeen and jasmene went to jasmene’s house…Their she met huda and they both hugged each other …then they left for school)

Finally when they reached school…

( Jasmene entered classroom wearing a long white frock…her back was half naked it was stylish..and she was wearing a dupatta in her neck…she entered classroom and when bilal saw her)

Bilal..Jasmene are you okay..Thank god you are fine…I was worried about you…

Jasmene…Just looked at him without any expressions…Nods her head in yess and went to sit on her seat..

Raqeeb to bilal…Rehney do bilala …tumhare bass ki baat nahi hai…woh bohat special tyoe ki larki hai…Uski kismat me koi special hi hoga..

Bilal…Kaisa special ?

Raqeeb,…chorho um nahi smjhogey…

They all attended their classes…

( It was a special day called..( Colors..Pyar k rang) ( Everyone plays it like holi is played in india…So the school had to be decorated for it and the decorations various responsibilties were given to these)

Mubeen,Raqeeb,Yaseen….Order each and every color and make sure it don’t get less..
Bilal,Umer,Fayz…order decorations thing..

Jasmene.Samia,Huda….Stick color’s poster in school and every class..
Faiza,Madiah,Rukhsaar…You will order food…

And the rest of the students from both classes will handle Children…

Madam…Aaj yeh sba preprations khatam ho jani chahiye…Isiliye jin jinko speciall zimmedariya di hain woh late rukenge yaha’n…and children ko sambhalne wale chutti time hi chale jayen..Thank you..
The episode ends…

Precap… Mubeen and raqeeb were throwing color on each other In a big classroom..Jasmene entered their and Mubeen threw red color on her…( Bg Yeh laal ishq yeh malaal ishq yeh aib ishq yeh bair ishq…Yeh laaaal ishq)

Sorry if this update is short…I already told you guys that I’m am spearing my time with very difficulty to post these episodes…Even though I sometime feels demotivated to post new episode becuase of no comments or less comments but I just post another episode because if I start something…I finish it and I don’t leave it unfinished..So please be kind enough to comment and please ignore my bad English mistakes or spelling mistakes..
Your unicorn Jasmene πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  1.’s really good and great..I love the way you write and spread the’s going on amazing..but I have a request can you please bring some space between the lines and put this mark : after a person saying would be great..and the episode was really great..awesome am in love with this you

    1. I will change that

      Hey there…Hope you are fine πŸ™‚
      I did’t get you properly but I will try my best next time so you can understand it easily…:)
      Love…Jasmene πŸ™‚

      1. It’s okay..I just meant that when any of your character speak like mubeen so you put ( : ) the sign in the bracket after Mubeen : like this..hope you will understand hehe

      2. I meant misha meant what I wrote downstairs..I accidently wrote I but I was supposed to write misha meant

      3. Yup I got it now..Thank you so much.. πŸ™‚
        And I don’t have any idea why ” I will change that ” is appearing instead of my name πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ hahahahahahahaaa..:P

  2. Hey jasmene…how are you? Firstly, don’t think or be demotivated ever..there are many silent readers over here..don’t think about the silent readers dear..just concentrate on your writings and exams ?..thus chapter was amazing..I’m really liking your story…and if you don’t mind can I say something..I really like your story but they are too young like in 9 and 10..I know you must have planned a beautiful story but when they fall in love etc etc you can doa leap or whatever you that they are old enough..anyways don’t end this track I’m loving it..bye and best of luck for your papers ??????????????????????

    1. I will change that

      Hellow Bella…Alhamdulillah I’m fine what about you ?
      And yup I know the characters are really young but actually as I told in my first chapter that I’m studying that means I’m also studying in class 10 and I’m not even 17 yet ( Going to be in July Insha,Allah πŸ™‚ ) So what i mean is that I cannot understand how grown up characters will react to different situations coz I’m not known to those feeling yet.. πŸ˜› So please give me suggestion again bout taking a leap… πŸ™‚ And yeah according to pakistan’s law people can marry after 18 to whom ever the want …. But in my story I will change that law …anyon can marry at any ag ethey want ( after all its just an imagination πŸ˜› ) And thank you so much…You are a sweet heart.. <3

      Love you..bye take care

      1. Hey..haha it’s okay..I get you..about the leap I know you are gonna make it they fall in love and yeah your imagination haha…so like when they fall in love you can take a leap when they shift to university..I know you are not even 17 yet but come on girl use your imagination haha..or maybe after they fall in love and stay happy some misunderstanding occurs and after the leap their love story starts again when they meet each other again..but I know you will make it the you

    2. I will change that

      What can I say..:P You’ve guessed the story for lep… πŸ˜€ And yup I will make a leap… Intersting one … That falling in love and staying away due to problems is an ages old way of saas bahu types serials to take leap.. I’ve already thought something interesting for leap.. Thanks for the ideas …And yeah I’ve posted episode 10 It will be published soon so stay tuned..
      Stay blessed..

  3. Wow..this was amazing..really superb..and well you ????

  4. Nice.
    Really great..
    Love you jasmene..keep writing..
    Best of luck???

  5. you..we will support you

  6. Good going jasmene…keep writing dear..the update was great ??????

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