You,Me aur Hum FF Part 7


Recap…Jasmene hands over sweater to mubeen…Mubeen’s mother comes to school and there jasmene gets to know that she is the same woman she saved yesterday…Mubeen feels guilty..

Today’s episode starts with…..

Mubeen’s Mother….I’m glad to meet you again Beta what is your name and do you study with Mubeen ? 🙂

Jasmene….I’m jasmene and I don’t study with him its just that we share the same class, same classroom nd unfortunately the same desk too…

Mubeen’s Mother…Lagta hai mubeen ki or tumhari kuch khaas jami nahi..khair Leave this topic and tell me where is your family..

Jasmene was about to say something when huda comes there…she greets Mubeen’s mother and tells her that she is my sister …and you already know that our family is in K.S.A.. 🙂

Mubeen’s mother..Well that’s okay don’t worry huda I want you to bring jasmene tonight for dinner at my house…( Munira ( Mubeen’s elder sister) Abeera ( Mubeen’s younger sister) ) will be very happy to meet you both…

Jasmeen looks at mubeen…Mubeen was about to say something when her mother gets a call and she leaves from there…

Jasmene was irritated and took huda with her outside..
Jasmene to huda….What the hell ..ab yhe kia naya drama jhelna parega tumhari wajah se..?? kis kis ko janti ho idhr kis kis se relations bna rkhein hain?

Huda with a naughty smile…mere relation ka choro jiss trhan aunty tumse bat kr rhi thi tum dhayan rkho kahin tumhara unse reltion na bann jaye..:P

Jasmene gives her an angry look and leaves from there…

Mubeen was with his friend In canteen …His friend Ahmad sais..
Ahmed…Boys that sameer is coming today he pranked us last year but now its our trun we will prank him after all He’s my brother and everyone should get a dose of their own medicine…

Mubeen…well pranking a prankster is not abad idea..but what should we do ??

Raqeeb…Huhh Mubeen your answer was in Ahmed’ qoute….:P

Mubeen,Ahmed looks at him…..what do you mean..

Raqeeb….we should mix sleeping pills in his juice ohh sorry I mean his speciall juice because h is the only jerk who drinks fenugreek seed’s juice…ughh..

Yaeen…Well and he have a lot work to do today and this is the only way he will mis it..I will go and get sleepping pills …and you get the fenugreek seed’ juice ready..

Mubeen said..are you sure this is safe ? if yes then I’ll go and order fenugreek seed’s juice…

( Yaseen went to bring sleeping pills….Mubeen ordered fenugreek seed’s juice which is green…raqeeb and Ahmed attend sameer…)

( Jasmene was taking to her class mates not with pleasure but nicely…She asked them)

Jasmene…Yaha’n aamrass milta hai ???

Saba…What i aam rass ??

Jasmene…kachey aam ka juice…Green color ka hota hai adding black salt and lemons…bohat khatta and yummy hota hai..

Shazia…Yup are you talking about Carry juice…yup milta hai canteen se order de kr ati hun me tum ja kr le lena 5 min baad..

( Shazia also order the juice and shaamu ( canteen man) asked mubeen and shazia both to come afetr 5 mins and take the juice from counter because he make fresh juice…)

( After five minutes yaseen comes and ask where is the juice ? Mubeen said Give the pills to shamu he will add them in juice I already told him bout our prank..)
( Yaseen gave the pills to shamu and because Fenugreek juice and aamras both were green hi mistakenly mixes the pills in aamrass…And he put the both glasses on counter after 5 min Mubeen and jasmene again comes face to face…They saw two green juices and felt confused,….)

Jasmene was hold her glass and at the same moment mubeen also hold the same glass and mistakenly he holds jasmene’s hands.. Music plays in Bg ( Mere hath me tera hath ho saari jannatein mere saath hon…tu jo paas hai fir kia yeh jaha’n tere pyaar me ho jaaauun fanaah…fan faanah fanaaa) Jasmene takes her hand back suddenly…and takes her aamrass gass with her ..

Mubeen to shamu…Shamu tumne pills kiss juice me milai ??
Shamu scratching his head..Um mai ne aamrass m milaya tha…

( Mubeen was shocked and says..whaat ?? what have you done shitt…and leaves from there immediately..)

Raqeeb,Yaseen,Ahmed and bilal were sitting on a table when mubeen comes to them and says..

Mubeen…Yaar shamu did a mistake…I and jasmene ordered same coloured juice at time…and shamu ne pills jasmene k juice me dala di and she has taken it …

Bilal…Whatt no way jasmene k sath ais anahi hona chaiye I should help her…I mean we should help her..

Mubeen and the boys Looked for jasmene everywhere…but did not found her…Yaseen asked Huda where is jasmene..

Huda….Why what happened ??

Yaseen…Umm yeah all okay mubeen wants to apologize to her…

( Mubeen gives an angry look at Yaseen and looks away..)

Huda..Yeah she drank her aamrass and felt dizzy I had to attend my class so she forced me to go and she went to the washroom….
( The bell rings huda last period had started come guys we will be late..Mubeen says..Yaseen and ahmed you both go and we will come later..)

Mubeen with arqeeb and bilal leave from there and huda,yaseen,ahmed attend their last class..

In washroom..Jasmene was feeling dizzy she was not even able to wlak properly she somehow got herslef to the tap and opened it and she was still stumbling …she throw water on her face and then mubeen netered with raqeeb and bilal…

Raqeeb…Jasmene are you okay
Jasmene…Yeah I’m ..I’m o o okay…What are you doing here..( While saying this she was trying to keep her eyes open. but was failing regularly)

Mubeen comes near jasmene and says…listen to me crefully jasmene you…( he was stopped because jasmene was about to fall down when he holds her by her arm and she came much closer to him)

Bilal felt a little uncomfortable seeing mubeen holding jasmene….

( Mubeen was asking jasmene to keep her eyes open but she was so sleepy that she fell asleep and kep her head on mubeen…due to the sudden push mubeen lost his balance and to stand still he put his hand around jasmene’s back and managed his balance…BG ( Naina laage toh jaage bina dori yaa dhagein bandhtein hain do naina pyaar se…naa ataa ho na pataa ho korey naina me koi aa basey,,iska uska na iska janey kitna hai kiska hai kaisey bhasha me bhashe mei hai likhaaa…KAISA YEH ISHQQQ HAI AJAB SA RISKKK HAI ………ISHQQQQ yehhhhhhhh….)
Bilal…Mubeen leave her and I’ll take her to her house…
Raqeeb understood that bilal is not thinking good about jasmene so he said..

Raqeeb…No mubeen he’s slepeing on your shoulder you take her to her home and I and bilal will go and check if the way is clear for you or not we will cover you..

Bilal had to go woth him unwillingly…( Mubeen hesitated a little but she picked jasmne in his arms and he was seeing her beautifull innocent sleeping face…)

Mubeen in his mind…She looks so calm,Innocent,sweet But the moment she open her mouth to speak ufff I feel like closing my ears..

( Mubeen forgot that he has to take jasmene to her home he was standing there think all this in his mind when raqeeb came and said..)

Raqeeb…Dekho isey ghar le jane k baad nihaar lena filhaal please chalo yaha’n se…

( Raqeeb and bilal both managed to make mubeen escape from there…and mubeen was in hsi car when he realized that he never went to huda’s home and he don’t know the adress so where to leave her ?
He thought to ask huda about her house but then refused the idea because huda will be suspicious …)

( He called his mother ( He was very friendly to hsi mother because his mother was a loving,caring, and child at heart woman) and told her all that happened and added that jasmene is in his car right now and what to do where to leave her?)

Mubeen;s mother ….Yeh poochne wali baat hai…jaldi use ghar le ao munira ka kamra arrane kr deti hun uskey liye…

The episode ends with Mubeen looking at jasmene who was on the back seat slepping….

Precap…Jasmene wakes up and found herself at a strange place…she coems out of the room and it was night time and all the lights were off so she entered in someone’s room and there collapsed with someone and they both fell…It was mubeen..Jasmene fell on mubeen and her hair’s were all over his face Bg ( Zulfein teriii Itni ghaniii K sayee me inkeyyy mei jiyooo”n ) plays…

Thank you so much to all those lovely souls who commented on my previous episodes..And I’m really very sorry that I did not replied to your comments personally actually My borad exams are very near only 2 weeks left so I’m kinda busy but i don’t want to miss writing new episodes therefore I saved my time by not replying ..and instead I wrote this episode..
And special Thank to “Bella” You are such a sweet heart meri jaan..:) 🙂 Thank you so much…Without you I would have stopped writing this story you are a true motivation..:) I love your stories too…
And please guys do comment if you liked this episode..It gives me motivation to think about new episode and write it even if I’m busy as hell Thank you all once again.. 🙂

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