You,Me aur Hum FF Part 8


Precap…Jasmene falls asleep on Mubeen’s shoulder…He pick her in his arms and escapes from school somehow…he calls his mother for help and she ask him to bring jasmene home..

( Mubeen took jasmene home …)

Mubeen;s Mother ….I’ve prepared munira’s room for her leave her there…

( Mubeen’s mother gets a call and the name appeared was of yaseen…she pick up the call…)

Mubeen’s mother…Assalam o alaikum beta how are you ?
Huda…..Wa alaikum assalam aunty sorry I’m huda….Yaseen told me everything that happened is she in your house ?
Mubeen’s mother……Yes beta am so sorry ….Mubeen and his friends’ prank messed up …
Huda…..Its okay aunty if jasmene is with you I am not worried ….Sjould I come and take her with me ?
Mubeen’s mother…No beta…Use abhi yahi rehne do so kar uthegi toh me mubeen k sath wappas bhej dungi tum bilkul fikar nahi krna..
Huda…If she’s with you then why would i be worried…:)

( In munira’s room)

( Mubeen was still holding her in his arms and came inside the room and put her on the bed he turned to leave but her red dupatta got attached to his watch again…He turned back and removed the thread of her dupatta from his watch and looked at jasmene again…She was looking like an innocent child who never slept peacefully in ages….He covered her ith a blanket…switched off the lights and went out)

( In hall room )

( Mubeen’s mother was sitting on sofa waiting for him to come down…when he came down she asked him to sit near her…)

Mubeens’ mother…Beta apko kitni bar kaha hai aisy sharartein matt kiya karo jiss se kisi ko nuqsaan ho..

( Mubeen placed his head on his mother’s lap and said)

Mubeen…Mama I swear we did not planned this…It was just a mistake…shamu mixed the pills in her juice by misake coz it was also green….

Mubeen’s mother…Its okay beta..I know my mubi can never hurt any one…

( The day passes and its night tim…All the lights of the house are switched off and everyone is sleeping…) ( Munira is sleeping in her younger sister’s room …Their parents are sleeping downstairs in their rooms…and mubeen was sleeping in his room which was upstairs and Munira’s room was also in upstairs in ehich jasmene was sleeping…)

( Jasmene woke up and she felt heavy headache…She was unable to see anything because of the dark…she somehow got up and reached to the door….she opened the door and she was just too confusted to understand anything..)

Jasmene in her head……OMG where the hell am I…what happened to me ? I was in school then where am I now ?

( She was walking in dark with her hands in air to feel anything…suddenly she touched a door….and opened it …she was in sense so she realized its someone’s room…she entered the room and was roaming around when Someone came and grabbed her in arms tightly…)

( Jasmene was struggling and asking to let go…) ( Then someone covered her with blanket and switched on the lights and said)
…… Chori krney aya tha..? kon ho tum ?
Jasmene was struggling to uncver herslef from blanket and she tried to stand up and collapsed with someone and they both fell down…

( Her faced was uncovered and when she opened her eyes found herself lying on a boy…He was Mubeen ….Jasmene was lying on mubeen and her hairs were all over mubeen’s face…Bg ( Maula mere maula mera maula mera maulaaa….ankhein teriiiiiiiiiiii itni haseeeeeeen k inka ashiq me ho gaya hun mujhko basa le inme tuuuuuuuu….maula mere maula mera maula mere maulaaa…zulfein teriii itni ghaniii k sayee me inkeeyyy mee jiyoooooooooo)

( They both were lost in each other’s eyes ….Suddenly mubeen got his sense and asked jasmene to get up…)

Mubeen….Jasmene utho mere upr se…

Jasmene angrily…Mujhe shauq nahi tumhare upar rehne ka..its just that k yeh blanket jis ko tumne mere upr dala tha adha mujhe or hai or sides se tumhare nuche hai yeh niklega toh me uth paungi na…

( Mubeen and jasmene both struggles to get up but fails…)

Mubeen….Sabar kro I have an idea…( And he puts his arm around her waist and holds here tighly…)

Jasmene…Hellow mister what are you doing ? Is this your idea ? Romancee ?? Hunhh…

Mubeen….Control your tongue…I don’t have any interest in you or in romancing you just wait…( And he turned himself and came over jasmene..Now he was lying on jasmene…And he got up and forward his hand to jasmene so she can also get up…But she ignored it and got up by herslef)

Jasmeme Looking around and asking…Where the hell am I…And tum yaha’n kaisey..and kaha yaha’n mtlb kiaaa…I mean…( She was talking continuosly so mubeen put his finger on her lips…)

Mubeen…Please khuda k liye shutt your mouth and give me chance to tell you…where you are and why are you here…

Jasmene looks at her lips and mubeen removes his fingers fastly…

Mubeen…Shamu I mean that canteen man…He mixed sleeping pills in your juice by mistake coz the juice you ordered and I ordered was same colored …so you fell asleep on my shoulder in school washroom remember…And because it all happened because of me I brought you here…In my house…Coz mom invited you otherwise sooooo This is what happened…

Jasmene ……I want to go home right now…

Mubeen…Its not safe out there this time…You know doctors are at strike and because of that the roads are full of goons and…( He was interrupted when he heard a knock on the door)
( When they both looke dta the door it was mubeen’s mother…)

Mubeen’s mother….Sorry jasmene beta jo bhi huva aaj woh galat tha…But I hope tum mubene ki baat samajh gai ho k bahar jana khatrnaak hai tum aaj yhi so jao subha mubeen tumhe zimmedari k stah ghar le jayega or ghr se school bhi.. 🙂

Jasmene…Woh toh thik hai aunty but Soo jau ?? Kese me poore din se so hi toh rahi hun…and huda woh kaha;n hai does she know here I am..

Mubeen…Yes she know where you are …and You can watch T.v If you cannot sleep..

Jasmene looks at him…and think ( Meri neend urha kr khud sona chahte ho mubeen…thik hai so kar dikhao aaj raat )

Jasmene To mubeen’s mother…Aunty You agree that Mubeen did a mistake today ?

Mubeen’s mother nods in yes…

Jasmene…So can I give him a punishment..

Mubeen looks at jasmene and then at his mother…

Mubeen’s mother…Welll that would be justice to you so I will go now and mubeen is all yours I mean give him any punishment you want…

Mubeen…But mama…( And hsi mothe rleaves without saying a word just smiling)

Mubeen…..Kia hai ? Tumhey school se itni muhskil se le kr aya sara time tumhe uthaye rkha bazoo me dard ho raha hai mama ki daant suni kaafi nahi ?

Jasmene….Woh tumne apni marzi se kiya tha …abb meri marzi se kroge..

Mubeen..Kia karna hai ??

Jasmene…Mujhe bhook lag rahi hai kuch khane ko lao ..

Mubeen ….Iss time kia lau fridge me kuch nahi hoga…

Jasmene…I don’t care…Just go to kitchen and make me something to eat…

Mubeen ..Fine come with me to kitchen and tell me what do you want to eat ?

( They both go to kitchen he switches on the lights if kitchen and askes jasmene )
Mubeen…Tell me what you want to eat ?

Jasmene…Umm ( She sees some potatoes in basket and her eyes filled with light) French fires…

Mubeen…fine..go now i will bring french fries..

Jasmene …No i want special french fries…First cut the potates…then add some salt,add some red chili powder and then add some chaat masala and then add a little amount od lemon juice and then fry them in oil )

Mubeen….French fries me sirf naka prta hai miss…

Jasmene…Do as I say..Its your punishment…

Mubeen was cutting potatoes and jasmene was opening the jars…She opened a jar of salt and then she started to look for red chili powder jar..she saw a jar writen laal mirch on it…and tried to open it but it was tightly closed that she was unable to open it…Mubeen looked at her and continued to cut potatoes when he heard jasmene screaming…

Mubeen…What happened? q chilla rhi ho..

Jasmene ( With closed eyes and soemthing red arounf her eyes…) Can’t you see ? Mirchi chali gai ankho’n me uff…jar khull nahi raha tha me ne zor se khola toh jhatke se eeee…help me…

Mubeen held her from hsi arm and took her toh wash basin and asked her to bring her head down under tap but there was less space so it did not worked…Mubeen come upstairs Jasmene…I can’t see anything how will I walk ?? Uff

Mubeen ……..subha tumhe uthaa kr bazoo me already dard ho raha hai ek baar phir sahi…and before jasmene could say anyhing he picked her in his arms again…

( She did not objected this time because she was too busy to rub her eyes …)

( Mubeen took her to his room and went to the bethroom there he dropped her down under shower and moved aside ( Little) And opened the shower…Everything was happening so fastly that jasmene got confused adn started to scream ( Mubeen kia kr rhey ho yeh paani bnd kro…she opened her eyes a little and saw mubene standing in front of her away from shower…she in anger holds mubeen’s collar and pulled him toward her and now they both were under shower fully wet …jasmene opened her eyes…)

Mubeen……Jalan toh nahi ho rahi abb ??

Jasmene…Nahi abb thik hai..

( They both were so closed to each other and once again were lost in each others eyes…Bg ….Katra katra me giruuuu….jism pe tere thehruuun…Katraa katraa me giruu Tujhe me hi kahi’n reh loon…)
Episode ends…

Precap….Jasmene’s clothes were wet she was feeling cold…Mubeen gave her his own white kameez…She comes out of bathroom wearing his kameez…Mubeen looked at her came closer and put his hand around her waist and pulled her even closer to him…Bg…Jab saanso’n mei teri saansein mili toh yu behakne lage…Armaan mere mujhse yeh kehney lagey…Beintihaaa Yu pyaar karr Koi kasar na rahey meri khabar na rahey chahu tujhe bss me Beintihaaaaaaa)

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